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The Democratic Party Left After the Ellison DNC Campaign: Unite or Fight?


The Democratic Party Left After the Ellison DNC Campaign: Unite or Fight?

Tom Gallagher

One thing to keep in mind about the recent Thomas Perez–Keith Ellison race for Democratic National Committee chair is that it was pretty much an only-in-America sort of thing. Were we in any kind of parliamentary system – like most countries have – the two sides would probably be in different parties – the Bernie Sanders core of the Ellison campaign most likely in some type of socialist or labor-oriented party, with the Clinton people around Perez probably mostly in a more business-oriented liberal party. Instead, however, the American presidential system that we actually have pretty much


Ellison would have been the better choice, but I still find it odd that a longtime labor and civil rights lawyer and administrator with a long career fighting at the county, state and federal level for worker rights and against racism somehow get turned into a "shill" for corporations among the commenters here.


Gallagher writes: "... with its super delegates backing her over Sanders by a 311 ½ – 34 ½ margin. While this did not provide the margin of victory, as Clinton ultimately won a majority of the elected delegates,..."

Except that the superdelegates DID provide the "margin of victory," because although Clinton had (given the voting irregularities in several states, it's inaccurate to say "won") the majority of the elected delegates, she did not have the required number of committed delegates (2,383) to win the nomination. Clinton had 2,200 committed delegates, and Sanders had 1,831.

It was the superdelegates whose votes gave Clinton the nomination that had been rigged for her. Without the superdelegates (party hacks, donors, and lobbyists, each of whose "superdelegate" vote was worth the votes of 10,000 of us little people), there would have been an open convention, instead of the repulsive spectacle we witnessed.

Here's one of the best videos about the convention that I've seen. The resilience and ingenuity of the Bernie delegates and supporters were the only bright spot in an otherwise disgusting event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHD_bj5fXO0


I see no merit in 'uniting' with the egregiously corporatist and corrupt Dems. Attempts to unite and fight are doomed to failure, as should be patently obvious after witnessing the disgusting spectacle of the dem convention. I, for one, am not looking for middle ground here. The status quo must be eradicated to provide room for a socially just system to take its place.


"...the Party is once again saying that it doesn't trust Progressives.."

The feeling is mutual.


The democratic party has made its choices. It is totally corrupt and has made it clear that progressives are not welcome. Being practical, we cannot simply start from scratch. In the short term, we need to get as many progressive populists elected as democrats and as independents at all levels, including locally. Then, once elected, we/they need to break away and form a progressive populist party.

Consider this an organizing tactic in preparation for abandoning a sinking ship which has us in steerage.


On Monday, the CD Trolls were falling all over themselves, on the Comey testimony thread, attacking these very real Dem Primary Inconsistencies as Conspiracy Theories.


“We’ve got some hard work to do here, …… and it involves asking questions about who supported what, when; and who wants to go where now? And it doesn’t stop at candidates and office holders, either. “

What a pile of crap. Anyone who doesn’t understand that we are well past the ‘asking questions’ phase about ‘what we want and where we want to go’ is in a coma. Also, there aren’t enough significant office holders or viable candidates to amount to a hill of beans. The primary goal of the Democratic party has been to neutralize the Left, and they have demonstrated, clearly and absolutely, no inclination to change. The Berners, along with the more progressive Left and the abandoned Democratic base, which swung the election to Trump, will continue their anti-Wall Street, anti-Neolib revolt. Exactly what the future will be, I cannot say, but the Democratic Party has shown no interest in being part of it.


Tom Perez is a Hillary surrogate; no question about it. Worse, Perez, while Secretary of Labor, was advising the Hillary Campaign to convince minority voters that Bernie Sanders was just a candidate for young WHITE voters. http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/10/11/labor-secretary-advised-clinton-cast-sanders-candidate-whites-turn-minorities

Perez, despite his supposed devotion to workers, supported the TPP.

And while running for DNC Chair, Perez actually told the TRUTH: "We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it. That’s why we need a chair who is transparent." And then, within 24 hours, Perez claimed he had "mispoken."

"Tom Perez Apologizes for Telling the Truth, Showing Why Democrats’ Flaws Urgently Need Attention," https://theintercept.com/2017/02/09/tom-perez-apologizes-for-telling-the-truth-showing-why-democrats-flaws-urgently-need-attention/ From the article:

"So in Tom Perez’s conduct, one sees the mentality and posture that has shaped the Democratic Party: a defense of jobs-killing free trade agreements that big corporate funders love; an inability to speak plainly, without desperately clinging to focus-group, talking-points scripts; a petrified fear of addressing controversial issues even (especially) when they involve severe human rights violations by allies; a religious-like commitment never to offend rich donors; and a limitless willingness to publicly abase oneself in pursuit of power by submitting to an apology ritual for having told the truth.

