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The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia


The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia

Norman Solomon

After Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss nearly six months ago, her most powerful Democratic allies feared losing control of the party. Efforts to lip-synch economic populism while remaining closely tied to Wall Street had led to a catastrophic defeat. In the aftermath, the party’s progressive base—personified by Bernie Sanders—was in position to start flipping over the corporate game board.


A perfect article explaining why, for anyone who ever thought Bernie's Campaign had a point, the Dems are Done.


"...there are some people in the Democratic Party who would rather go down on the Titanic as long as they have First Class Seats,"

...or rather, in their minds, Life Boats.


Weird, because I see no lack of Democratic Party establishment criticism here or, basically, anywhere. It is possible to criticize Russia and the party "establishment" of course. But not to folks like Solomon, who seems to have a weird pro-autocrat agenda to push when it comes to Putin.


It appears that you do not see how completely your comment illustrates Mr. Solomon's point.

weird pro-autocrat agenda


That is an abject misconstrual of any and every particular in the article.

It's a complete logical fail. More to the point, it leads nowhere.

Hardly helpful in building whatever your notion of "where we ought to be going" is.

Good luck adding any Millennials to your movement using such lame and irrelevant ad hominems.


Notice how Russiagate has faded as a news story, now that Trump has launched those missiles against Syria? Yup, according to the media, as well as many establishment Democrats, he now looks more "presidential" and has taken a more politically correct stance against Putin. Hey, even Shumer said, "he did the right thing." The Democrats and Sanders, along with the Republicans, can now get back to waging their War of Terror on other third world countries.


Contemporary politics truly is upside down. Long standing progressive support for detente with the former U. S. S. R. is now treason. McCarthy's list of communists in the government and under everybody's bed morphs into MSNBC's purge of the reasonable, the evidence based, from politics. Maddow lines up dots and the viewer is led to believe there is a cause and effect, the old "the cock crows, the sun rises" logical fallacy. ( Post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy--Logic 101. Rachel your line of reasoning will never play at The Oxford Union) Not only is this crowd ready to sacrifice electoral victory for the corporate status quo, they appear willing to sacrifice us all in a nuclear holocaust. Russia will never let what happened to it during WWII happen again, be careful, Rachel dear.


All US security agencies have concluded that Russia hacked DNC e-mails and the FBI and CIA I believe concluded that the Russians used the e-mails to help Trump. I believe the NSA was uncertain why they released the e-mails. So those are the facts as we know them. There is a lot of evidence but it is difficult for the layperson to interpret. But more importantly, Hillary Clinton placed most of the blame for her defeat on FBI Director James Comey. I happen to agree with her on this. At the time Comey told Congress about a new investigation of the e-mails involving a laptop owned by infamous Anthony Weiner Clinton had a comfortable lead and was surging in the polls, largely because of Trump's sex scandal involving comments he made on a bus and women coming forward with stories of sexual assault. But after Comey raised the issue of possible new e-mails that could contain classified information Clinton's momentum was completely stopped and Trump began catching up in the polls. It was only about two or three days before Election Day when it was revealed that there were no new e-mails. In my view Clinton would have won had it not been for Comey. Moreover, the election was about race not economics. It might not have made any difference whether a progressive or center left candidate ran for the Democrats. With Trump being the opponent race was going to be the number one issue.


Hello, DNC Damage Control.


I canceled my membership in the Democratic Party before the election because of the way the party elites dissed Bernie. Even in the face of Bernie's popularity and his grassroots revolution, the party was so intent on giving Hillary 'her turn' that they lost the election. Unless the party starts listening to voters, they will not succeed in the future. Tom Perez is a disappointment, and his election as party chair shows that the party is STILL not paying attention to the people who could make them successful.


Neocons win again! The plan continues.............

Didn't take long, did it?

PS - and we can thank all those Democratic Liberals who jumped on the bandwagon to make this happen. Wonder if they know they have contributed to the Neocon plan for more war, interventions, etc.

Do they care?


We've been through those facts before, and established how much they're worth.

The agencies collectively endorsed the conclusions of a private security company under contract with the DNC. The agencies did no independent investigation - in fact, they had no access to the underlying data to investigate.

In sports, you can blame your losses on all sorts of excuses. The other team cheated! The refs were terrible! The fans were throwing things at us! But if you don't focus on your own glaring failures and inadequacies - which in the cases of the DNC and the Clinton campaign is their utter lack of credibility with the American public - expect to keep losing.


Excellent comment.


From where I'm sitting it appears they intentionally choose Perez in order to give the Republican wing more gains in 2018. Can't see any other reason for the choice.


I'm certainly no fan of Putin's, but the Democratic party is trying to absolve itself of looking inward by pinning the election loss on Putin, Comey, anything but themselves. They apparently have not learned a damned thing from the election. They lose the working class voter, many of whom voted for Obama, so what do they do? They disparage the voters, instead of looking at the reason they lost them in the first place. If my neighbor called me names every time I walked outside, i'm not likely going to accept his invitation to his dinner party.


Blame Canada!


There's a reason the D-party would prefer deflecting and distracting with the "blame Putin" story than addressing their own failures.

Their failures rest upon having become a corporate-friendly party. Their donations depend upon being a corporate-friendly party.

Thus the author's observation that they'd rather lose than cut off the gravy train.

PS--While part of me pities Sanders, mostly I see him as the agent of his own diminishment in the eyes of his followers.


Mr. Solomon walks right up to the brink, but does not come to the logical conclusion that I, and millions of other pissed-off Sanders supporters have come to: That there is NOTHING left for us in the Democratic Party. That it is time for us to leave for, and take over, the Green Party, and make it into the truly progressive party of common people that the Democrats have become incapable of being.

A lot of us have already made the move, and I can tell you from my local experience that the Green Party going forward is made up of mostly ex-Berniecrats, and will reflect that change in 2018 and beyond. No more Stein, no more woo-woo, just truly progressive issues benefiting the 99% and the planet. Please join us, and leave the establishment Democrats to be alone in their own little party with their rich owners. #Demexit 2017!


Re Sanders: Yes, it's been disappointing that Bernie hasn't followed the post-convention path that his supporters wanted (and there have been several different paths bruited about over these months) and so he's carrying our disappointment and anger along with the rest of his burdens. But the decisions he's made have allowed him to remain in the public eye promoting the necessary issues that have to be addressed [well most of the necessary issues. The election fraud of the primaries would also need to be addressed but he's not willing to go there]. Perhaps he has conceded numerous battles in order to remain in place to win the war.


'and that b*tch Vlad Putin, too!' :wink: