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The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism


I think it an age thing more than a race thing. The older black voters tend to be traditionalist democratic voters. If you look , I wouldn't be surprised if older white voters who voted democratic went with Clinton. I wouldn't write them off - it's just a matter of how to communicate the message. Of course, the traditional democratic party would not try to lead anyone down a path of major change of the status quo. Didn't you ever read that book about when good people do bad things. It's a crazy world. And a diverse world - we even have people like Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson.


You know I don't follow people's tweets. I got a mind of my own and I don't need to hear everyone's thoughts when they come to their mind. I think tweeting is really stupid and I can understand why Trump loves it so much. It is so much easier to tweet something ridiculous than to deliberate and form an opinion based on a thought process.


So how do you propose to do this democratically? You seem to be implying this should happen by force or by revolution. If so, how would that be any better than the approach you claim your opposition has taken by "virtually destroying government". Would you instead destroy it outright to achieve your ends?


The recent discussion and voting on platform issues at my local level Green Party in no way bears any resemblance to the crazy reputation that the party has had in the past. If what is happening that I see continues up to the state and national levels, you're going to see a very reasonable (for progressives) platform that just about anyone on here who is not a troll for the other side can get behind. Jill Stein is not part of what is going to happen in the next four years. I am out to build a party that can take on and replace the Democrats as the true People's Party. Please come join us. No billionaires or sell-outs allowed.


John, first as you must know, the Democratic leadership must do more than "say the right things". And without being willing to divorce from the Wall St. and other holders of concentrated capital, they will not be able to do many things right.

Furthermore, not a word given to the cause of international justice and peace - which requires an acknowledgment of and repudiation of American imperialism and militaristic enforcement thereof. Nor of replacing the euphemistically and dishonestly labeled "free trade" with fair trade.

Some will no doubt say that we can't expect nor push for radical changes. Yet, at this 11th hour (and 58th minute?) in the brief dream that was democracy, and of planetary habitability, radical change it must be...or the future of the Democratic Party will be a moot point.


Not the nearly half of the party who are progressives. We would be ecstatic if they stopped wars. It is why so many voted against Hillary in the primary.


Forget Trump, he won. Stick to the economic issues, higher minimum wage, minimum social security paid equal to minimum wage per household at the least or per person, Medicare for all. Keep it simple, trump beat the Clinton machine the bush machine and is now allied with all the Neo con ear monger during including most corp Dems, all Repub, the NYT and fox, trump has achieved total domination. Stop fighting him, make it about the issues not personality.


Note the agent provocateurs at all the anti trump rallies!


Before Bernie chose to support Hillary and the NeoLiberal Empire, I remember being disappointed in his unconditional support of Israel and certain military boondoggles in his state. I agree, screw the Donkey party. Unfortunately, any third party, if we somehow foisted them into the white house, must withstand the "shadow third party" that is thousands of career media, corporate, financial, and military-intelligence apparatchiks that rely on, perpetuate, and defend reflexively this Empire.


Don't you understand that perpetual war is a "centrist" position?

Allowing Wall Street malfeasance to go unpunished is also a a centrist position.


Couldn't agree more.

Corporate media is just swooning over Ossof in Georgia. Running in a wealthy district, he could win that race. From what I glean from the money the Dems put into the race and the reaction of the corporate media, he has the neoliberal seal of approval.

If he does prevail in an upcoming run-off, you may want to take a motion sickness pill from all the spinning.

I would urge all progressives to press him on issues and not give him an easy ride into office.


Tweeting is actually done by twits. It only follows.


There's not much happiness in Venezuela these days, in case you didn't notice.


I received a DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) "survey" recently, too, and it another issue it did not include is "Medicare for All."

The Dems do not want to know what we want, they want to know how much $$ they can scam from us.


Bernie Sanders opposed the strikes on Syria.


Exactly. Without radical change, we may not be here much longer. Not only will we be gone, but, even more heartbreaking, we will have taken many other species with us.

Relatively speaking, if Earth were 24 hours old, the history of mankind to date would be 3 seconds.


Bernie did not "unconditionally support" Israel.


There's lots of happiness in countries that have democratic socialism.


Hillary and the DNC in general are corporatists and warmongers. If Bernie Sanders and Perez went around the country talking about WikiLeaks and the corruption in the DNC primary election fraud, it may be of interest. Since this is so unlikely with Sanders going back into the fold, supporting the blame Russia nonsense and not that anti-war in policy or critiquing the corrupt corporate mainstream newsmedia, there is not that much going on except the same old lesser evil game. Elections in the United States have become a farce when there is no more democracy. Politicians who have changed the FCC rules to end pretty much any real journalism and allowing CIA/FBI propaganda to be shelled out to we the people clearly are not working for us.


I agree the issues are always important no matter who is in office. However, if we do not impeach Trump all of the laws he has broken become (like Bush's) acceptable. At some point this country has to demand impeachment or kiss our so called democracy good-bye. Impeachment means reversal, with out it others will follow and do worse.