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The Debut of Our Revolution: Great Potential. But


The Debut of Our Revolution: Great Potential. But.

Norman Solomon

While Bernie Sanders was doing a brilliant job of ripping into the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the livestreamed launch of the Our Revolution organization on Wednesday night, CNN was airing a phone interview with Hillary Clinton and MSNBC was interviewing Donald Trump’s campaign manager.


Bingo, Fucking Bingo!


"As a 501c4 organization, Our Revolution won’t be running campaigns."

Of course it won't. Its mission will be to try to have "progressive" Democrats elected.

Beware any organization originated by Sheepdog Sanders.

I think the purpose behind ""Our Revolution" is to siphon off support for the Green Party (where progressive support properly belongs).


Our revolution is an attempt to put a brand name claim on human intelligence and autonomous democracy.

Bernie did not mention the raging US holocaust that has already killed millions in the early years of this century and shows no sign of stopping. He also did not mention the apparent anti environmental war push of the democratic candidate staffing choices.

Bernie's rambling speech did not mention Green or Libertarian competitors who are left to work on the war without him. It was almost as if there is no presidential election or multiple US invasions going on. Bernie goes back to the Senate and the people will carry on where he left off.

The first order of business is to overcome fear of iTrumpet and defeat the democrats. A gridlocked electoral college that leaves the US without a president until the next congressional election would be an interesting accomplishment of a real political revolution with guts.


Forgive me for repeating myself to the folks out there in CD Land.

The Dem Party is like a dead fish. The head has already rotted. By showing that he is so bound to the moribund party, one can only speculate as to whether Sanders was sincere or not in his run. I, from the very beginning of his endeavor, sent him money and continued sending to the Greens as I have for years. My determination from the beginning was, help Sanders to win but if he looses, vote for the Greens. My planned action for voting is underpinned with a sense of cool dedication to principal. Sanders is history and one must move on. "Our Revolution" is not moving, it's hitching a ride on a cadaver.

Also, here's a great Trump quote on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.”

Also, Norm is a great guy who has been kicked in the ass too many times by the cynical, nasty, self serving, and quasy defunct Dem Party. I think what they have is a love/hate relationship. Solomon is too nice a guy to be hanging out with likes of Clinton or Wasserman Schultz.


Solomon does well to point out the failure of Sanders to directly attack militarism.
That needs to happen because I think the country is being fast-walked to war. Our rulers believe war, not domestic reform, is the key to stifling dissent and to further enriching the military sector of our economy.
The signs are there in the Obama administration's provocations of China, in Clinton's villification of Putin and the way the neocons are flocking to her side.
It is also there in the news media's one sided attacks on Trump, attacks that are supposedly prompted by his racist comments but that are really caused by his call for cooperation, not confrontation, with Russia.
Yet another sign is Sanders's refusal, again, to directly and vocally attack the militarism that infects US culture. Until we stop the endless wars in the Middle East (an area that is the equivalent of Spain in the 30s, an arena where the big powers could test new weapons and tactics in preparation for global war) and mass surveillance and torture, we will not be able to make the big domestic changes that are needed.
But then one of the big points of war is to prevent those changes from being made. War isn't just about attacking the "enemy." It's also about making the domestic population the enemy.


I was going to listen to Bernie's speech, but decided against it. Bernie did a great deal of good by running, but he made his choice. He went with the devil. There is no way he can or will run a "revolution". By joining his 'movement', the Democrats now probably have access to everything that is being said and planned. Bernie can sell out, that is his choice, but I will not join him.

Rich Smith, thank you for the Trump Twitter quote. I never heard it before and it is spot on.


Fortunately, with the Bernie clingers working through that group, and with the activists flooding to the Greens, alternatives to the Wall Street twins are emerging.

Unfortunately, with the Bernie-clingers clinging to the Wall Street Ds, and clinging to the illusion they can somehow impose (from a very small edge of that party) some sort of moral, ethical, or, even political change of heart on those "God is Greed" freaks, much time is being wasted that could otherwise be used building a viable party to challenge both Wall Street twins.

At any rate, Mother Earth is closing her Sixth Great Extinction in on her slumbering species, atop the list of which is the one called humans - radically warring against the very conditions that make our life here possible. Do we really need any evidence proving the dinosaurs were superior to us? After all, they managed to morph into birds to survive the Fifth Great Extinction. If we morph into anything, will it possible by something besides arse ends?