"That is the template that has driven the Democratic Party into a ditch so deep and disastrous that even Vox acknowledges it without euphemisms. That is the template that has alienated voters across the country at all levels of elected office and that enabled the Donald Trump presidency. And it is the template that Democratic Party establishment leaders are more determined than ever to protect and further entrench by ensuring that yet another detached, lifeless functionary who embodies it becomes the next face of the party."


Well, at my local progressive Democratic club meeting literally none of the stuff I read on here came up. I couldn't tell who was for Clinton or who was for Bernie in the primaries. The club opened its doors to indivisible to have meetings and apparently the group had a packed meeting a couple days before. The club also invited a local woman from the indivisble group to speak, which was great. The priority for everyone is on getting the hard right congressman who represents our district, and the nut balls who run the county, out of office. That's the only way we are going to put a check on Trump and the Republicans, after all, since we are in the minority.


Lucky you.The self-proclaimed, Facebook-using so called leaders of the nearest Indivisible group have stonewalled my suggestion that we organize a Town Hall meeting for our DINO Congressman since he won't hold one on his own. In fact, they have not even organized any meetings that I know of. Probably Clintonistas, the whole lot of them.

Keith Ellison's people have reached out to me via email, however. So that is something.


Well, perhaps Perez is called a corporate shill because he is a corporate shill. Let's see - he was pro-TPP even after Clinton finally changed her mind after reading more polls and turned against it. He accidentally said that the primary process was rigged and then immediately backpedaled - great example of spinelessness. (He valiantly ran away from a reporter asking about Palestinian rights). Oh and he offered advice to the Clinton campaign to smear Sanders with a vaguely racist 'only young white liberals like him' talking point.


I'm in a red area. I used to be one of those everyone's-sold-out people, but no more. That doesn't work, it leads to losing, and waiting for the perfect candidate doesn't either. I'm shooting for the most progressive we can get because that in itself, will be a big difference. Right now, I've got a Ryan Budget supporting tool representing me for Congress who wants to privatize everything and sell off public lands. To get someone in there who is at least environmentally conscious, supports Medicare, Social Security, and the ACA, let alone voting rights, would be a win over what we've got now.

This is not to mention we've got a neoconfederate AG and a neonazi White House adviser. This really isn't the time to pretend all is normal. I've read way too much history to play Socialists vs Communists in late 1920s Germany, a fight that looks stupid today.


I think we have to assume that we are facing a white nationalist president who is attempting to establish a dictatorship. Therefore it seems imperative to unite and resist. The main objective is to survive as a democracy at this point. And anyway, Clinton's agenda during the general election was not that much different than Sander's agenda so there doesn't seem that much to argue about. Sanders runs in Vermont where he doesn't need large campaign contributions. If he tried running for the Senate in New York State he might be singing a different tune, particularly since Wall Street people would be his business constituents rather than largely people tapping maple trees to make syrup and a bunch of ski resort owners.


Comment feature not working on many articles today and yesterday; what's up?


As Zelda Gilroy might have put it: Proxy, my dear Dobie.


You can't win with a party that includes the entire political spectrum and is stuck in nineties reruns because of its donor class. It is the "Seinfeld" Party, a party about nothing. As soon as primary candidates ditch the old labels and run on bread and butter, they can get rid of the puffy shirts.


What status quo are you talking about. The current status quo of Trump. Or the status quo ante of Obama? "Status quo" is as dead as "incrementalism".


The thing I don't get is Obama is gone and Clinton isn't in office. Folks here should be celebrating everyday, from everything I've read they got what they wanted--neoliberals are out. They should be basking in unrequited purity while the hard right rules, which is supposed to bring on the progressive revolution anyway.

The only real catch, and maybe some discomfort, is that the hard right will control the courts, law enforcement, and tax policy. In our system, that can mean control for a long time historically speaking. Oh well.


I just tried to talk to Nancy Pelosi's office and I was hung up on when I called her the Minority Leader in USA House of Rep. I called back and transferred me to her office which was a recording with no way to leave a message.

"Certainly Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi buttressed that conclusion when she told Face the Nation that, so far as possible post-election changes in the Democratic Party went, “I don’t think people want a new direction.”