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The Democratic Convention Film on Hillary Clinton Lied to America


The Democratic Convention Film on Hillary Clinton Lied to America

Robert Scheer

The title of the film about Hillary Clinton that actor Morgan Freeman narrated at the Democratic National Convention should have been “Escape From Accountability.” Of course, the same could be said—far more so (a pathetic comfort)—of the GOP convention propaganda depicting Donald Trump’s ascension to power. What we have in this election is a race to the bottom in what once was regarded as adult behavior, meaning that one should take responsibility for one’s actions.


Robert Scheer has been a voice of truth and wisdom for a long time, this viewpoint is no exception! Bravo! One of the very best to appear here or anywhere!

“Follow the money and it is obvious that the Democratic Party as much as the GOP is now the plaything of the super-rich”

“The merchants of death who have delighted in the massive arms sales conducted under the Obama administration are now salivating at the prospect of even more profit, as the neoconservatives consolidate their grip on the foreign policy of both parties”

“On domestic policy, there was great hypocrisy in conventioneers ignoring Wall Street’s hold on the Democrats as the faux party of the middle class, the Democrats having more effectively presided over the bankruptcy of hardworking folks to the benefit of Wall Street than the GOP had been able to accomplish since Herbert Hoover was running the show.”

“There is no doubt that this Clinton will continue the course of her husband, who accomplished for Wall Street what Ronald Reagan could not by gleefully signing the reversal of the Glass-Steagall Act, giving Wall Street unfettered power to amass greater and greater profits at a devastating cost…”

"The dominant message of the convention, aside from a truly obscene co-option of every bit of victimhood in the nation, including the “undocumented,” of whom Obama has deported by the millions, was Clinton’s lifelong concern for “the children.” - Both Clintons and Obama have all betrayed children along with rest of the 99%!
The Clinton/Obama/Clinton reigns have been lies, deceit and betrayals from beginning to end!

This election is “a truly depressing choice for the country”, but we can register our anger and contempt - vote neither arrogant psychopath - vote Stein.


“There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take himself for better, for worse, as his portion; that though the wide universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that plot of ground which is given to him to till. The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson Self Reliance

One needs to distance oneself from these toxic politicians who offer nothing of substance but would rather rob one of their sustenance. Pull harder, Toto, pull!


The ‘over the [big] top’ of the traveling circus seems to have dispensed with any form of safety net for the consequences of bad actors, with which it is rife. The balls being gamed and sent over the top will land out of bounds not with result of a home run as in baseball, but more simply off court losses as in tennis.

We are witness to a hyperbolic apex of hot air heated by sectors scrambling to suck as much as possible from conflagration of the mythology of extractive ‘globalization’. In the mean time healthy Life On Earth remains the ground by which all is legitimately measured, despite the vast inanity of claims to the contrary.

We in the meantime face ALEC et al intensely organizing to subsume local, regional and state integrity. The upside on this is that it is much closer to home, more accessible for actual adult human engagement with governance.


As Scheer tries to convince the reader that HRC is clearly the lesser evil, I am taken aback. As the wolf in sheep’s clothing, she appears to be the more dangerous of the two. In any event, I would never vote for either of these two major party nominees, and here I feel compelled to repeat what I wrote in another comment a few days ago:

For some time I have thought it wrongheaded to think of one’s vote as an attempt to determine who wins an election. I believe that a much more reasonable and realistic view is that one’s vote is positive feedback for all a candidate has done and for all a reasonable person could expect the candidate to do based on past words and actions. So the voter is giving approval to a candidate or disapproval to the opponents. Certainly the victor in the election is going to claim that is what the vote means. One implication of this is that by giving approval, by giving the positive feedback, in a formal way in an election, the voter is somewhat responsible for what the candidate does in office, including what the candidate does in foreign policy.

I believe that everyone should think long and hard about what they want to be held responsible for before they choose what they think is the lesser of two evils.


I read a piece in The Chicago Tribune this am discussing a nascent movement within the GOP to ditch Trump. He is becoming a bit too erratic, even for the diehards, the Party Loyalists. There is even speculation that Trump will decide to opt out, cede the nomination to Pence. Actually, this might be a formula for success, Hillary is not liked, period. Indications are that turnout might be at all time lows throughout the nation.


Democrats now officially a pro war party

Anti-War Dems Shut Down At DNC While Warmonger Leon Panetta Chuckles

Jimmy Dore, a comedian and a commentator on The Young Turks describes the war party with the probable future leader Hawk Hillary.

An 8 minute video well worth watching and an example of why The Young Turks is becoming a major force in the news media. The corporate media owned by 6 corporations gives the corporate line and keeps “citizens” in the dark.

Just like the lights were turned down at the democratic convention when people in the audience chanted “no more war”

Published on Aug 2, 2016
Former defense secretary Leon Panetta, famous for getting a good laugh off not being able to remember how many wars America was in during a 60 minutes interview, was speaking to the crowd at the DNC when a chant of ‘No more war’ broke out. The establishment wasn’t having it.

How much of an unexpected event would it be if there was a revival of the Peace Movement?

We are not exceptional - we are going down the path of other failed empires by riding the military force …


After the two surreal conventions wrapped up I found the opening line in Alan Ginsberg’s controversial and censored 1955 poem HOWL more applicable than ever:

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starring hysterically naked”.

Seeing Hillbots wholeheartedly embracing what they would actively criticize a Republican for embracing is madness or worse.

I am a square peg in a round hole among the sixtysomethings in my circle. They have been destroyed by madness caused by years of identifying with the Democratic Party. The young folks who are rejecting the duopoly are what give me the hope needed to keep going.


Especially the bit about taking it up the wazoo, though I doubt many will be screaming with joy.


