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The Democrats Hawkish, Dead-End Foreign Policy Is Also Very Bad Politics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/03/democrats-hawkish-dead-end-foreign-policy-also-very-bad-politics


I want peace (in all the conflicts we have a role in, I want out, and in ones we don’t - if there are any - I want funding and creative people to give it their best shot to end them also). So I’ll take any path there but it sounds like the author is speaking more of changing the politician’s mind instead of changing the politician (primary all these assholes). Maybe not - maybe the good politics is on who is chosen to primary.

A similar argument could be made for Medicare for All - it would be good politics to be with what the people want. Means less corporate money though. In that case I can see someone actually changing their mind genuinely. I wouldn’t trust any pro war asshole (like Engel) if they did have a change of heart. The issue is just too fundamental to ones being. Either you actually think of someone’s life in another country like your own or you think of them like ants and I don’t think people swap places very often.

AIPAC in its push for us to war against Iraq and for aggression against Iran may serve Israeli interests, but is in opposition to US interests. AIPAC is an organization that serves the interests of a foreign power and that, on behalf of that foreign power, openly interferes not only in our elections, but also in our everyday politics. This is madness: The end result, just on Iraq and Iran has been and is really bad for the US (not to mention the Middle East generally).



If the Rookies were on the ball, they would form ARPAC so that they could interfere with US elections legally.


Rookies should be Rooskies.


This essay represents another colossal failure to understand what U.S. “governance” is actually about. The D Party’s hawkish foreign policy is not “dead-end” and is not “bad politics” for the ruling class. It is designed to perpetuate a global corporate empire. And it is working exactly as designed. The notion that it is “bad politics” can only be sustained if one assumes that the purpose of U.S. government is to serve the people. It is not. The purpose of U.S. government – the sole purpose – is the consolidate the economic and political power of the U.S. ruling class, in perpetuity. The U.S. ruling class cares nothing about humanity, nothing about Earth’s biosphere, nothing about democracy or the wishes of the vast majority. People are mere prey to the U.S. ruling class. Government is nothing more than an instrument of predation, with two kinds of theatrical flourishes – one kind to dupe the trumpistic rubes and the other to dupe the ones who fancy themselves educated and liberal.


their support of the illegal wars should disqualify them from being considered intelligent thoughtful people --it shows their continual disregard for human life–in this -in the economy-in criminal justice-in addressing the collapse of our ecosystems-and for the last 50 years couldn’t even take care of the basics like keeping our infrastructures safe and reliable–they have repeatedly shown themselves to be complete fools and pawns of the donors and their money–as a party I give the Democrats an F- on working for the benefit of ALL Americans–want to know the real difference in parties? the Republicans are the naked Iron Fist–the Democrats are the Iron Fist with a rainbow hued velvet globe on


Biden evidently feels that Trump’s sanctions aren’t killing enough Venezuelans.
He wants a tougher stand – campaigning from the right, as usual.


Odd headline: “The Democrat’s Hawkish, Dead-End Foreign Policy …”

Placement of the apostrophe makes clear that it’s about one Democrat,
who is, curiously, unidentified. The article hones in on Eliot Engel,
rightly being dumped in the trashcan of history, but I think a lot
more Democrats deserve to go with him.


This bears repeating…

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”.

H. Zinn


Maybe I will write in “Nobody”

Nobody’s perfect.

Nobody keeps all campaign promises.

Nobody in Washington is working for me.


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The author might want to remember that in 2018, it was hawkish ex-military and ex-intelligence candidates winning swing districts who put the Speaker’s gavel back in Nancy Pelosi’s hand.

So any talk about hawkishness being bad politics is kinda dependent on the district.
Overall, the d-party is every bit as devoted to the MIC as the r-party.


“The truth is that this is hardly the first, and likely won’t be the last time that voters send a Democratic member of Congress home for being hawkish. [For instance] members of Congress who voted for the Iraq war were, over time, more likely to have been given the boot by their voters than those who opposed it.”

So there is hope that Biden will be sent home in November?

Where is a third party movement? If not now, with a two party choice between Trump / McConnell and Biden / Schumer / Schiff / Pelosi / Clinton / Obama, . . . , when CAN one prevail?

with a two party choice . . . , when CAN one prevail?

A major step out of oligarchic duopoly control would be ranked choice voting (RCV) which could be legislated State by State.

For example, Maine has adopted RCV for all state and federal primary elections, and all general elections for Congress. It will first apply to the general election for president in 2020 and presidential primary elections in 2024.

With RCV, your vote for a 3rd party would no longer be a wasted vote: Lose, and absent any win by absolute majority – over 50% of the vote, your vote would go to your 2nd choice

No, I dont think so.

“People are sick of government wasting money on endless wars as an excuse to cheat people who have health emergencies out of their votes . They can’t afford for the phony government to be blocking better ideas and creating gridlock so better ideas never, ever come to pass.”