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The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism


God, what will it take for these jokers to talk about our unending assault on the Mid East????


I'm actually involved in my local GP, which wasn't very active before the November election, and is now mostly former Berniecrats who have had enough and won't get fooled again.


The responses to this are enlightening as to what knid of "progressives" pollute CD's comment section. The most popular responses are 1) nothing can be done, the Democrats won't ever change, it's hopeless and 2) even if somethinng is done it won't do any good at all, in fact, IT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE.

I feel that I have to remind people that there is no mass socialist movement in America, no matter what they may think. It's not there. It's not there among whites. It's not there among blacks. I mean, have you seen how blacks have viciously attacked Sanders as an old white man who came out of nowhere to act like a savior? They hate Sanders. You think they'll go for a real Socialist? Me either.

That leaves the Dems, folks. They are all you have. Sure, go out and try to get people interested in Soclialism. Post online. Hand out pamphlets. Whatever. But until you have a VIABLE candidate, you're really just blowing smoke in my behind. Protest votes for a national candidate may be the least effective form of protest ever.

As for centrism, there are a lot of people who actually are centrists. I don't like it either, but that's the way it is, and those folks will go with the "moderate" Republican, which is to say the rabid right-wingnut, if the Dem in their district/state is too far away from the center, because somehow unless a Republican is out there saying that she's not a witch (hello, Christine O'Donnell, remember how much simpler things were back then?) or shouting that the abortionists should be fed to the lions, she's a moderate. Just look at how Kasich was portrayed as a moderate in the primary. Kasich! Does no one else remember how far right he was in the House? The man is no moderate at all. Form over substance, I guess.

Not that it matters to anyone here, really. They'll just continue to spout anti-Democrat rhetoric and have the twelve other posters here agree.


There must be bold, redistributive policies that go beyond the $15 minimum wage to a major boost in the Earned Income Tax Credit. Without such policies, the Democratic Party has little to offer us.


I really believed in November that a Trump presidency would be the end of the Democratic Party. So, too, for the Republican Party had Clinton won. But now believe that these two party's will accompany the cockroach as the last living 'things' on planet earth. It will come down to the cockroach and the Republican, of course, the Democrat 'trianglating' the other two, thus eliminating itself. That leaves the Republican and the cockroach. My money is on the Republican.


"speak out for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, pay equity for women, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, combating climate change, making public colleges and universities tuition-free, criminal justice reform, comprehensive immigration reform and tax reform which demands that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes."

What the hell happened to Bernie's SINGLE PAYER MEDICARE FOR ALL platform? No, don't tell me ...


Bill Clinton was a champion of moderate politics. He took the best ideas from both parties. I admired and liked him very much. He was a nice person to work for. Hillary Clinton is much more liberal than her husband. She seemed sincere but she lost. The Democratic Party has been on a losing streak for years. Do you really want to move the party further to the left?


I would add; Refuse to fund or support a progressive candidate in a close election. DINOs ignored the race in Kansas.


I received that 'survey' as well. I filled it in with the same answer in every section: NO MORE WAR!!! In the comments section I said the party must make a hard shift to the LEFT, or they will never regain relevance. I returned it and made them pay for their own damn stamp.

Do you think they will finally take me off their mailing list now?


Looks like a giant sheep dogging operation to me. I do wonder what Bernie's price was, though.


Yes. The DP needs to move further left or the Republicans will continue to move us toward a third world nation.


You are not being objective about many things. Sanders actually did very, very well and if it has not been for a coordinated and underhanded effort by the democratic establishment, he might have actually received the nomination. He wasn't a marginalized candidate in my opinion. As for "blacks" against Sanders, that seems to be lumping all blacks together and I'm sure if you look there were a lot of blacks behind Sanders. Given today's misrepresentations, it is very likely those blacks who were, as you say - "viciously attacking" Sanders - could have been agent provocateurs of the clintonites or of the republicans. The republicans will stop at nothing and they will pay anyone who will do their underhanded, devious work. Could have been the work of karl Rove or his ilk. He is known for that kind of thing and any other means to subvert democracy and the rule of the people.


Right as rain!


