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The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism


Bernie Sanders opposed the strikes on Syria.


Exactly. Without radical change, we may not be here much longer. Not only will we be gone, but, even more heartbreaking, we will have taken many other species with us.

Relatively speaking, if Earth were 24 hours old, the history of mankind to date would be 3 seconds.


Bernie did not “unconditionally support” Israel.


There’s lots of happiness in countries that have democratic socialism.


Hillary and the DNC in general are corporatists and warmongers. If Bernie Sanders and Perez went around the country talking about WikiLeaks and the corruption in the DNC primary election fraud, it may be of interest. Since this is so unlikely with Sanders going back into the fold, supporting the blame Russia nonsense and not that anti-war in policy or critiquing the corrupt corporate mainstream newsmedia, there is not that much going on except the same old lesser evil game. Elections in the United States have become a farce when there is no more democracy. Politicians who have changed the FCC rules to end pretty much any real journalism and allowing CIA/FBI propaganda to be shelled out to we the people clearly are not working for us.


I agree the issues are always important no matter who is in office. However, if we do not impeach Trump all of the laws he has broken become (like Bush’s) acceptable. At some point this country has to demand impeachment or kiss our so called democracy good-bye. Impeachment means reversal, with out it others will follow and do worse.


Sweeping generalization, no? And, it seems to me self-contradictory at the same time.

“stolen” is a straw-man. What is known is that the DNC and the establishment media heavily weighted the scales for Clinton and actively undermined Sanders. It is also fact that, early on, the media counted their estimate of the leanings of superdelegates to frequently suggest that Clinton was the prohibitive favorite and presumed nominee. It’s also a fact that the DNC did nothing to correct this. These things went on for many months.

Anyone who pretends for a moment that such influences and repeated propaganda do not have any effect on an electorate, moving some to support the expected winner and others to not bother - (i.e. a self fulfilling prophecy) is engaging in self deception and worse. And you wonder why so many feel the Democratic Party is doomed? The blatant dishonesty of its many spokespersons about even the facts of what happened is certainly doing nothing to restore trust.


I do vote Green. I agree it won’t be easy but if we don’t try to impeach we are accepting the atrocious actions of Trump.


Policies are always important but if we don’t attempt and push for impeachment we have accepted as normal Trumps insanity. I’m tired of saying it, resistance is a must, but impeachment is the answer. Oh, and yes they can take Pence out with Trump.
We have to quit acting like dish water liberals. We have the power to change it but it won’t happen till we say no more.
Impeach this bastard then deal with policies.


And VP Pence would be a big improvement? Brrrr.


No, John. The American People Must Finally Abandon The Democrats. All the blathering about changing the Dems, taking them over, moving them to the left, etc. etc. makes as much sense as trying to make Brooks Brothers stop making suits. The old saying was never more true than today (Citizens United, remember?): Money talks, bullshit walks.

BTW, if anybody’s interested, go to the National Endowment for Democracy website and take a look at the list of directors. The political parties aren’t just election machines, they are part of the apparatus of the power of the rulers, 1%, corporate elite, call them what you want.

This isn’t about ideas, convincing the institutional Dems about right and wrong. They couldn’t care less.


I do not see where you can get that I am implying using force or revolution to change the leadership of this country. I think we can make changes at the ballot box. It requires a vigilant, knowledgeable and energized citizenry that wants to take back the country for the people. How does this citizenry get awakened from the nightmare that has been going on? That is the question. Question to you - would there ever be a time where violence or revolution would be considered a necessity?


“The most popular responses [on Commondreams] are…even if somethinng is done it won’t do any good at all, in fact, IT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE.”

Good call, Vox! For instance, listen to this commondreams whiner. Says the Democratic Partry can’t move left because - just like you wrote - he complains that will only “make things worse”:

“[T]there are a lot of people who actually are centrists…and those folks will go with the ‘moderate’ Republican, which is to say the rabid right-wingnut, if the Dem in their district/state is too far away from the center.”

Of course, he can’t support his ignorant defeatist claim - because the evidence points to the opposite:


Assad has got to go. ISIS has got to be defeated," Sanders said

The gas attack in 3 years ago was false flag - the current one is even a more shabby case than WMD’s

Assad is not a nice man - but neither are US presidents - world leaders in general.

I stand corrected but which is it - (ISIS aka USA) or Assad.


Good essay, John.

There is an inconvenient truth to the political environment today - that it was the rise of Trump that has FINALLY gotten the Republican working-class base to start demanding that their party stop hurting their economic interest; the spectacular failure of their ObamaRomneyHeritageCare replacement flows directly from this. Now of course, Trump and his base are working to help out their economic situation by right-wing methods (i.e., anti-immigrant, tariffs, etc.) that would not be an effective as redistributive proscriptions, but we all have to realize that the Republican Party had done a great job of dividing-and-conquering the “hard-working” lower-income folks from the undeserving, lazy “able-bodied” poor (i.e., the latest epithet du jour), and the implementation of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare was the first major assault upon this meme, which is why McConnell had so presciently determined that it had to be stopped at all costs. I think the proper strategy going forward is simply sit back and let the Republican elite self-wedge itself such as we’ve seen them do on their spectacular failure on the ObamaRomneyHeritageCare replacement - while gently putting the foot on the accelerator for economic issues; obviously this means being more like Bernie while most assuredly NOT being like Hillary when the Trumpists are on the correct side of the issue.


I’m wary of populism because of its sordid history in the South, because history says that the results disproportionately favor whites, and because it invites authoritarianism. Does that make me “against the people”?


Whatever your spin - my assumption is that our government has been taken over to the economic benefit of an elite group. Given that, the economic conditions for all would be likely to improve given that we had a government not controlled by vested economic interests. When the economy gets worse and people see decline, I think they do try to identify with one group or another and therefore you have more racism or prejudice against outside groups. Its part of the divide and conquer strategy. Even in the south there are stories of cooperation between races for survival - remember the Free State of Jones.


Pence is wrapped up with Trump and the Russia money laundering scandal. If Trump is impeached his whole team would have to go because they have all tried to cover for him.


Not in Venezuela.


Sounds very corporate like, metrics and all.