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The Democratic Party's Hand Is Weak. Only Progressives Can Strengthen it.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/14/democratic-partys-hand-weak-only-progressives-can-strengthen-it

I fail to understand how progressives continue to think that the DNC Democrats are any different than the RNC Republicans. Would you bother telling the Republicans that they need to move to the left? Of course not, because you know they won’t no matter what. Well, I’m 65 and I have never seen the Democrats work for any progressive cause. They bail out corrupt banks, prop up corrupt health insurance companies, coddle outrageous pharmaceutical companies, and push for regime change wars all over the planet, just like the Republicans. Expecting them to “do the right thing” and move to the left is just not going to happen. What needs to happen is for voters to vote out the DNC Democrats like Pelosi and Schumer. As long as those corporate whores are in office, there will never be pushback against the corporate agenda that is killing us all.


Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Party has prioritized corporate cash flowing into its coffers above all else, including winning elections.

The only reason Bill Clinton won in 1992 was third party candidate Perot attracting more of Bush 41’ s voters than Clinton’s voters. The only reason Obama won in 2008 was the September 15 Lehman Brothers crash that was tantamount to lightning striking an already faltering economy, thereby accelerating unemployment at rate not seen since the 1930s.


Pretty much pie in the sky with Biden&Co (which includes Hillary and all the usual suspects).

Vice aired a new 2 hour special last night, “Bernie Blackout,” really worth the time to view. Spoiler: msnbc, cnn, the view, etc all come out looking bad:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you,” goes the documentary’s main critique as spoken by Common Dreams journalist Jeff Cohen. It’s an undeniable one. This past year, as Bernie became more of a threat to the established order of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media often shifted the goalposts for what makes a strong candidate, concocting self-defined and highly variable ideas such as electability, achievability, competence, which states are important, and what is politically kosher in the U.S.

Anyone expecting any hopey-changey w/Biden is going to be severely disappointed. Didn’t we all learn this lesson w/Obummer? And yes, do vote for Bernie if your state has a primary coming up, it will give Bernie a voice and his platform some leverage.
Biden’s best chance of beating Trump is by getting all democrats and the left (two different things) in Biden’s camp. Hopefully the left will read the writing on the wall, this time.


By voting for whom exactly? Their R doppelgangers? Greens? Your suggestion needs fleshing out, IMHO.


Vice’s Bernie Blackout is blacked out by Comcast, I see. Just checked again, to make sure. Probably just an unusual weather issue.
They’ll have it fixed in no time. { snark }

Democrats have more genuine heavily greased high walls to climb.
Start with voter registration. nothing from them at all.
Attracting our young peoples to participate, become active in civic affairs at every level.
Still swimming in the dark green dollar waters of DC. Depending on wall street, banks and K street lobbyists to finance a win over el trumpo, McConnell and Jim Jordan. Hah !!
Persuading independents to vote - and choose democrats.

May 14, 2020 and waiting until Labor Day to campaign = losing to Trump, a republican senate and that nasty “Heritage Caucus” guy, Jim Jordan as speaker. The last republican wrestling speaker of the house has a scandal from his time as coach. Jim also has a scandal and is therefore qualified by republican ethics standards to be third in line for president.

Look out, it’s gonna get worser.

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Consistent with cult dynamics, Republicans wear their “scandals” as a badge of honor to the extent that Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra “If I shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight I won’t lose one vote” has now become the understatement of the century, seeing how Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate are responsible for tens of thousands of needless COVID-19 deaths (with many more to come) yet Trump’s approval rating continues to be solidly in the mid 40s.


This wall I’ve been trying to jump over and that I’ve been bashing my head against just needs me to keep trying to jump it.

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No progressive action will strengthen the hand of the people now running the Party because they are not progressive. Biden is not a compromise, but capitulation.

It’s great that those who can still do so vote Sanders in primaries; it will show the party some of what it is missing. Otherwise or afterwards, there is a Movement for a People’s Party, if you don’t like the existing Greens or Socialists. It’s called just that, and boasts an endorsement from Chris Hedges, among others. What might it do?


The weakness is the feature, not the bug. Apparently the progressive caucus is also accidentally on purpose weak.


We currently have an election between the Democratic Party representing the last gasp of the neoliberal consensus that can’t think beyond the horizon of corporate control and Trump’s blatant forms of corporate based exploitation.


People like Bernie Sanders and AOC. That’s who.


If any hand is weak it is the progressives.

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Let’s see if Biden will accept enough ideas from progressive Democrats to allow strengthening the party. I suspect that he won’t. So far, he looks better than Trump, and therefore likely to get votes from many progressives, even if they aren’t enthusiastic enough about him to send him any donations.

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The only moral thing for progressives to do this november is either vote third party or stay home.

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And therefore get the worst possible outcome, re-election of tRump?

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“worst possible outcome”
No the worst possible outcome is if Biden gets in and puts the left back to sleep.


Democrats disgust me. Republicans terrify me. Not voting or, in this horrific moment on the edge of fascist dictatorship, voting for a third party seems suicidally naive. Trump continues to stack the courts, ramp up climate destruction and undermine public health and safety while encouraging his over armed goon squads. Forty years ago as an anti-contra activist I predicted that like everything we do elsewhere, death squads would be used here in the US. You can help make that happen or not this November – should a stilted broken corrupt selection even take place. If you, like me, get Social Security, that too is on the table in this vote. We must do what we must and then we must ramp up rebellion. It is a good time to reflect on Lenin’s "Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder.

Here’s the problem:

For the d-party to hold majorities in the House and Senate, they need to win the infamous “swing” districts and states. These are not progressive regions of the country.

For example, the much-heralded blue wave of 2018 that gave Nancy Pelosi the Speakership was the result of 40 centrist Democrats flipping House seats in moderate districts. So those Blue Dogs hold more sway over Nancy’s caucus than the Progressive Caucus – the latter group comes from safe blue districts like mine. Outside of some coverage in the press, The Squad gets ignored, the Blue Dogs rule.

In the Senate, the Dems can’t make Chuck Schumer Majority Leader without lots of DINOs like Joe Manchin, Doug Jones, Kyrsten Sinema, and Amy McGrath who is running against Mitch in KY. These conservadems have much more power than Bernie.

Here’s where a progressive third party makes sense:

The power for progressives won’t come from defeating Joe Manchin in the Senate or Joe Crowley in the house. It’ll come from abandoning the d-party completely. It would only take 10-15 People’s Party reps to bargain with the Ds to pass more progressive legislation or pass nothing, thus countering the strength of the Blue Dogs. Because as I point out above, The Squad and other progressives are forced to align with the Blue Dogs because of party unity – unity that only exists in the form of coercion based on preserving Nancy’s precious Speakership that has accomplished, as you point out, nothing in decades except for Republican wet dreams like RomneyCare.