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The Declare a 'Climate Emergency' Movement Grows as Scotland Joins

The Declare a 'Climate Emergency' Movement Grows as Scotland Joins

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon became the first world leader to declare a "climate emergency" on Sunday.

The Scottish leader told delegates to a party conference in Edinburgh she was inspired after meeting young climate activists.

Ms. Sturgeon said: "A few weeks ago, I met some of the young climate change campaigners who've gone on strike from school to raise awareness of their cause. They want governments around the world to declare a climate emergency. They say that's what the science tells us. And they are right."

There are some countries where the ruling class does not posses absolute power as they do in the United States. In those countries, while rulers may be reluctant to surrender some of their power, the state of their democracy is such that they have no choice but to submit to the public will and do what the public demands of them. The United states has long passed the threshold of doing anything at all on behalf of its general public, starting at least as far back as 1979 when at the federal level, unlimited donations from corporations and unions — sources of funding that were otherwise prohibited — began to flow in. The democrats submitted to the notion that they should start taking corporate money like their republican counterparts already did. the next year Reagan was elected and the religious right, the Christian Coalition, and the strong influence of corporate money reshaped american politics heading toward todays straight Fascism.

look at this video:


Two Cyclones just pounded Mozambique. The first one dropped so much rain it made an Inland Sea. The second one hit a part of Africa where there were no cyclones ever recorded. Blizzards swept across the mid west states including tornados buried inside, people never knew what hit them. Until we join the rest of the common sense countries, everyone will suffer the consequences. Not one Coal or Fossil plant has shut down. Until we target the people who are causing this, we are wasting precious time. If that’s the plan to keep doing useless peace Rallies, things will go on and continue to get worse all for what? Keeping the money flowing to Congress Members? What we do next is up to us.

  1. A smoker says, “yeah, I really ought to quit” but doesn’t. So how do you get the smoker to quit today, before next year’s lung x-ray?

  2. What constitutes actual climate action? I expect a commitment to serious practical R&D. My own targets are storing solar heat for buildings in winter, storing solar heat for electricity generation after sunset, a seriously energy-efficient transit system that doesn’t cost $1 billion per mile like urban freeways do, a series of prototypes in agriculture-based carbon sequestration, restoration of the Arctic’s natural albedo on the tundra and on the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack, atmospheric NO2 and methane removal and climate change zoos to prevent 1 million species from going extinct. By all means, add more targets. So, if you see one actual government taking climate action, wave a flag or something.


Apparently the second one is also going to create an inland sea. A forecasted 30 inches of rain in a dry and flat country is again going to be far too much.

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This is Biblical! And next the Oceans Rise, The movie Water World comes to mind.

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Where would we be today if Paul Revere boarded a ship and carried a sign to London in protest. Asking permission to survive only works wen the person your asking cares if you survive. If they lack all human empathy and compassion - your wasting your breath

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Although having banned fracking, will a sovereign Scotland end oil drilling in the North Sea and off Shetland? I’m not so sure.
SNP policy

“We will also press for tax measures to improve exploration and investment, and we will work to avoid premature cessation of production”

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Thanks Alan
I live in Scotland ,they have just discovers new oil fields in the North sea ,let’s see what happens ¿

XR … a capitalist funded lobbying movement seeking capitalist solutions to problems caused by capitalism for profit at any cost. The ‘power bodies’ in the capitalist nations will gladly enact laws to protect the environment if it enriches their masters but does not disturb other capitalist… Considering there are numerous environmental protection laws unenforced in the capitalist world … the dots are easy to connect.

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While I like the idea of getting our growing environmental risks due to human activity increasingly in the mainstream and more broadly discussed, I am extremely skeptical of these climate emergency declarations by various governments. Governments, along with businesses, are amongst the worst advocates of the perpetual growth culture that has led to and contributing most significantly to our growing dilemmas. We are witnessing a number of municipalities in my home Canadian province of Ontario making these declarations while at the same time these local governments chase the infinite growth chalice presenting such growth as only a positive force that must and will be pursued. One cannot address a climate ‘emergency’ while at the same time pushing economic and population growth. History has shown repeatedly that governments take advantage of crises to expand their control, bureaucracies, and taxes; I can’t help but believe that these declarations fall into this trend.


Excellent video. Thanks very much for sharing it, as I most certainly will.

Great video. But as Warren Buffett said a while back, “There’s class warfare all right. But it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

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Protests aren’t wrong in their purpose. They are simply lacking in support and ferocity. They are getting bigger, but until there is wholesale chaos and/or a massive amount of people, it is as you say Guitman, nothing effective will happen.

People like Warren Buffett lead privileged lives. As such, They never have to dig ditches, chop wood or load hay, but that doesn’t mean they never will become intimately familiar with pitchforks, only in their case intimate with the wrong ends of pitchforks. Vermin and inhuman scum like that tend to win many battles but ultimately lose the war.

What is denial of catastrophic climate change but a declaration of war?
Any Scot out there wishing to debate why hybrid drivetrain bests all-battery?
Oh sure, devote battery to 1 Big truck or 6 fancy ‘S’ sporty sedans or at least 50 possibly 100 plugged-in hybrid ICE all utility EVs/solar arrays wired nearby? Combustible hydrogen, Arnold’s TOP governorship worthy achievement, the combustible hydrogen hummer, nicknamed Mr Woo. Woo woo, Mr Woo.
Why are GM/Ford abandoning PHEV? Huh? Give me one good reason!
My first guess: grab resources for stupid EV plans smart people are misled to believe would work. Same thing their self-driving car nonsense.
Resource Distribution. Figure it out, genious wannabe out there.
I will NOW REPEAT our best interest: =IMPEACHMENT=
National Security directive Constitutional grounds.
Me, I’m sailing to Hawaii in my mind with Tim Ryan

Seems you’ll have to travel many light years before arriving in Hawaii

While I view our growing environmental risks due human activity in mainstream broadly discussed, I am skeptical of climate emergency declarations by government with business, amongst worst advocates of perpetual growth led to most significant our growing dilemma. We witness municipalities in Canadian Ontario making declarations the same time local governments chase growth presenting growth as only positive and must be pursued.

One cannot address climate ‘emergency’ while pushing economic growth.
History has shown our recourse. Gardens. Lots and loads of gardens.

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I am there now. Don’t get me started on benign atomic energy.
1/60th the speed of light, lunar command anti-gravity stations,
orbiting the moon, 100-crew/passenger solar travel often yearly.
Monthly launches Venus Mars Jupiter horizon.

I don’t disagree. What I see in my own municipality, however, is the exact opposite push. We have all levels of government pushing for growth and helping developers to pave over Ontario’s very limited arable lands–to say little about the fact that most of what arable land exists in the province is the purview of industrial agriculture and helping to kill soil fertility through its use of fossil fuel-based ‘supplements’. Sad on so many levels.