And Sanders demeans himself. Complaining Russia interfered - because it was revealed he - Sander's was cheated by the DNC.

Supporting Hillary was dependent on a fair process - he was under no obligation -

And he now supports the latest false flag event in Syria - WMD's all over again.


When you look at the issues that people support, you actually find a great deal of support for socialist programs. When asked if these same people support socialism, you're right, for the most part that question will poll negatively. Sanders is the most popular senator not because he is a democratic socialist but because he supports popular issues, that well, just happen to be socialistic.


In general, a progressive Green party sounds good, and I investigated this option intensively last Summer, but my idea of a Progressive Green party is not reflected in the American Green Party. Leadership through the membership, it is filled with a lot of anti-science and counter rational people and the policies they support. There would be no way to pass a valid party platform that wasn't so full of bizzaro pseudo-science nonsense that it would be almost impossible to defend yet alone campaign upon and try to implement.
A separate Progressive party sure, but the Green party we currently have would make reform and election even more difficult than the reform of, and election within, the DNC.


I don't understand why so many Dems are ignoring and shunning Climate Change issues, which is really one of my primary, if not the main, reasons for becoming involved in politics.


Black folks on Twitter hate all the Sanders suporters. The younger blacks, mostly college age, like him, but every other black voter I've encountered went for Clinton and hate Sanders and his supporters. Let's not pretend there isn't a racial divide in this country. As one guy said to me, Clinton has been fighting for civil rights since the beginning, but Sanders must have thought the fight ended in the Sixties. I asked him what civil rights legislation Sanders opposed, but of course, no response, which wasn't a surprise. Sanders is who he's supposed to hate, so he does. Here, check out this racist d-bag:


He's still crapping on Sanders, just did 24 minutes ago as I write this. From him, you can find a whole bunch of black folks who hate Sanders. Take the time to look, and you'll see it, too. They hate the "dude bros" as well, that would be white people who supported Sanders. If you think you're going to win them to the cause, you're mistaken. They are not socialists and don't want to be and will fight you every step of the way.

Also, the primary wasn't stolen. Sanders lost, largely because black voters went for Clinton, which is what I've been saying since the primary ended. Yeesh. It's really not that hard to figure out. Clinton won the South, and the DP is largely black in the South, and they didn't like Sanders. No "fixing" was needed. That's what democracy looks like.


And now the de facto face of the Democrats is Sanders.

Guess they're disregarding black folks.


"...in their joint statement announcing the tour, Sanders and Perez correctly assessed the challenging moment in which the party must define not just its agenda but its mission."

Republicans have rightly been criticized in the past for their neglect of all racial groups, subcultures in society, etc. that do not represent the historically most significant and homogeneous voting block in this country, ie. the white and well-off. However, it is important to place their selective appeal in the context of what it takes to create a winning majority (or at least an electoral majority). The way Republicans have done this, historically, is to isolate the issues that appeal to this winning majority, and...this is important...made them part of a mission derived from an overarching vision; remember "Morning in America".

The statement excerpted by Nichols in his illuminating piece highlights the historic failure of Democrats to come up with a coherent vision for the future, because it is only in the context of a vision for the future that a mission finds its coherence. Instead, what we have within the diversity of the Democratic coalition is a bunch of groups adding their particular demands to create a laundry list that ultimately defies implementation once well-meaning politicians are empowered.

The more coherent mission of Sanders is still lacking the power derived from a well-explicated vision for the future. For this reason, I fear status quo establishment Democrats may never be able to find a footing for their party.

There is a vision for the future should Democrats choose to take it on. Economic and technological trends are beginning to shine a light on a possible future no longer compromised by the failed neoliberal market capitalism model. We can foresee the end of labor as we know it due to the rise of robots and machines. A nascent collaborative commons is beginning to emerge as exemplified by the growth of social networks and the cooperative movements. Government could and should play a large role in the reclamation of the commons and in the building of new infrastructures that will provide the basis for a new economy. For example, utilities should be subsumed within a new green energy infrastructure as individuals are empowered to become the energy producers in a new energy internet.

A coherent mission would naturally flow from such a vision of the future and would offer its benefits to all, not just the sectarian groups within the Democratic coalition.