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The Democratic Party Cannot Defeat Trump by Returning to Past Failures

But but the NYT says “The former vice president has unified the party and is leading in the polls”.



It will be easier to pressure a Biden administration in the directions we need to head than a Trump one. Yeah, I think I agree with that. Mostly because I don’t think Biden will be as cruel.

But extreme pressure on and resistance of a Biden admin is exactly what will need to happen. Because Biden obviously does not have the track record of governance and policy positions that will support us. Nor a demonstration of the values for that matter.

So, for the sake of argument, when Biden wins, then the work continues, not only of opposition but of forward and rapid moment toward transformation. Biden can grab on to the tail end of the movement or get swept aside.

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Right that was the most ridiculous line in the whole piece. They cannot deal with the reality that they are headed toward defeat because they are disrespecting their base, so they confine themselves to tinkering around with Biden’s pathetic campaign team. That strategy didn’t help Hillary either, who rode the Robbie Mook horse right off the cliff anyway.


and the doors bolted on the outside and these two knuckleheads have the keys.


We already know we won’t get it. The elite machine of dem party to wealthy and powerful.

and it will continue under either leaders. Biden won’t spit in our faces quite like repubicans and el trumpo

One is hallucinating that he has the key and the other one forgot where he put it.


Don’t forget the administrations, vp’s, presidents, and politicians and especially Mitch McConnel.

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The platform will bow to the candidate.

Making the campaign about defeating Trump returns it to past failures–the (intentional) failure of the Obama administration to alter or slow the direction set out by Cheney-Bush, the (intentional) failure of the Bill Clinton Administration to alter or slow the direction set by the Bush-Reagan and Bush-Quail years.

It is great that those who can vote for Sanders in primaries do so. It will mark part of what the party loses. Otherwise, the attempt to build on the inside has dramatically failed, despite some excellent efforts. The DNC is not our misguided friend. Bernie Sanders managed to continue through much of the primary despite his heart attack earlier. He’s not likely to run in '24 or’28.

We have to move outside of party. If Green does not grab you, what about the Movement for a People’s Party? It is not as though we do not need one.


ha! it’s just a bad BBC sitcom, ain’t it?

This is our choice, an election between the Democratic Party representing the last gasp of the neoliberal consensus that can’t think beyond the horizon of corporate control and Trump’s blatant forms of corporate based exploitation.

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The NYTimes had it in the bag for Hillary, too.
Biden’s going to lose by a bigger margin.


What is the value of a progressive platform with Joe Biden as president? Not much, it seems to me.


Good idea, but you won’t make them do it by shaming them. The only thing that could is if enough people register as Democrats and then vote against embodiments of said past failures, most notably Joe Biden. Since not enough did and Covid19 has not killed enough of those that didn’t, we can kiss the earth’s ass goodbye!


Agree. The platform is just a “damn piece of paper” that is NEVER delivered by either the D or R party.

Welcome aboard this fast moving train.


Though when the rapacious actors are in charge of the government who are deemed traitors? People like you and me. Not one of these cretins will be hanged but you or I might.


This otherwise good article fails to make the link:

                     Corporate Democrats *ergo* Trump

How did such a horrible man become President? Sure, he’s gold to some very wealthy and powerful people behind him – his peeps. But he also managed to convince millions of other Americans. Could it be that the masses of Americans who are hurting, insecure, desperate, were looking for something and someone to believe in…and got…Mr. Hope and Change, whose response to their pain and suffering after the 2008 recession was the bailing out of…the banksters, and who consistently failed to deliver real positive change to those who needed it most. Of course, the Demos claim “it’s the Republicans’ fault.”

To provide a counter-example, I live in a blue state, California. Unlike evil Washington DC, here we have been “blessed” with 2 Democratic governors – Jerry “former moonbeam” Brown 2010-2018 and Gavin “the hunk” Newsom 2019-present. And, there’s more, the Demos have had a close to 2 to 1 advantage in both the state senate and state assembly that whole time. So, here, on the “left coast,” how have Californians done? To be fair, Brown and Newsom have continued good (not great) policies to combat climate change.

But what about social equity? I suggest going to the Census and its estimate of income inequality. Here, the picture isn’t so nice. In 2010, California’s Gini Index (a measure of wealth inequality) stood at 0.47, the 8th worst state in the country – 'cause of those evil, evil Republicans, right? But in 2018, the most recent year on record, its Gini index is 0.49, trailing only New York, Connecticut Louisiana for the title of most unequal state in the country. How extreme is this index? If California were a country, it would rank 19th most unequal out of 159 countries – between Panama and the Republic of the Congo.
Meanwhile, if California were a country, it would rank #3 in number of billionaires, behind the US itself and China.

Under bad, bad, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the California legislature sent bills for a California single payer system to his desk twice, only to have the evil, evil Conan the Barbarian reject them. But with “former moon-beam” and “the hunk,” somehow the Democrat-rich legistature couldn’t quite get that bill up there to their desks.

Waiting for the Democrats is like waiting for Godot. It’s occurred to me recently that Marx needs to be updated: in 21st century America, the Democrats are the opiate of the masses. Plenty of Americans see this. They’ve abandoned Democrat valium for Republican speed.


" Nearly three-quarters of the 10,000-strong Los Angeles chapter of Our Revolution , the mass organization birthed during Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid, voted to leave the Democratic Party and join the Movement for a People’s Party , also founded by operatives from Sanders’ 2016 campaign. "

Source: ~https://blackagendareport.com/leftists-jump-corporate-democratic-ship-leaving-sanders-behind


" It will be easier to pressure a Biden administration in the directions we need to head than a Trump one. "
I’m no longer so sure of that. Progressives were unsuccessful to get Obama to do the right thing even when he said he agreed (he lied) but stipulated “now force me to do it”. Why? Perhaps because the majority of his corrupt party were blocking any progressive “forcing” and the entire opposition party were of course blocking. But forcing Trump to do the right thing could be done by removing the GOP senate majority and letting the Dems have at him (and it wouldn’t hurt to try bribing the POTUS-SOB - he’s probably easily bought).


Nicely put!
I wonder if anybody gathered any stats on how many democrats who’d lost their homes in the Great Recession and watched Obysmal give their money to the banksters ended up voting for Trump out of desperation/exasperation/indignation/retaliation?