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'The Democratic Party Has a Problem': Bloomberg Hires Democratic Vice Chairs in Super Tuesday States for Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/democratic-party-has-problem-bloomberg-hires-democratic-vice-chairs-super-tuesday

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This is what Hillary Clinton did in 2016. This confirms the Democratic establishment and the DNC are too corrupted to support.

Bernie, the Independent, has had a “Hit job Contract” put on him by the "Corrupt DNC."

We the People must be his protectors.


Remember Caesar, thou art mortal.

Crassus was supposed to be the richest man in Rome and noted for crucifying thousands of rebellious slaves under Spartacus and lining the roads with their agonized screams mile after mile and leaving the bodies up to rot away. He is also noted as a deal maker having made a deal with Caesar (and Pompey) to change the rules etc. Caesar would go on to end the republic and create the monarchy as emperor. Caesar bought a few elections in his time. He changed the rules and bribed those who made the rules. In fact as one of the richest men in Rome (people often forget that part), he pretty much bribed whomever he needed to whenever he could. Shakespeare has it that the line was said by a slave walking behind a Caesar as they marched in a Triumph through Rome signifying that the emperor though richest and most powerful man in the world was nevertheless just like everyone else. Bloomberg is no spring chicken either. Old age catches up to us all eventually.

Bloomberg is far richer than either Caesar or Crassus. Maybe our democracy will not perish with the sound of a whimper… but with the sound of a cash register?

All I can say is…Remember Bloomberg, thou art mortal.

P.S. I wonder how much a vice chair costs? Did they go about wearing a price tag and showing the cost per pound ratio? Golly gee, I hope Bloomie got a receipt!


This ought to be front page news.


Who were the texas and california vice chairs favoring before becoming Bloomers??


Axioms Of Divide And Conquer


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So where are the democratic politicians on this? are they all corrupted and don’t want to speak out? Maybe it is too early?


Pssst … Hey Bub, wanna buy a political party? Yeah, that’s right. It’s called the stop Bernie Party.
You say it has some rotten spots? Whata you expect …


Well maybe a life long Republican Warmongering candidate who is a Lobbyist For Israel and Promoted the Invasion of Iraq and just happens to be a Misogynist and a Billionaire who wants to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, won’t be too bad??

Maybe we should overlook the fact that Mini Mike is also a Racial Bigot who Discriminated against our Black and Latino Brothers in a Disgusting Humiliating Stop & Frisk Agenda??

This staunch Progressive could Never Vote for Bloomberg even if you put a Gun to my Head.



As far as I can see, Trump and Bloomberg are more alike than I had thought. Both are ripping the masks off the two parties and exposing the ugly faces residing beneath. And neither of them has a clue as to what democracy means, nor do they care. I am going out on a limb with this, but I believe this ugliness is actually repellant to large numbers of Americans. Or one can dream.


When are the d-party apologists going to appear around here to excuse this as “pragmatic.”

Whenever you think the d-party establishment can’t get any more corrupt, just wait a moment or two.


Brailey and Rooker stepped down as DNC officials when hired by Bloomberg, right? No!!!

Shouldn’t they be stripped of their super delegate status?

Conflict of interest has totally been thrown out the window. Is the fix now in?


After 40+ years as a Democrat, I left the party in 2016. Everything that has happened since confirms that it was the right decision (even though the decision should have come earlier).

It is true that I’m currently registered as a Democrat so I can vote for Bernie in my state’s primary. But being registered as a Democrat doesn’t make me a Democrat. And I’ll correct the registration once the primary is over. Unless Bernie wins – then maybe I’ll stick around.


Wouldn’t surprise me if Bloomberg is Trump’s agent, because he has no chance of winning, even if he pulls off this coup.


The article got it backwards. The scandal is the opposite way. It’s not that Bloomberg hired a party official as adviser to his campaign (of course, we can expect party officials to help their favorite campaign). The scandal is that a month after they joined the Bloomberg campaign, the DNC recruited the California vice-chair to staff the Rules Committee.



I guess we need four more years of trump to wake up the rest of America.
I wonder what we will look like then.


Hey nothing to see here. Our government is rotten to the core. Anything short of general strikes or open rebellion may not be enough to clean up this pig sty.


In November, one month before Bloomberg entered the Democratic race, he bribed the DNC with $320,000.00. Does that answer your question?


A disaster looms.


If the billionaires didn’t own 95% of the media, it might be a front page story.