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The Democratic Platform and Medicare for All: A Nod Is as Good as a Wink (To a Blind Horse)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/18/democratic-platform-and-medicare-all-nod-good-wink-blind-horse


One of the reasons Biden will lose the election. Democrats can’t rise to this historical moment. America deserves four more years of Trump.
End stage capitalism.


What Good Is a Nod and a Wink?

Well, it helps the comfortable neoliberals feel good about how “tolerant” they are while not having to change a damn thing. Everyone of them needs to be replaced and the Republicans in the “Democratic” Party need to go back and clean up the GOP stables.


“Such a movement will come together not in alliance with a deeply compromised Democratic establishment but in opposition to it. Labor must be central to this movement and part of our challenge is to work to extract union officials from their instrumental relationships with the Democratic Party. Likewise the movements for racial justice must contend with a Black political and managerial class that has made its own peace with neoliberalism.”

This is the key paragraph in Dudzic’s essay. The sold-out neoliberal DNC is enabled by Union and Black “leadership” that works to divert any actual resistance to corporate looting. To actually fight for M4A means actually fighting the sold-out “leaders” who block and divert.


Not to place the cart too far in front of the horse, but Medicare for all would be relatively meaningless unless Medicare is first fixed.
Crappy 80/20, high deductible plans are what most people have already. Unless you can make Medicare the single best plan available in the USA, it will never be seen as acceptable.
People with health insurance go broke everyday because of medical bills. And worse, they avoid getting care, costing the system even more money, and costing even more their lives.

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Not to mention the very term pays sad deference to USAmerican socialphobia. In sane countries the thing we’re lacking is called “socialized medicine” or “national healthcare”. In USA we have to sift every term through a half dozen focus groups, and if anyone thinks it sounds too commie, we gotta find a more anodyne, meaningless phrase. The problem with the phrase “medicare for all” is it’s almost coherent.


Oh but our great savior Biden has said repeatedly he will veto M4A bill if by some “miracle” one were to reach his desk. He continues to lie and make up numbers from $35 to $70 trillion dollar cost.

“Look, here’s the point, the idea that this would have stopped the virus from occurring, the idea it would have been able to be implemented earlier, the idea it wold have fundamentally changed anything is just not accurate”

All of a sudden Biden is not a womanizer, not a racist, not a war monger, not a corrupt career politician. His last two runs for this office ended shamefully with outright lies about participating in the Civil Rights movement and plagiarizing speeches!

None of that matters… with Kamala by his side they are the progressive super duo.

We have been here before, LOTE. Groundhog day every 4 years.

The convention show last night was nauseating.


But at least we are almost certain to start another war! Or at the very least overthrow one of those democratically elected dictators we hate so much.


You can count me as a NEVER BIDEN voter.

The Democratic Party is the Antithesis of a Humanitarian Party in which Medicare For All would be the centerpiece of its Platform.

They can go to Hell with there Right Wing Bullshit.

Find someone else to vote for a Senile, Female Groping, Wall Street Puppet, Anti-Medicare For All, Warmonger.

Trump is Extremely Bad, but Warmonger Joe is not really the lessor of 2 evils and they are not going to scare me into voting for an Anti-Busing Bigot and a man who would rather Lock up my Black Brothers than try to change the Ghetto Conditions and who embraces Endless War.


The story is told: " the draft Democratic Platform fails to rise to this historic moment. The draft platform was overwhelmingly approved by the Platform Committee, which rejected an amendment to add Medicare for All." And much else, only “centrist” pap and Pablum

The co-option of progressive/left issues and candidates, as well as elected reps, tells the story of a complicit, cowardly, shallow Democratic Party, a private corporation dedicated to little or nothing of the moment, no progressive/left/99% issues, resisting all substantive change, voters demands and needs, and all attempts to alter the neoliberal, corporate, war-machine mindset and faux leadership of the DP…
All response to progressive issues sabotaged, undermined and given short shrift by the Obama, Clinton, Uncle-Tom Perez and Jim Clyburn factions of their 'steady-state theory, clinging to their dominant roll as Republicon-Lite stooges and deceivers in our Duopoly!

I firmly reject calls to “let it burn-down” from the “real-left” who also serve their own interests or trump, or other treasonous interests - even if genuine voices and not trolls; I reject doing nothing not least for critical environmental reasons and the Scrotus that will see two (or more) justices replaced - far better even a pick by a compromised politician than another death-sentence trump atrocity! Merrick Garland was a good pick and should have been confirmed, and might have been, if not for craven cowardice and failure to actually fight for anything by the DP establishment, as usual - people that do not belikeve in anything, do not fight for anything!