As usual Mr. Solomon nails it. The missing foreign policy from Bernie's campaign always bothered me and it is still missing. I'm not encouraged by this news if Bernie isn't willing to take it any further than helping candidates win. We and he know it takes more than elections to make a progressive movement for change. You can't have a revolution if changing elected officials is the only thing you do, it looks more like a super pac than a revolution.
The Green Party is doing that already, we need to be supporting the protesters and activists on the front lines. And using the power of them all to push for change seems to be more revolutionary.


Don't you get tired of fighting windmills? Sometimes you can't see the forest thru the trees. I happen to trust Bernie as he has been doing this for a long time as an independent and caucusing with democrats. Ralph Nader is my hero and I campaigned for him in 2000. He's been around for 50 plus years doing the good fight but he never broke thru and pierced the DNC.

Maybe Bernie knows something all of you don't, you've got to change the party from within. It is just too powerful. Ralph Nader did a lot of good for this country and world but maybe could of done so much more if he worked within the party. Just maybe?


Members of Congress who have worked with Bernie say he has little interest in foreign policy. Supposedly he never attended briefings. His campaign also demonstrated that. Even during the debates he tried to change foreign policy questions into speeches on domestic economics. Anybody who thinks Bernie Sanders is going to lead anything on foreign policy is wasting their time. Let him do what he cares about and does well which is fighting for economic equality and taking on Wall Street. Our Revolution will not be about militarism in a very meaningful way. It will reflect the politics of Bernie Sanders and be mostly about domestic economic politics.


Bernie as bête noire is getting tedious, to say the least. As I read all this mudslinging, I ask myself, would the nation be better off if Bernie had not run? To me the answer is a resounding NO, the issues Bernie spoke to would never have made it beyond a few good sites such as CD. I, also, wish Bernie would have addressed the great issue of war and peace, eventually, as presidential nominee he would have had to as part of the job.


It's a different organization, but they have the right idea.


Norm - who are you voting for?


"I wish Bernie would have addressed the great issue of war and peace," and therein lies a very serious problem.
Throughout his political career Bernie has shown himself to be anti-war. In general.
But for the past 2 years he's become quiet on the issue.
That's not good for him or this country.
Why has Bernie suddenly gone dark on this issue?


So, doesn't this make Our Revolution a Super-PAC and isn't this the kind of organization that Bernie said we needed to get out of politics? And since it's a 501c4, Our Revolution doesn't have to disclose the identities of its donors, so we won't know who is supporting it.

With Bernie, the more you know, the more you dislike about him. It's pretty clear now that he was running a a sheep dogging scam on all of his supporters during the primaries, so people need to run away from him and Our Revolution as fast as they can.

Jill Not Hill 2016!


Our Revolution appears to want to play a limited, though potentially valuable, role in promoting progressive ideas - a focus on driving support for some candidates for political office and some issues. It also appears that it will limit operation to within the Dem Party - a big mistake.. Also, it looks like Jeff Weaver wants to bring big money into it - that will be a total turnoff to the grassroots. So, on this course, at absolute best, expect molasses-like slow progress if this is the only thing people get involved with.

This organization needs to be decentralized, driven by grassroots efforts at the scale of the elections and issues being contested. Our Revolution can support these groups with funds, also collected among the grassroots - not big money donors - and strategic expertise.

The organization cannot disconnect from global issues, which are inextricably intertwined with issues within the US.


I don't know, I suspect his instincts told him, and rightly so, the vast majority of people are more engaged with bread and butter issues. The end of the draft as I've posted many times was/is a disaster because it gives blank check to the neocons and their allies in the military.


Our Revolution would do well to be very transparent about its organizational structure and plans, especially since the launch has been marred by the information that Jeff Weaver was brought on board to run OR and its setup as a 401-c4, much to that upset of the entire OR staff and resignation of more than half. This will hamper the organization's ability to coordinate with the local level.


I take the opposite point of view on the end of the draft.
It did cause us to setup a mercenary military machine, but the citizens can correct that.
If they have a mind to.
We must stop allowing the politicians that we elect to public office dictate to "we the people" how this country will be run.