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The Deep State, Explained


The Deep State, Explained

John Light

As the daily drip of information about possible links between Trump’s campaign and Russia trickles on, Democrats, commentators and at least some officials in the US intelligence community, it seems, smell a rat.


We see the cunundrum of having wealthy sectors, within the political economy, fighting each other at the expense of the general welfare of the country. Oil & Coal vs. Cleaner Energy ( Gas, Hydro, Wind, Solar ) is the easiest one, here. Also, on the faux news front, we continue to hear about the political warfare fought ( where, exactly ) between Wall Street and Main Street. This canard has effectively split the voters for at least 60 years, working like a charm in denying us investments in public works improvement and what is called " infrastructure ". And, on it goes.
Certainly, there's a Deep State within the MIC and our formal Foreign Policy structure. Democratic and Republican policies are aligned at " the water's edge " concerning the overlay of what is generically called Empire ( Building ). Such is life in a country that's indispensable and the lone military superpower. We common folk sacrifice all, so that the Deep State sacrifices not a whit ( See spending on the DoD and the Police & Security State ).
While the Lofgren's of the world see a loose knit group of intersecting wealthy corporate and individual brahmins, the middle class and lower folks in the pecking order, see only more sacrificing. Of, by and for the people has been vanquished by the PTB. As always, the meek inherit the destroyed planet, but none of their investments in the idea of the common good, come to fruition. The folks who trust the Federal Gov't to do the right thing and/or level the playing field get shortchanged. And, mostly with the implied threat of extreme prejudice, to boot. So it always go with the Deep State, incidentally, and why we can't get to the bottom of many, or most of, our shared calamities. There is no bottom to the there, once there. There is only a great deal of ugly, deep muck.


The Deep State is a tool of the Oligarchy. The controlled media is also a tool of the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy has the overwhelming wealth with which to put in place a Deep State, and with which to buy the mainstream media.

This setup enables the Oligarchy to pull off 9/11 as an inside job, and then to impose a blanket of silence on the media. The evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming. Yet the MSM goes along with the vast silence. Similarly, the evidence for Israel's conflict-riddled history of slaughter and theft, and its glaring apartheid practices and policies, is also overwhelming. And the MSM goes along with a vast blanket of silence on that too.

The theory that some mid-level CIA people are coercing and coordinating such a wide-ranging scenario is impausible. That kind of control takes mountains of money. "Follow the money."

I hope the Moyers team will dive more deeply into this topic. Here are some suggested materials.

On the financially based Oligarchy, The Quiet Coup by former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson

On The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy, a book by professor Peter Dale Scott, discussed in an interview with David Talbot

On Israel's history of terrorism, Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won, invited remarks to the British House of Lords by Tom Suarez, author of State of Terror

On the controlled media, How the NYT Plays with History by investigative reporter Roberty Parry, winner of the 2015 I.F. Stone Medal for independent journalism

On the war profiteer connection, War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror, a collection of key historical facts and links.

The Moyers team could do America and democracy a great service by investigating the overwhelming mountain of evidence which shows conclusively that 9/11 was an inside job. The suppression of this evidence is itself evidence of the immense control being exerted over America's "free" press.


I do not purport to know what happened on 9/11....but this I do know: it is not what we have been told!


Let's just say that "momentum collapse" as a theory for WTC 1, 2, and 7 is total BS, but might just pass muster for the Empire. We shall see what the cave paintings reveal in a couple of centuries or so.