Burakov You think that a man is what he says, don’t you colonel?.
Fetisov He is, if he talks for a living…
Burakov: A man is what he fights for.
Fetisov. Well, I don’t fight for anything.
Burakov. I know.

From Citizen X


Hi dc_rez. I agree with the sentiment you raise.

As the election draws near, supporters of establishment Democrats are increasing attacking progressive critics.

There are only around 15 “swing” states. In the others, the election outcome is certain and, given the fact that most of these are “winner take all” states, the vote of the progressive minority will not make a difference in the outcome. Nonetheless, supporters of establishment Democrats continue to insist that progressives vote for Biden/Harris. In states that are not swing states, this will have no impact on the outcome of the election. It will have an impact on demoralizing progressives and beating them into subservience. On the other hand, progressives can put on record their rejection of the right leaning Democrat Party, while building their spirit and habit of defiance, by voting for the candidate of their preference, be it Green, Socialist, or None of the Above.


This is a good example why myself and others have been using the EIM4A acronym to refer to Jayapal’s and Sanders’ new bills defining M4A, the true single payer system that covers all medical treatments with no co-pays or payments at point of service, to avoid confusion over the old non-inclusive M4A system. Look at the new bills written on the subject, and you will see everything you bring up is addressed in the new plans.


“The convention show last night was nauseating.”

So you watched it, good for you. I couldn’t do it, figured if I wanted to here gop talking points, I’d just watch MSM.

And kudos, good points you’ve brought up.


Hi Kaylie,

I agree with your comments. This is what I’ve found regarding the Democrat’s Platform: _https://www.demconvention.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2020-07-21-DRAFT-Democratic-Party-Platform.pdf

The have a lot of flowery language about making America great, but the solutions are an embrace of the neoliberal capitalism framework that has shown to be a dismal failure.

I have hope in alternative social/economic/political structures that are being built at the grassroots. With respect to national politics, I don’t see any chance for change until there are more people are out in the streets, persistanctly suching down Business as Usual.


This piece is on the Jacobin website right now. I think it presents a very good description of where and what the Dems are now and that it gives one a clear picture of where it’s going. It’s not a pretty picture.

“The Democrats’ DNC Plans Show They Aren’t Even Pretending Anymore”


One of the reasons Biden will lose the election. Democrats can’t rise to this historical moment. America deserves four more years of Trump.
End stage capitalism.

I would like to disagree with that. But I really have no argument.

We are stuck here. We share only one planet.

Otherwise I would say, yeah go for it.

You cannot offer universal healthcare and still have a “public option”. Unless everyone is under the same umbrella system, the “public option” will be underfunded and designed to fail. The analogy also fits for the post office, public transit and other services meant to be accessible to all of its citizens.
The key now is to vote out corporate members of Congress this November. We’re already stuck with two people that have dug in their heels to sabotage any public initiative in Biden and Trump. We must look beyond these two corporate selected imbeciles and at least get a Congress that may be able to “just say no” to corporate influence in our government. Anyone but a Democrat or Republican this Fall! Progressives must be heard!


Very good point. The current Medicare system should be top notch as it is in more developed countries where publicly funded healthcare makes for-profit plans look regressive and unappealing. Talk of a “public option” is nothing more than setting up a M4A plan that is designed to fail. No mainstream Democrat or Republican will entertain such options because they rely so heavily on funding for their campaigns from the for-profit healthcare bandits. This is why our current system of Medicare is such a disappointment. Somehow Progressives have to figure out a way to seize Congress even though corporate America will do whatever they can to prevent it.


Above post should read: hear, not here.

hear here!

Sorry about that. I don’t really have anything to contribute on the “platform” (whatever the heck a platform is supposed to be) or the convention, or the DNC. I sure wish some alignment of asteroids, or whatever it takes, might enable USA to get rid of Orangeman, someday. In that light, conventional events are more depressing than not. I’d rather use an old toothbrush and Boraxo for scrubbing the grout, or something. Led Zeppelin is a good soundtrack for that sort of thing, in my experience.

The only interesting claim they have to present is they’re not that guy. Were they to simply leave it at that, there’d be a heckuva lot less bullshit for convention listeners to wade through.

Cool headline, anywho: A nod is good as a wink to a blind bumblebee.