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The Democratic Platform Feels the Bern


The Democratic Platform Feels the Bern

Sarah Anderson

On the subject of Wall Street reform, the draft platform released by the Democratic Party reads much more like a Bernie Sanders stadium speech than a Hillary Clinton policy memo. "Democrats will fight against the greed and recklessness of Wall Street," they pledge.

This tough talk is clearly intended to draw in voters who are still feeling the Bern. But it could also be a sign that Wall Street's aversion to Donald Trump has strengthened the Democrats' hand.


Good article Sarah. Is there any way Democrat's feet could be held to the fire to make them follow through on a progressive platform? How about revoking the conservative SCOTUS ruling that makes money equal to speech and gives personhood to corporations that live forever, as their first order of business?

Considering all the lives and public treasure at stake, I would not be against making campaign contributions equal to graft and bribes, punishable by long, mandatory prison sentences.


Uh huh...I'll believe it when I see it


The securities markets and Wall Street pray (and pay) for certainty, avoiding uncertainty unless it fits into their shell game. Trump uncertainty continues to be outside Wall Street's comfort level, so Wall Street will do whatever it takes to get Clinton inaugurated on 1/20/17, including playing along with the anti TPP/TTIP charade.

The Clintons have always been second to none in providing the certainty Wall Street relishes and Wall Street knows that Clinton will deliver for them irrespective of what role she needs to be cast in between now and November. Elections really are 90% theatrics and 10% outright lies.


On foreign policy, the Dem platform reads like a neocon dream: more aggression towards Russia and Iran, with no rejection of the neocon regime change agenda. I don't care how "progressive" the rest of the platform is, if it doesn't curb the aggressive neocon trend in US foreign policy, it's not worth the paper it's printed on. Progressives are blind if they think that NATO can continue to surround Russia without consequences. Russian "aggression" pales in comparison to the disastrous regime change the US is carrying out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. How a country who has over 700 military bases around the world can fling accusations at one that is protecting its own borders from external aggression is mindboggling. The biggest threat of a Clinton administration is more and worse wars. And neither progressives, the Democrats, nor Sanders are addressing it. Only the Third Parties are talking about stopping the neocons. Dump Bernie, dump the Dems, and dump the platform. Vote for anti-war candidates only.


It seems that some Bernie voters don't realize that they are the ones who will decide the election. That's power. It should get Bernie voters lots of concessions from both parties if insistent.


That is total bull shit and you know it.
Bernie voters aren't deciding anything. The programmer of the voting machines like those used in California will decide the winner, but this is not my point. The bullshit is whether any 'concession' made in a campaign, which will have to be backed by Hillary or Donald living up to a document they aren't beholden to, is worth the breath and time being wasted in arguing for them! Bernie was/is the only candidate who's word I know I could trust, and Jill Stein.

Vote Bernie or Jill, and TAKE A PICTURE of your ballot before you turn it in!


"Bernie was/is the only candidate who's word I know I could trust, and Jill Stein."

Would you trust Bernie to bring his revolution to the Democratic Party as he wants to do?


They have millions of reasons to listen, and reasons that will live and vote way beyond November 2016.


Sarah, that's a good job of ignoring the fact that the Democratic Party platform won't mean a damn thing if they nominate Hillary Clinton.


I don't trust the Dem sell outs, but believe getting concessions is possible.