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The Democrats’ Coronavirus Divide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/16/democrats-coronavirus-divide

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Ruth Coniff asks----

“Would the two candidates begin to form a coherent, unified position for addressing the pandemic and ending the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump?”

and she answers:


Should Ruth Coniff be asking that question while making points about the debate (operative word, “debate”)?

Absolutely not (2 words for my answer----as opposed to “nope” which is a flippant word)

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So Joe Biden’s only qualification for his VP is that the VP be a woman.
I can see it now…
Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton ticket for President!
After all, Hillary shares Joe’s love of the Corporate Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan:
“I am not Donald Trump”
Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign slogan:
“I am not Donald Trump”
Joe Biden’s and Hillary Clinton’s 2020 campaign slogan:
“We are not Donald Trump”

How could they lose with Double the “not Trumps”?


Biden reminded me last night why even the Dump is better than the DNC neo-Liberals - he mentioned he would already have called out the military on corona virus. Yes, this is exactly what I would have expected HRC to do as well - declare martial law and, like the Patriot Act, never rescind it. At least Dump hasn’t done this yet. Biden was abysmal last night and I cannot understand why anyone would vote for him. Bernie was the only one who actually understood that this problem today was a long time in the making and had the right solutions for the future. Biden = death.


Support Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! Medicare for all is needed now more than ever. Make donations to Bernie as we try to save our country. We the people must talk the truth to all of our sisters and brothers throughout our country. "We don’t need no more trouble " Peace


Joe Biden picks Hilary Clinton as running mate.

Joe Biden can not complete his term or suspends his run due to health issues.

Hilary R Clinton becomes the nominee.

The Russians and the Bernie Bros collude to make sure HRC loses to Trump./s

The DNC claims it has to move further right to defeat the Republicans in 2024.

Repeat process.


ByeDone promised to name Condoleeza Rice as his running mate? (She’s black, she’s a woman, she’s two, two, two tokens in one!)

and she knows how to get things done!

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I certainly AGREE with you that Sanders is FAR BETTER than Biden. But, WHAT on Earth do you think is “better” about TRUMP? Name one specific thing! He’s so bungled response to the coronavirus–putting us BEHIND by at least 2 MONTHS! Getting OUT of the paris Climate Agreement and GUTTING EPA environmental protectoin regs, he’s put us BEHIND BY 4 YEARS on addressing Climate Change. Those are just 2 very big issues Trump has FAILED MASSIVELY on (and there are countless others as he and his Corporate Kleptocrats have grabbed as much as they can with both hands). The ONLY positive about Trump is he’s HASN’T added any new countries to the U.S. Bombmbing List–but, he hs NOT brought any of the 7 wars to an end or brought any troops home either.

Trump is not better than Biden, but Biden is not significantly better than Trump either. If you are looking to extend our national existence by another decade or so Biden might be a preferred option, not that this offers any great hope for addressing any of the real problems causing our decline and fall. Trump might offer a path to more quickly cause the fall of our national government but there is no compelling evidence that this would in any significant way improve the lives or futures of most Americans or humans on our planet.