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The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia


How anti-Bernie can Democrats be? He was out in front of the crowd supporting Hillary Clinton for president. What may concern many Democrats is Bernie has a recent track record of supporting candidates that lose elections. I am not aware of even one candidate he recently supported in any election won although it is likely some have. In NYS he supported Zephyr Teachout for Congress and she lost to Republican John Faso. In Florida he supported a candidate running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz who lost. Until Bernie shows that his type of candidates can often win there is going to be push back.


This article made sense to you? NO ONE has said Russian involvement changed the election. But, they all said Russia tried to influence it. And there is more and more proof and you are not outraged? Their think tank is shown to be involved. Even Ukraine has fake news awareness sites against Russian propaganda (the same type of news the Trumpers were sharing, oh, and supposedly, they tried to get the Bernie people all worked up, too - funny, ain't that?) If you follow Putin who very possibly bombed his own people to get them to war with Chechnya and think he isn't capable of getting involved in our politics (isn't Exxon coincidentally looking to get an exemption from the sanctions). Yeah - dang, the left ain't going to get those Millennials who obviously have never had to deal with the logic and future strength of a compromise where, if they had accepted it, Bernie would have been wielding a huge amount of influence (as he did with the platform) and we wouldn't have had to be dealing with the many nightmarish plans Trump has proposed. I guess that's why the resistance is being led by middle-aged women - the Millennials are saying it's either my way or I take my ball and go home.


Putin big with millennials you think? Maybe Solomon thinks so. He's a Johnny one note when it comes to Russia.


Try electing a state legislator someplace, maybe a mayor of medium sized city. There are many places where the Green Party would be the second party, not the third party..


I am in agreement with the author.


Hysterics. The nuclear confrontation is not with Russia (putin). It is with NK.



Race? Are you joking.

The entire country is under republican rule. The democrats lost in every single way possible. The democrats lost because they deserved to lose -- own it. The only good thing about blaming Russia, or Comey or the weather, or the polls is that without it the democrats would be blaming Sanders.

Hillary Clinton lost because she deserved to lose. She made the election all about herself. She could not see past the tip of her own nose. One has to be really, really bad to have lost to a numbskull like Trump -- but H Clinton did not disappoint, she did it with flying colors. If H Clinton had not been so self-absorbed she may have seen that the country just was not that into her and realized that the democrats fortunes were with Sanders. But no, Clinton squandered the only best chance for real change in this country, this will not come around again for a very, very long time.


Love that line. As to life boats, not likely they don't think that far enough ahead. They're going to sit with their butts glued to their privileged class seats -- at the bottom of a near-frozen N Atlantic Ocean.


"DSA" that's good to hear. Nothing wrong with the Green Party however the DSA has the advantage of appearing more economically aware of the suffering and inequality in this country than the Green party would be given credit for. The Green Party has a role to play but the DSA would be a grand starting point for Sanders and his supporters.


I happen to be a member of the Progressive Democratic Party and I don't see many elites. I see hard working people trying to scramble to unite. We're all active with Indivisible, OFA and The Resistance. This division is exactly what is wrong with the people of our country right now. Everyone is fighting one another! We don't have time for a pissing match and playing the blame game when it comes to both Bernie and Hillary. We all lost! We have a narcissist nut bag in the Oval Office right now who doesn't belong there. He's creating a dangerous environment so we take our eye off the ball, Russia. He's been stirring up wars and insulting leaders of other countries. He's a loose cannon who is starting problems with other narcissists that will lead to war and that's absolute insanity. He's being tested because he's a weak joke and an easy target who holds the nuclear codes. This guy will do anything for media attention even if he risks the lives of our people. He and his administration haven't a clue about running our country. It's just HEY, let's blow them up! Sounds like fun today! Or, let's sign an EO and undo everything Obama did because he can't stand how successful Obama was.How does that settle with you? I don't happen to like it. This isn't the time for infighting or insulting both Bernie or Hillary backers. The election is over. I'm a Bernie backer and always have been. He was my chosen candidate and it didn't work out the way it should of. I've been extremely political all of my life and I know I had to vote and my vote wasn't going to a lying mental case like Trump. The hate, bitterness, hard feelings, and stubbornness between everyone needs to stop now! Life just isn't fair all the time. Deal with it. This isn't supposed to be a war on or between Bernie or Hillary and who backed who, it's supposed to be a war on Trump, his whacky family and the billionaires he placed in positions where they have no business being in because they're not qualified. And yes, Russia is involved. It not only affected Hillary, but Bernie as well. Why can't you all just take a breather, step back and help make a plan to unite instead of fight. It's absurd that people remain divided. We're all in this together and if we don't get it together, then we'll all be screwed. I don't want to see the day when North Korea drops one on us because mental patient Trump can't stand it for one day without having his lying face in the "fake" media. He craves that. That's what narcissist con artists do and he knows he's playing you all as well. Peace and Love!


