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The Democratic Platform Heads in Right Direction on Criminal Justice, but Still Misses the Moment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/democratic-platform-heads-right-direction-criminal-justice-still-misses-moment

It seems to me that this article works only to hammer home the fact that the democratic platform completely misses the moment and offers next to nothing.


Aw, that’s cute. The author mentioned the d-party and transformational change in the same sentence.

Yoo hoo, you left out the word “prevent,” or “block,” or “obliterate.” Just trying to be helpful.


Needed edits - " The Democratic platform (and nominees) fails in (almost all) respects, (including criminal justice), to meet the (needs and) demands of the moment (and people), and misses the opportunity to provide a home (and representation) for the millions of Americans looking for transformational change - (as usual) " - to instead serve business as usual and manipulated politics Of, By, and For wealth and power.


If somebody whose beating the crap out of me, stops pummeling me for a moment, I wouldn’t praise them as taking a step in the right direction.

The Democrat’s Party platform includes a lot of flowery language, but fails to promote the structural change to social institutions and economic systems necessary to begin to promote criminal justice. Change has come from the tens of thousands of people who have been in the streets demanding an end to the police war on Black people and the defunding of police.

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Well there’s always the Republican ( oops sorry, the Party of Trump) platform, more to your liking? It really is column A or column B, there is no C.

Sure, all they gotta do is find their own unclaimed piece of land somewhere (they can call it Peoplestan) and they’re a shoo in for 2020. Otherwise…

Septic, you’re most helpful when you exercise your primary function, royal keeper of the house excrement. Now as to transformational, no doubt you prefer Trump’s form of it. You certainly don’t have any issue with him getting four more years, do you?

lil’ floggie, are you still maintaining – during your party’s convention no less – that you’re voting for the man and not the party? Even after telling Atlas above that there’s the “Party of Trump” platform as an alternative to the Party of Biden platform you’re devoted to?

Another question, lil’ floggie. Since you contend that “It really is column A or column B, there is no C,” what happens when I vote for C? I ask because C is on the ballot in my state.

Also a note of thanks: For the stupidity.

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You’ll have to excuse lil’ floggie. She gets confused when she has to think.

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Aw come on you can spell it, be couragous!

Septic, Just for your edification I’ll spell it out for you. The Party of Trump(trademark pending) is an accurate characterization since he has taken over the R party, none of the R’s dare challenge him or face voter wrath. On the other hand, Biden is an interchangable cog, he doesn’t “own” the party ala Trump, and “acceptable” Dem could have been nominated. This is all very common knowledge to anyone paying the least bit of attentions and I hope that clears that simple distinction up for you, but I doubt it.

As for your vote, I expect you to pick column “I” for idiot. Too da loo.

One thing I never get confused on is knowing that with every flush of your master’s commode you’re out there receiving all that juicy brown effluent. Swish.

Biden doesn’t own your party, lil’ floggie?

Yet after a fourth place, fifth place, and distant second place finish in the first three of your party’s primaries, not to mention lackluster fundraising and campaigning, your party establishment staged the Super Tuesday Massacre on his behalf, thrilling d-party sycophants like yourself, as expected.

So, whether he owns the party or it owns him, WTF difference does it make? He’s a party man. Just like you and Noseholder Chomsky.

And since you’re now acknowledging that this is indeed about a party system, we can also acknowledge that your prior statement about you voting for the man and not the party was another example of you talking out of your ass.


Poor, lil’ floggie.
Descending into junior high poo-poo talk.
Nice admission that you have zero cogent argumentation on your side.
What about my question about voting C, lil’ floggie?
Unlike your silly yes or no question on something semi-complex, you have your opportunity to expound.
Or is poo-poo all you got, lil’ floggie?


o, Biden doesn’t own the D’s any more than you own a brain. His being rammed in was an obvious move to keep out Sanders, he was convenient.

He’s a party man? Is that a revelation to you? Your are flailing again, badly(time for that Valium ).

I never said anything about there not being a party system, only that you don’t literally pull the lever on a party but an individual(however much a “party man” they may be.) Subtle distiction, I don’t expect you to get it.

You can scream this from the rooftops but to someone who thinks the lesser evil between A and B is getting worse ever year since FDR, and also thinks historically that third parties have helped move one of the other two parties on an issue, your message gets zero purchase. Very very few people think if they vote green and convince as many people as they can do vote the same that we’ll get a green president anytime soon. So basically they already realize what you are claiming is true but vote for C so that:

  1. A (dems) improve as a reaction to loosing votes to C (usually this means losing but savvy consultants will read the tea leaves either way).


  1. C (greens) grows and becomes a real force in the future (this might never happen but of course it has happened 1 or 2 times with other third parties in our history).

But keep lecturing if you want. I’m pretty sure you won’t convince a single reader here to change their vote.


Yes, a simple yes/no question that you are totally unable to answer. What I have you could only dream of, a working brain that is adaptable to the situation at hand.

“Or is poo-poo all you got, lil’ floggie?”

Whatever I have in that regard is yours, anytime. I have a feeling you get all you can handle already.

During primary season, you literally are required to pull a lever on a party, lil’ floggie. In many states, you can vote party line in the general election – across the ballot – with one click. Such a distinction that you seem to be unaware of.

Keep demonstrating your cluelessness, lil’ floggie.
You’re entertaining this comments section.
Comedy gold in the guise of willful ignorance.

Lil’ floggie is changing votes, man. S/he is changing them from D to C.