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The Deep State Hasn't Gone Away


The Deep State Hasn't Gone Away

Robert C. Koehler

“In a statement to WikiLeaks, the source details policy questions that they say urgently need to be debated in public . . .”


The Deep State goes back many generations, nationally and internationally, responsible for the world's events for the entire 20th, and now the 21st, century, all in secret.

"The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society, and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies..." - President John F. Kennedy

Our President, murdered by the very forces controlling our government today.

Like where it's got us?


Terrific article, as far it goes, which arguably is not 'deep' enough.

Never, ever, for instance, has CD introduced, as a component, consideration of the Doctrine of Discovery in coverage of indigenous rights in the US and nation states that have originated in 15th century colonization and updated in legal precedents active today. That is one of the firewalls that would, were average americans to fully understand, go a long way towards bridging 21st century 'differences' so assiduously inserted/installed, continually exacerbated and ginned by the "two party system" and the hate mongering pumps of its financial, religious and "cultural" hegemony (and that is a set of exceedingly kind quotes).

So scholarly has the research and documentation of the DoD been, that it has awakened the ecumenical community hierarchy to the necessity of FORMALLY repudiating its presence in our current legal system. So broad has that repudiation been that the World Council of Churches formally repudiated it and various groups have for years quietly requested that the Vatican acknowledge its current presence and to formally reject it.

As Robert C. Kohler closes:
"The whole point of a democracy is to empower the public interest, which means that the public must be aware of the Deep State and hold it continually accountable. While Lofgren is adamant that there’s more to it than the military-industrial consensus and the pursuit of endless war, this to me is by far its most troubling aspect. Let’s not give it any peace."

The giant vampire squid - as another much beloved journalist named it - might have a lot of in to hide under, but whenever the public wakes up to a problem, even that monster can produce enough ink to get rid of the blotter and cleansers that get hauled out.


Thank you Common Dreams and Robert Koehler for this excellent article with facts instead of hysterics.


There is no Deep State???

koehler's articles get better every week! i feel so frustrated when the mainstream media along with many "self-defined" progressive sites act and speak as if this united states, with one exception*, the most honorable of motives when invading, droning or promoting regime change in another country. mr. koehler's point that although we have a "need for public debate" those politicians do not expect nor desire any input from us, "little people." for them a public debate means a performance of the two (dem vs repub) sides of any issue argue as entertainment. every performance needs an audience and that's our job. thomas jefferson said that knowledge is the true currency of a democracy, but this highly secretive and unassailable deep state withholds so very much vital information from us presumably for our own protection. tell you truthfully i find the quickly expanding police state deeply troubling. as robert said, (my bold)
The problem with the stories I’ve read thus far on this latest leak is the same problem I see in most mainstream reporting about U.S. military and security operations: a virtually total lack of context, combined with vague and evasive terminology and a quietly lurking, unquestioned sense of moral superiority in relation to the rest of the world.

capitalism, once touted as the perfect economic system for a true democracy, has proved to be our nemesis! as poster rusty w. says so succinctly, "The “new world order” was a ridiculous dream of global capitalists. Capitalists do not cooperate they compete and seek to destroy competitors. Constant warfare is the history of capitalism" so true, right? yesterday i watched a report about millions of war displaced refugees facing famine. capitalism well serves the few most egregiously greedy, but fails utterly to work for the majority. what a great coincidence! yesterday glen ford publish an article that so beautifully dovetails with this robert koehler piece, (i'm including a snippet)

The U.S. Deep State Rules – On Behalf of the Ruling Class
The various organs of the Deep State, including the corporate media, work hard to convince the public that the Deep State does not exist. (Kind of like that story about the Devil.) In fact, the Deep State runs the show. “The truth is that an oligarchy rules, and makes war on whomever it chooses -- internationally and domestically -- for the benefit of corporate capital.” It has neutralized a sitting president, less than two months in office.

* the one exception? you know who i'm talking about, don't you? hint: #45


I found this to be quite good as well.


thanks, 'theoldgoat'! i've been researching the doctrine of discovery recently. pope alexander # 6 first explained his "only christians have rights" ideology. this, of course, doesn't fit well with the teaching of jesus, but allows "true believers" to disregard the rights of others in their quest for domination. insane! inhumane!


Bravo, Robert Kohler! The "resistance" has to focus at least as much energy on combatting the Deep State as they do fighting Trump, otherwise they are merely serving the DS's interests. And however far back the DS goes, the one currently in place is by far the worst, having expanded exponentially with the Bush/Cheney "victory" in 2000 and the ensuing 9/11 attacks and the bogus "War on Terror". Trump is being made into a giant red herring (an orange herring, perhaps?) to distract against the deeper problem. Fight Trump by all means, but don't act as if he alone is the problem.


Out of one side of their mouth:

"I'm so glad that the people in the executive branch that Trump can't kick out, especially those in the Intelligence Community, are resisting him!"

Then out of the other side:

"Come on, there is no such thing as the Deep State- take off your foil hat you conspiracy nut."


Conspiracy Theory!
Conspiracy Theory!

The government only works as advertised! Unelected Men with unlimited black budgets and unlimited computer capabilities would never try to undermine Democracy!

Ah, nuts.


There is no "deep state."

Also, people seem to be incredibly surprised that a spy ageny...spies.

Oh, and Wikileaks now serves as an arm of Russian state propaganda. Check out where the new servers are.

Seriously, if I rolled my eyes any harder you could hear it.


Hi, TJ! :O) good to see you. ofthesea formerly polarbear4


You're right.

But the combination of concentrated wealth allowed an unlimited role in politics, the machine of propaganda and media that turns that money into changes to public opinion, and the nature of institutional interests locks this in.

We really need to stop pretending we have a functioning democracy and deal with the actual situation where we don't.

I'm not even sure how we do that beyond the effort of people to support alternative media like this article and site.


Of COURSE there is a "deep state". There always has been. Democracy is a goal, but quite compromised.


Well put, and thanks for the very appropriate JFK quote.

The reality and nature of the Deep State is shown conclusively in the research of political science professor Peter Dale Scott. His fascinating interview on the Deep State is in the UC Berkeley series Conversations with History here.




I'm sure your point can be understood by anyone who knows what the Doctrine of Discovery is. Sounds interesting. I'll try to remember to look it up.


My apologies for the typos in the last paragraph . ' in' should be ' ink' (inc?) and 'can' should be ' can't'. This old goat deserves a slap on the wrist for sloppiness.



" Like where it has got us."

Trump is not an anomaly, he is the fascist, overt result of the deep state; all presidents before him except for JFK, who the deep state had to assassinate, were more or less surreptitious pawns of the deep state.