Thanks for bringing up the DSA.

In my view, Cornel West, being Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, alone, lends it more Moral Credibility than any other American Political Party extant.


It's coming, it's all coming in due course. We've got a long way to climb up.


What EXACTLY are you saying Russia did? They did not hack our voting machines...the only thing that big bad Russia is accused of doing is releasing true information to the public through Wikileaks. Now, Wikileaks has said they got their info from a DC insider - i.e. NOT Russia.

Now you say "their think tank is shown to be involved"?!? A think tank writes a paper and they are now "involved"? Do you have any idea how many think tank papers are written each year?

Clinton lost because Clinton was a terrible candidate running without any kind of message whose sole appeal was "more of the same" in a country screaming for a change of direction. Despite all that, she almost won because she was facing a cartoon character opponent, but it does not diminish the fact that she was a HORRIBLE candidate and she and her ilk need to leave the stage immediately.

To use LRX's words about Bernie back against him....Before Clinton-DLC-Triangulation became the norm, Democrats RULED congress for 50 years. Since your crowd has taken over, we have lost everything consistently (other then the presidency 2 times). I think a 30 year track record of failure is enough to ask people to stop doing the same insanity.


"I happen to be a member of the Progressive Democratic Party and I don't see many elites."

Whatever progressive values you have, ask yourself whether the Democratic Party shares those values.

If the Party did share those values, would Wasserman-Schultz and Brazile and the DNC have been caught trying to help Clinton beat Sanders?

Would Democratic leaders be consistently opposed to supporting policies like single payer and an end to fracking - policies that are immensely popular among rank and file Democrats?

If the party shared your opposition to the wars you mentioned, would Obama have started bombing Libya and Syria? Or helped the Saudis bomb Yemen? Or continued Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Or intensified drone killing of mostly innocent people? What kind of progressive party bombs the poorest people on the planet for years on end?

Maybe we should tell the Yemenis what you're telling me - to explain why we've been underwriting the destruction of their country. "Life isn't fair, deal with it."

From where I stand it looks like the Democrats are thrilled to have your progressive money and votes - just not your progressive policies. I work happily with Indivisible and all those "outside" groups, but there is no unity to be had within the Democratic Party. Because the next Trump will be worse than this one.


"While Bernie is hardly a reliable opponent of U.S. war policies..."
No doubt. That's why Sanders needs to be confronted and challenged on his parroting of the Democratic party pro-war stance in his remarks on Syria, wherever he appears on his tour with Perez.


Your comments on Clinton are fair enough. But please, entire country is ruled by Republicans? Major parts of the country are not governed by Republicans, including the entire west coast and most of the northeast. Too many "progressives" have no understanding of state and local governments, leaving republican, or democratic dominance for that matter, unchallenged while only rousing themselves every four years.


While the xDLC seeks to hold on and tries again and again to re-arrange the deck chairs, progressives like me and millions of others across the U.S. have taken Sen. Sanders message to heart: We have to remake the party from the bottom up. I have difficulty believing the xDLC will find a place in a truly progressive party, one where the good of all of the citizens are superior to the maintenance of the wealthy.


How did the Russians know who would be best for them [ or worst for the United States]? Even the most astute Americans could not agree which of the 2 prominent candidates were the worst. And we all know that it was a vote against not a vote for the candidates on offer from Democrats or Republicans.
As far as the hacking goes, has everyone already forgotten about Edward Snowdon, who told all the world that all the world is always being hacked by the United States government.
Americans have less to fear from the Russians than they have to fear from the results of the actions of the people in Washington.


If anybody hacked or otherwise interfered with the United States election, it was probably the people who make those things that lock your car from a distance. One crook in each polling station could have elected King Kong to be President. Dija ever think of that. Maybe that is what happened. Follow the paper trail.