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The Democratic Party Is Not Going Nuts. It's Coming to Its Senses.

The Democratic Party Is Not Going Nuts. It's Coming to Its Senses.

Ryan Cooper

Is the Democratic Party becoming a mirror image of Donald Trump's Republican Party?

The moderates have been in control since the mid '80’s when they got spooked by ronny raygun … and what has happened to the middle class !!!

This sounds like a leftist pinko democrat: “The founder of the most successful hedge fund in the world says capitalism needs to be reformed”-ray dalio
oh but it’s a hedge fund billionaire , i think he fears for his head
maybe the moderate democrats should wake up and see what the real world is like under neo-liberalism

Let’s see, you’ve got Sanders.

To his right you’ve got Warren.

To her right you have every other Dem running for president, centrists all.

The d-party hasn’t come it’s senses. It’s been dragged kicking and screaming to the point where it has to once again make excuses for why it only offers Repub-lite policy.

But don’t worry. The big corporate money will be wonderful consolation when Trump beats one of their centrist placeholders in 2020.


In view of Warren’s consistent pushing back against Wall Street during the past quarter century juxtaposed with Wall Street’s power being one of the greatest threats, perhaps THE greatest threat to the 99% and the environment, she is no further to the right than Sanders.

“Radical” ? Only within the context of George Orwell observing that: “in an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth becomes a radical act”.


How many times am I going to have explain this. Now Ryan Cooper is spreading disinformation? Both Cooper and Wehner are wrong. The Green New Deal is NOT an effort to de-carbonize the economy as fast as possible while making it more egalitarian. All it is is an expression that someday somehow those who vote for the Green New Deal would like to see such an effort. But it is not at all about starting such an effort now- not even proposing specifics about what such an effort would be.

For that look to The Off Fossil Fuels Act.


You didn’t look to the Left of Sanders to see Tulsi Gabbard.

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Yep. Only Gabbard is speaking of seriously reining in the war party. Her capitalist and conservative tendencies give pause, and Sanders becomes attractive again. None of these are outside of the box.

Because she isn’t to his left.


“Coming to its senses” translates to… “we do not really believe in any of this stuff we are now promoting as the past 30 years have demonstrated BUT if it will get us elected we will tell the people what they want to hear”.

It less “coming to its senses” and more opportunism.


If she truly wanted to push back against Wall St, she would have endorsed Sanders in 2016.

But she hedged her bets. And yes, I used the term ‘hedged’ on purpose.


The PARTY coming to its senses?   I’ll believe THAT only when I see it — and I’m NOT holding my breath!

Gabbard is awesome. Most politicians can only speak through both sides of their mouths. But Gabbard’s mouth has at least 4 different sides!

> why it only offers Repub-lite policy.

It’s because we have been voting Blue no matter who for 40 years. Then THIS happens
It’s a large part of why we are where we are at today.

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Wow. The reason the establishment hates Tulsi so much is two fold:

  1. She ‘betrayed’ the DNC and quit it because of its corruption and rigging against Sanders in 2016, so she could endorse him. Every since then the Clinton NeoLiberal establishment hates her more than they hate Sanders.

  2. She is the boldest voice against the American Imperial Project and its regime change wars. She actually speaks about closing bases and cutting military spending and pulling troops out of these wars. She has been the boldest on speaking against the demonization of Venezuela and the coup. They see her as a major threat.

So they’ve spent years working to destroy her with distortions, half reports, mocking, and out and out lies.

Then the NeoLiberal Lites (as Niko House calls them) at TYT who went all out and out bashing Bernie or Busters and promoting Hitlerary, to immediately go crazy with RussiaGate bought into all this Clintonista garbage and joined in spreading it to.

The result? Folk who should be supporting her have decided she’s a conservative, alt-right, war monger, anti-LGBT, torture loving nutcase.

Please don’t believe these lies.


Beyond her rejection of military adventurism, I appreciate Tulsi’s defense of whistleblowers like Assange, Manning, and Snowden. And she can rock some Capoeira:

What about her voting consistently against torture? Her 100% rating by the Human Rights Campaign on LGBTQ issues? Her Off Fossil Fuels Act that has specifics to enact what others call a Green New Deal? Her elections security bill that would require paper ballots across the nation? Her sponsoring bills to counter sexual abuse in the military? Her support of Reparations? Her speaking against Nitwit-a-Yahoo’s annexations? Her resistance of the #Resistance’s phony Russiagate? Her co-sponsoring the bill to increase the Federal minimum wage?


The Democrats’ “moderation” has not won them elections, just donors. I am sick of Obama, Hillary, and other establishment Democrats patronizing and scolding the progressives of the party. They need to remember that AOC and her fellow progressives are in the House because the voters want her there.

I encourage you to keep trying to sell her.

She’ll be on the debate stage, let’s see her make her case.

As for me, I don’t vote for Democrats.


If elected, Bernie will become one of the great presidents in our history. He is the leader that many of have been waiting for for a long time now. Some of us languishing since RFK was gunned down.

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And if you voted red?