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The Democrats Need a Clear Economic Vision. Here's Where to Start


The Democrats Need a Clear Economic Vision. Here's Where to Start

Christopher D. Cook

As the newly Democratic-controlled House of Representatives enters office in January, the People's Budget presents an immediate opportunity for Democrats to support a bold, concrete plan for creating living-wage jobs and rebuilding America's corroded and unsustainable infrastructure.


Good luck. The Republicans and Corporate Democrats won’t be satisfied until there is a toll booth on every road, a turnstile at every school, and an insurance executive with a gloved hand up your rectum reaching for your wallet. There are decades of malfeasance to be undone. Only if the people can be awakened en masse can a new economic paradigm take hold in a meaningful way. People over profit!


Hat tip to Pony Boy…


Given the american intelligence and awareness, that would take an alarm clock the size of the moon.


From the article:

“The bipartisan and decidedly centrist Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget notes that the CPC plan “calls for large increases in spending but enough new revenue to both offset that spending and put debt on a downward path as a share of the economy,” while reducing debt interest costs by nearly $1 trillion.”

And thus, these small reasonable steps toward social equity, fiscal responsibility, and ecological accountability will be undermined by the predatory financial elite, who have purposely designed the economy to increase all forms of debt, so they can suck it dry and “own” everything.


Missing in the Green New Deal:


“Enable states to [transition to single-payer health care systems]”.
IMO this is problematic, leaving this up to the states means those of us in repug controlled states will be left behind, just like the ACA. Almost half of the states refused the ACA money, our health care and hospitals suffered because of it. This statement means it’s deja vu all over again.


Exactly. States turned down Expanded Medicaid though the Feds would pay 90%. Also, they have all kinds of weird restrictions, especially concerning the human right of women to control their own health care. State-administered Single Payer is absurd, especially given that health care is a UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHT and some form of Single Payer is necessary to exercise that human right in the current institutional structures that we have.

In the end, a tax-paid ;public health care system is what is needed in any nation-state, but that discussion os off the table and stuffed under the carpet with all the other things that are absolutely verboten in a capitalist neoliberal imperial political economy.

The kinds of ‘progressive’ solutions in this article are childish, but they are the dominant ones among the U.S. “left”. They are both laughable and sickening.


Another key indicator is a survey of 63 incoming Democratic congressional representatives by the Progressive Change Institute. A full 84 percent of these newly elected representatives say they aim to protect social security, 77 percent support ending tax cuts to the rich, and 60 percent back an increase in the minimum wage, while 42 percent back Medicare for All and half agree to refuse corporate PAC money.

I understand the author’s enthusiasm and attempt to present a positive take on the People’s Budget and a Green Deal, but reading the above wasn’t too encouraging. We don’t know the details of the survey, of course or the specific questions asked, but does this mean we actually have incoming Democrats that are not interested in protecting social security? that don’t see ending tax cuts to the rich to be important? and a frighteningly large percentage that don’t see an increase in minimum wage to be important? and a majority that don’t back Medicare for All? and a full half that will be taking PAC money? This is good news? Seems like more of the same lack of party direction to me. Against this backdrop and the usual Pelosi lack of leadership, I’d say the chances of the party adopting a People’s Budget are, once again, about zilch.


Those are quite depressing at a glance. It’s still a Millionaires Club even in The Swamp. Which is reflected in the priorities. And, 30-40 of these Dimocrats want to call themselves No Labels & Problem Solvers; oh the irony, oh the duplicity and the damages done to the common good by 35 years of rule by Clintonistas & Obamabots.( The Democratic leadership doesn’t want to touch DoD & The Alphabets budgets? That’s just nuts! )
While 50% of American families couldn’t find a $1000 bucks to pay for an emergency car repair the public transportation systems are slipping into the " shambles " catagory. Hello in there.
Anyone to the left of the OhBummer Adm.'s policies, and who can fog a mirror, realizes we are getting the shitty end of the stick, yet again.
Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn should be told flat out, " this is your last rodeo, retire in 2020, thanks a bunch ".