I don’t know what you think you read, but your comprehension seems seriously challenged. To say Sheer is “trying to convince the reader HRC is the lesser evil” is obtuse and utterly incomprehensible…

That criticism said, I agree with what else you have written…we become complicit to the candidate by our vote…


Someone has reading comprehension difficulties, but it isn’t me. From the article:

“Of course, the same could be said—far more so (a pathetic comfort)—of the GOP convention propaganda depicting Donald Trump’s ascension to power.”

“But while the deep venality of Trump’s record should be obvious to anyone old enough to read, that is not the case with his opponent, safely ensconced as the very much lesser evil.”

“As they often have in the past, the Democrats offer us a hawk in dove’s feathers. But super-frightening this time, the GOP candidate is not a representative of sane restraint and basic decency as was the Ike I liked. Rather, Trump is a truly dangerous boob who makes the Democrat appealing when she ought not to be viewed as such.”

Your factually challenged outrage is disconcerting.


Excellent piece by Scheer, imo. The lies he points out re Clinton are just the tip of the iceberg.

Today on Democracy Now:

Almost one year ago in the news----

“Teneo’s connections with the Clintons exemplify to Hillary Clinton’s political opponents what they say are her overly close ties to corporations that have paid her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for speeches and donated to her family’s charities.
Clinton has dismissed such suggestions as baseless smears for political gain.
Teneo came under scrutiny by the Judiciary Committee as part of its investigation into whether there were any ethics rules broken by the State Department when it granted a waiver to Huma Abedin, who was one of Clinton’s closest aides at the department, to earn income outside the government.
Abedin is now vice chair of Clinton’s campaign.”

Will the Clintons ever be brought down and kicked out of politics?

Will enough people come to understand the level of corruption directly associated with the Clintons? Can we figure out a way to bring this sick machine (Clinton oligarchy machine) to a halt?

I believe there will come a day when her tedious claims of being “smeared” and her claims that there are “vast right (and recently left) wing conspiracy theories” will be brought into the light of truth which will burn away her power once and for all. It’s getting close to that time . . . .


I believe you are misreading what Sheer has written…in your examples Sheer references Trumps record of venality being obvious - but not that of Clinton who has been “safely ensconced as the very much lesser evil.” This is a statement of Clinton’s record being hidden, and falsely made into a charade “lesser evil” as I see it.

“The Democrats offer us a hawk in doves feathers” is clear - as is the following reference to war and conflict - Trump not being “a representative of sane restraint and basic decency” and “super-frightening” - who “makes the Democrat appealing when she ought not to be viewed as such.”

We are both on the same basic side kivals - I defend Sheer because I have read his take on things many times and know where he is coming from - I submit his words in the totality of this essay/commentary do not try to convince anyone that Clinton is the “lesser evil”…far from it.


Excellent article from Scheer, kudos. No complaints from me.
There is one more thing to mention about the disgusting display they call the convention. That is the Khan, con. I was fairly repulsed by the speech.
They paraded this man and wife, parents of a slain soldier in Iraq, out for all to hear the story of bravery and heroes. Only the Khan is the con. A comment from the website, www.ligitgov.org, tells the other side of the con.
Mr. Khan has an interesting career, he is an “immigration lawyer who specializes in a highly controversial program accused of letting immigrants buy their way into the U.S. Khizr M. Khan’s” background is more interesting than his sad tale, which they are still milking. I knew when I watched some of the speech it was shady.
After Trump jumped in it doubled the impact and is still being milked today.
Moral of the story, don’t take anything they say at face value. The con is always there.


Well, I read it as saying something to the effect that:
HRC is far more evil than most Democrats suspect, even to the point that she would possibly not be the lesser evil when compared to most Republican nominees. But since Trump is so beyond the pale, she still does qualify as the lesser evil, though she pushes the boundaries far beyond where she or any decent person should.


I don’t know about the “intelligent people flee[ing] in droves” part, but the years of continuous vomiting seems about right. My heart warms at the thought of down-ticket Berniecrats bringing some sanity, and I only hope enough of them are elected to be able to make a difference. If HRC becomes next POTUS, she will be the one in charge as increasing climate chaos creates more and bigger disasters here on home turf. “Business as usual” is going to be murder to maintain.


I will not be voting for Bozo the Clown or New Hitler. I would then have to cut off my thumb and index finger that holds the pen that fills in the little circle on my ballot and my digits are still useful. However, since both candidates are sure to hasten the demise of the Evil Empire, those choosing to vote for either Bozo or Hitler should do so in terms of which candidate will bring down the Empire in a more orderly fashion. Since Hitler is certain to start a major war, perhaps even WW Last, she is not a good choice. Bozo, on the other hand, will still engage in foreign conflicts no matter what he says in the campaign. If he doesn’t, as Dmitry Orlov noted, he will be pulled into a room and told that Empires break legs to get the good stuff and that is the way it all works. But Bozo probably will resist WW Last because won’t get to spend his money on stupid sh*t and more importantly he won’t be able to run his mouth.
I’ll be voting for Dr. Stein or maybe I’ll write in Kshama Sawant as a protest vote. Again, I still need my fingers.



The following paraphrase by Ralph Waldo Emerson applies to HRC and Trump: WHAT YOU ARE SPEAKS SO LOUDLY; THAT WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE IS NEVER HEARD.


Ray, there’s a few of us 60 somethings around that have been on board for a sustainable world it seems like forever.

I join your square peg-edness. I think for humanity, recognizing that the B.S. we tell ourselves is often just that is a major undertaking.


“Its not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, its what you know for sure that just isn’t so” - Mark Twain

This quote is more applicable to the 2016 election cycle than any event since Twain penned it.