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The Democratic Party Cannot Defeat Trump by Returning to Past Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/14/democratic-party-cannot-defeat-trump-returning-past-failures


From 2009-2016 CD posters serially reconfirmed with endless examples how the Obama/Biden regime was the Dubya/Cheney regime’s third and fourth terms.

Those examples are just some of the “past failures” that enabled Trump to ascend the throne.


Well hell, we will never dig ourselves out of this crap dealing with the parties we have now. The Anti Surveillance Bill went down by ONE vote and key dims were not there! Murray, Sanders…absent. Makes me hurl.


“You can’t solve problems by tasking the people who created those problems to solve them” - Albert Einstein


Yes, WE definitely need a more progressive path going forward. Yet in all fairness, 45 is truly the symbol for the corruption, avarice, indifference to the people of this republic and to democracy itself! This pandemic has just thrown open the doors to not just the levels of inequality, to the fact that NOTHING is really “Made In America” any more - even as the rich and corporate are demanding lowered taxes - that needs to end! Poltical campaigns should be publicly funded with NO PAC/PRIVATE money period! An end to Citizens United and laws instituted to ensure that money is never equal to “free speech”!
And real accountability (think: JAIL) for the massive criminality and graft going on in both houses!!


Ms. Wong - with respect - you are dead wrong.

Your assessment that the democratic party will be involved in any positive outcomes for the majority of the American populous is at best misguided & naive. At worst, craven and duplicitous.

I for one shall be making my final dem vote in november for the uninspiring corporate shill Joe Biden - only because I, as an American citizen, am afforded no other viable choice.

But I am at heart a “Hopeful” sort - that is why I have joined “The Movement for a Peoples Party”.
I have made my first donation to them today and shall volunteer to help them form a viable 3rd party.

The progressive path in the dem party leads to a graveyard -


Holding on to yesterday is the cornerstone of ByeDone’s (R-Visa) campaign… such that it exists.


Key CNN Battleground States Polls:

Trump 52% Biden 45% (AZ, CO, FL, GA, ME, MI, MN, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, PA, VA, WI)



I fail to see the distinction between the “Reagan/trickle-down economics path” and the “Obama/Biden/return to normal path” mentioned here. Increasing economic inequality and refusing to hold the wealthy / corporate America accountable ever for anything has been the norm in this country for my entire life.


Tragically, they weren’t failures. At least not for their employers.

And I fail to see why partisan loyalists still assume the party wants to beat Trump all that badly. I mean, they waged a vastly more effective campaign against Sanders than the non-existent nothingness that Joe “Hiding in Mommy’s Basement” Biden’s doing.

I’m sure it’s occurred to many of you that we might get the first president in history who won the office without ever running a serious campaign of his own. He’s just piggy-backed everyone else.

So if, according to Marx, the second time of a bad historical run is farce, what the heck is the 3rd, 4th, and 5th time?


Stop Trying to Shame Socialists Into Voting for Joe Biden. It’s Not Going to Work.

The New York Times attack yesterday on socialists who won’t endorse Joe Biden isn’t actually about convincing socialists to vote for him — it’s about performatively denouncing leftists as irresponsible, for the edification of the liberals who are watching.



Your link highlights the problem that the d-party always has: Trying to be everything to everyone to the extent that they are nothing but one gigantic compromise.

With that in mind, the d-party should actually welcome a progressive third party. Because with progressives peeled off, the d-party could focus on its natural constituency of moderates and centrists and stop pretending that they give two shits about progressive policies.

And a progressive third party could form coalitions with the d-party when it made sense or block the d-party when it’s up to its typical Blue Dog tricks.


you have more choices than just eating the crap food you’re being served. everyone says this is their “last time”, but like any other habit, 4 years later, you’re right back at it.

if the party is dead, consider finding another option. because if your option is Biden, that’s how they keep doing this over and over.


True and Good thought. But I don’t see the current Dem leadership* is capable of strategizing like that.
“You’re either with me, or against me” or,
" Were else can they go" seems be their limit. They don’t want the competition

I agree though that a 3rd Party on the Left would be better for all of us.


If they jettisoned the “progressive” wing of their voters, they’re back to being a minority party, which means getting cut off at the cash orgy that is political office.

They need those votes like Dracula needs blood. It’s going to be up to the voters to discover a set of stones. Democratic politicians are frequently accused of having “no backbone”. I’ve never believed that. The people without the backbones are their middle class voting base.


And they write this as they wring their hands in panic about Biden’s pathetic campaign and pathetic campaign team.



Well, you’re obligated to vote for The Wall Street anointed one donchya know

IVAN ./s

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The ugly truth is we’re trapped in a burning house with a maniac and a senile demented creep.


Tweetle-Dumb’s conduct during the past four months, indeed, during the past 3¼ years, has not been merely “grossly negligent” or even “criminally negligent” — it has been TREASONOUS!!   Even before taking office he and his minions engaged in money laundering and other questionable activities to the benefit of our foreign adversaries in an undeclared war that’s been going on for decades, but even after openly declaring war on the unseen enemy that is Covid-19, and – puffing and strutting – declaring him­self a “Wartime President”, Donald J. Trump has been aiding and abetting this enemy.  His abject failure to lead in this battle, more accurately described as a deliberate effort to mis-lead, brand him as not just unfit for office, but as a TRAITOR to these United States.

They HANG Traitors, Don’t They??


The former vice president has unified the party…

The Dem Leadership* is worried because this statement is a lie, they know it