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The Democratic Party’s War History and the AUMF of 2018


The Democratic Party’s War History and the AUMF of 2018

Renee Parsons

If there is any surprise that Senate Democrats, most of whom are virtually indistinguishable from pro-war Republicans, are about to coalesce in support of the newest version of the Authority for the Use of Military Force of 2018 (AUMF), then you have seriously not been paying attention.


When it comes to permanent war and neoliberal economics, the two parties are in lock-step.


Here are the 2020 choices; 1) go with the silent majority and vote None of the Above in 2020, 2) elect one of the 20% parties, 3) vote for Jill Stein.

Support anybody new in 2018 unless you are lucky and have a real person in congress.


And give the right more unrequited power as a result. My Trumpist friends love the plan!


Did you read the article? The parties are the same.


Exactly. Political parties are where corrupt hierarchies grow.

What’s next after political parties? Nobody knows for sure.

All we know is political parties and representative democracy have brought us to the brink of extinction and accelerating evolution will hopefully stumble on something new pdq.


Really a brilliant and insightful article and piece of self-criticism seldom seen from insider Dems. Kudos to Ms. Parsons who will hopefully totally abandon the Dem wing of the Duopoly and throw her chops into independent/socialist organizing and/or electoral work. Until then, a simple “Thank You for Your Work” suffices.


I did and I think your assertion is obviously dumb, whether or not you agree Congress should authorize a new AUMF.


The history of the Senate since the early 1980s ( and mostly before then ) has been a version of: a unified foreign policy or " policy differences end on our country’s shores " ( how many times did Bob Dole say that? ). This was in supposed response to the Soviet Union’s attempts at penetrating our so-called " spheres of influence " and violating our numerous security agreements around the globe. Commies were, and still are, everywhere, pretty much. Times may change but that old tune does. Because spin and lies work really well when the MSM plays along with the fake news politics of manufacturing consent and absolutely phony shit. And, serves distractions up by the ton, to boot ( Who will be Dancing With The Stars first, Ivanka or Stormy? )
It worked even better than the KKK’s propaganda against blacks, such as, " they’re going to violate your daughters and wives, destroy your neighborhood and schools and illegal drugs will be everywhere ". Now that has been expanded to all non-whites who can’t pay for a defense atty, it appears.
The Democratic Party elders and wisemen long ago acquiesced to LBJ & Clinton’s " you got to go along to get along " philosophy of winning national elections.The wealthy donors nodded their approval, as well. As a result, we have The Uniparty and Washington Consensus browbeating us at every turn with a barrage of sloganeering, bullshit and false patriotic mumbo jumbo regarding our numerous overseas fiascos.
But really, why change a successfully honed and tested marketing campaign not unlike that of The American Mushroom Growers Assn., " ours are better because we have the darkest places and the best bullshit, money can buy, in the world ". Nobody has a good answer for that ?, yet.


I like that. A take on an old joke, “I’m just a mushroom, left in the dark, fed only horseshit”.

The writers 20th century history is slightly off, though correct on who declared war, what is forgotten is the military actions that were not. Grenada, Panama, and Columbia come to mind (I’m sure there were more), all under Repug. administrations. In the war arena, it seems the two parties have been one for a long time.


We act as if the AUMF is a new idea, since 9/11. I don’t know what congressional act it fell under, but as a young marine in the early 1980’s, we were told the president could send us anywhere for action for 90 days without congressional approval. Anyone know if that rule/act/law stills stands ?


From Consortium News:



KC2669, the right got complete power when the DNC joined them. It’s all the right now. It’s all corporate criminals including war criminals. Why vote for them? Are you one of those people that didn’t mind it in Hillary? Whatever would you find wrong with the right if you thought Hillary was okay?


If there is any good to be made of any of this, it is that it is waking more and more Americans (if still a fairly small percentage), of the clear manipulations of reality that are being perpetrated on them on a daily basis. The major media is poison and should not even be considered when attempting to piece together the actual reality of any given situation. All you will get is lies, obfuscations, misdirection, gas lighting and misinformation that will have virtually anybody soon chasing their tail. You must turn off that poison and breathe the free air of unvarnished reality…carefully parsing the those few willing to speak the truth to power to even begin to understand what the hell is actually happening. After a while and with some practice you begin to spot the deceptions automatically and almost even without thinking. You also begin to be able to spot the truth more easily…things like actual facts help. The more specific a person is willing to be, the more likely they are telling the truth. When things are spoken of in generalities or you are encouraged to take it on faith, you know immediately that you are being lied to. It really isn’t rocket science, yet everyday it appears that in at least the realm of propaganda I seem to be pretty smart, seeing how few people actually seem to be able to do so. Throw out your TV…I’ll give you a few names where you will actually get the truth. Chris Hedges…he is the prophet of our times. Jimmy Dore on YouTube…a self described jagoff of a comedian that will give you double barrels of truth while making you laugh. The Sane Progressive on YouTube…that girl is smart and take things right to the core if you dare to follow. Or Dr. Richard Wolff also to be found on YouTube, Patreon etc…he gets right to the heart of the economics of it all. Those are just a few but will get anybody starving for the truth a good place to start.


That’s the War Powers Act of 1973.


It’s only going to get worse. I’m finally reading Richistan and it looks at the amount of new millionaire and billionaires and interviews many. We’re on the brink of trillionaires today. All in the book feel they aren’t rich enough and won’t be until they make at least 50% more - no matter how much they already have. They spend like crazy to keep up with the life styles of the richer above them so they never have enough and the richer above them spend like crazy. They look for expensive ways to spend their money. They stick to places only for the rich because they feel they and their kids are safer there. That book is 11 years old. It can only have gotten worse. They have more money than most countries and will be buying countries eventually. The thing is that their numbers have grown exponentially since 1995 because of laws that favor the rich. That monster class is too big of a glutton to leave the world alone and not take every resource and every dime they can for themselves. War is blood money and nothing else. It’s a trillion dollar business just for the US which spends that much a year. No chance the wealthy are going to let that stop.


Because institutions like the judiciary matter, hugely. Because controlling the legislative schedule and what gets brought to the floor of Congress matters, hugely. Because executive branch appointments, and how appointees effectuate regulations and issue guidance matters, hugely.

These lazy they-are-all-the-same arguments are just that: lazy.


They’re not lazy at all. Our criminals need to be called out or we get no change. Our congress is bought. Acting like it isn’t does NOT HELP. We need to scream loud and call out names. We need more WikiLeaks so we can get the names. Not recognizing the problem is DISHONEST.


Huh? You think calling someone out makes a difference when the House, Senate, and judiciary are controlled by Republicans? The EPA is controlled by a first-rate hack that’s made front pages for his straight assholeness. Twitter is full of caller-outers. He’s still in office, proposing to cut air quality regulations. You want to check him: get a majority in Congress that can pass a resolution reversing it under the CRA. How do you do that? By voting, and doing so in a way that doesn’t leave supportive Republicans in office.

Magical thinking progressivism—I love it! Send a message in 2018 by calling people out, which means almost nothing. Or we can march! That’s real scary.


You have to love the idea that Obama brought war to 4 countries that were at peace before he arrived. Imagine how terrible it would have been if "the right’ had beat him to that.