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The Death Penalty Is Getting Crueler

The Death Penalty Is Getting Crueler

Jill Richardson

For years, most of the U.S. has been changing death penalty laws in the direction of phasing it out, or at least applying it in a more humane way.


I’m sure those who have committed brutal and senseless crimes always did them in the least painful and humane way and their victims hardly suffered at all. Sometime pain is good!

Did you ever see a brutal murderer or rapist, get life, or the death penalty and insist it isn’t enough of a punishment?
I sometimes imagine what I would like done to people like that. And it would be to keep them alive in a secret place and give them a little torture every day. At least until they dreaded waking up in the morning knowing what their day would be like.

Violence begets violence.
Cruelty begets cruelty.
Callousness begets callousness.
Hatred begets hatred.

Murder is murder, whether committed by a state or a person.
This nation needs to somehow, someday, evolve beyond its infatuation with the Old Testament fables.

Thank you for your voice of reason.

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