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The Death of Peace: How the US Empire Starts Wars, But Refuses to End Them


The Death of Peace: How the US Empire Starts Wars, But Refuses to End Them

William Astore

Veni, Vidi, Vici,” boasted Julius Caesar, one of history’s great military captains. “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

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Let us all join together and call this what it is.

"Murder for Profit."

How can we as a civilized, compassionate people, continue to support the men and women in the Military, if they are being used by profiteers to spread “Hate” and "Violence?"



I remember in late 2008 thinking WTF when Obama announced that he was retaining that idiot General David Petraeus instead of picking someone new. The war was a total disaster, so why in 4uck$ name would you re-appoint the chief custodian of that $h!tshow?

Then Obama expanded drone strikes by a factor of 10, & then came the surge in Afghanistan, the destruction of Libya, Syria, the geometric expansion of African operations under the moniker AFRICOM (the Nazis had ‘Afrikorps’ BTW), & the torture of whistleblower PFC Manning.

It was clear either that Obama was himself a dedicated neocon war-monger, or else, a complete Pentagon puppet. In the end, it didn’t matter, the result was the same.

By 2012, I had to accept the sickening realization that USA is in fact a military dictatorship, that all pseudo-democratic trappings are just for show, to keep the rubes quiet.

And the point is, under a military dictatorship, winning overseas is irrelevant, as long as the Pentagon is in control of the domestic agenda. Which they are.

And nothing is going to get any better until we start to face this cold fact.



The formation of “The Pentagon” was to ensure WAR and the war economy remained integral to the state. The Pentagon is akin to a Corporate head office and its personel are tasked with ensuring that the War Corporation continues to grow and find new markets. When there no market for more war, one is created in conjunction with other agencies like the CIA.

It is just another of those Businesses in the business of killing. It has nothing to do with “terrorism” or “freedom and liberty” as that is not its purpose. Those are just advertising jingles used to sell its product .

I am reminded of a joke I heard as a kid. Two boys take in some bottles and get 6 dollars between them from the refund and are deliberating what to buy. One says “Lets get a baseball glove”. The other says “Lets get some diving goggles” They go back and forth until one pipes up “I know lets get some tampons!” When the other asks why he says “well if we get tampons then we can go jogging and swimming and biking and play baseball and do all of those things”.

The Pentagon is just that. Its only purpose is killing and violence and given there so many people who would not get behind spending 700 billion a year on KILLING and mass murder , they use advertising jingles like “terrorism” to push their product. Not all manufacturing has left the USA for foreign shores. Those that manufacture wars like the Pentagon and the CIA and their pitchman like Patreus and Odierino remain and are part of a growth industry.



Everyone, please watch this interview with Jamil Dakwar, an ACLU official speaking to how the United States is shutting down any investigations into American Military in the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Afghanistan.

This action should never be up to one individual like Pompeo or Trump. This is a decision which must come from Congress.

This was just released an hour ago. Please watch this and spread it around. Please.



"The question is why so many Americans share their vision. "

How dare you impugn my motives!



If our goal is to weaken Israel’s adversaries, these wars have been a smashing success except we need to get on with smashing Iran.



The most egregious canard and biggest lie is that the U.S. wants peace because that is the last thing the military war profiteers would ever want. The only peace they want is bombing the world to pieces! If world wide peace ever broke out the Generals and the war profiteers would be very depressed, because peace would be the death of the Amerikan,empire.



Well said! And I would add their greatest advertising slogan is… PEACE.



Ah, Dr. Strangelove… Remember that famous scene when the U.S. Army invades Burpleson Air Force Base, fighting under the sign, “Peace is our profession”? Classic!



I consider this as Military spending. Much like the VA and the Nuclear Weapons industry . the US Government claims this as a separate expenditure in order to hide the amount of total Military spending. Total spending is well over a trillion a year, those monies ending up in the pockets of the 1 percent.



Yes, Orwell, in 1948, was prescient to say the least.



It comes as no surprise, then, that America’s generals have learned so little of real value from their twenty-first-century losses. They continue to see a state of “[infinite war] as necessary and are blind to the ways in which endless war and the ever-developing war state in Washington are the enemies of democracy.

They don’t care. They don’t have to. Who’s going to hold them accountable? Not Congress. Not the Courts. Not the UN. Not the Criminal Court. Not the Media. Not the American People.

The only thing that could possibly stop the US Empire is if it collapses economically under its own weight and/or climate catastrophe (which it contributes to daily).



If you change the motto to: "We came, we saw, we destabilized for decades, we handed big profits to the MIC,’ then our military policy makes perfect sense.

On the other hand, that’s one long-ass motto.



The article assumes Petraeus was our endearing hero of the 21st century. While he fought in the 20th century, he was still with us in the 21st, being that of “Stormin Norman” the general I thought had more popularity.
Frankly, I didn’t pay much attention to Petraeus.

The article also assumes one version of why we are having endless war. I believe a big reason up til now is that we keep creating more and more terrorists just by being an invader of another’s country.

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This is how you get awarded the Nobel Peace prize.



Using violent aggressive arial assault as a method for “fighting terrorism” has been the U.S. strategy for 18 years. During this time terrorism as multiplied exponentially so that now we have thousands more terrorists and an even larger population of young men and women eager to join the cause as long as these military assaults persist. sure it will be a generational, endless war as sure as violence always begets more violence.
The little brothers of old and now dead jihadists are still picking up their guns. The only way terrorism can be reduced- it cannot be stopped- is to stop killing so many people and thus infuriating so many more.



I think it was Mr. Al Gore who said government should be run like corporations and that government should promote American businesses abroad. The guy in the WH is the general manager of marketing and sales for corporate America, especially the lethal weapons makers like Lockheed, Raytheo and Boeing plus the US monopolistic gas and oil cartels.

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My day started with this on DN followed by the piece by Glen Greenwald on Jair Bolsonaro’s close ties to notorious paramilitary gangs and his visit with the CIA and sump-pump.

The brightest moment in Jamil Dakwar’s comment are about the European response.
“We’re very happy that the responses so far, in just the last few days, from members of the court, particularly European countries, have been very strong in condemning the Trump administration and upholding the independence and legitimacy of the court, and that any actions to deter prosecutors and the judges, that would be not acceptable and will be rejected by U.S. allies, particularly in Europe.”

Could this be the break that we need, some authentic, serious actions against imperialist oosa?



One of the implications of William Astore’s excellent article is how the elected policy makers in Washington, DC, have so totally abdicated their responsibility to hold the generals feet to the fire, to make them prove that the situation is improving, that investing more American lives and American treasure will yield positive results and not just more calls for even greater investments of American blood and treasure — becoming a senseless, endless war, a Vietnamese type quagmire with no victory in sight.

Proving once again that Clemenceau’s observation that “War is too important to be left to the generals,” is all too true. The people truly invested in final victory, an exit strategy, ARE NOT the generals, but the politicians.

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