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The Dems Could Win If They Stood For Something


Bernie unfailingly votes for military spending, and is the patron-saint of the trillion dollar RF-35 boondoggle. When you vote to piss money down the military-industrial hole, you are automatically pro-Wall St., liberal kumbayah talk notwithstanding.


This is exactly how the Democrats can and perhaps will blow it again. Opposing Trump is an empty vessel for the vassals.

No, what the voters are angry about is that they keep getting screwed by the political duopoly that seems only able to play personality politics and not put forward a real policy agenda for change. The depth of your inability to grasp this is astounding.


By the way, correction to this article: Rethuglicons don’t “win”, they cheat and steal elections. Who doesn’t know that by now!!!
REAL and only heroes must come from the base, the progressives, those who care enough about changing their lives–and that’s millions of us–NOT the crappy centrists.

The people, must vote, must take our Democratic Party over to push the old-staid-moldy conservadems out of the way!

If people don’t rise up this Nov, Americans are sunk. And you will see and feel horrors like you have never imagined. We already have 140 million people living in poverty. If rethugs continue unchecked, they will vow to turn our govt into an unrecognizable authoritarian kleptocracy. Cult 45 is doing that to us right now. Guaranteed.

Join the Democratic Party in mass now and take it over from the corporate-owned Dems. Vote every damn chance you get, or else you will lose all you have. Stop whining, complaining about the party. Take real action to change it. Is anybody listening?


Political correctness is a double-edged sword. It isn’t all about ADA, marriage equality, and calling people “developmentally disabled” instead of retarded.

Political correctness still dictates that we support the troops and thank a veteran.
Political correctness still dictates that we give homicidal cops the benefit of the doubt–even when there is no doubt.
Political correctness still says that the vast majority of gun owners are decent, respectful people.
Political correctness still makes us say that the thugs on the raging right are honest folks who are just a little frustrated with how the economy is going, as opposed to completely racist, bigoted, blood-thirsty lunatics.


I got a CommonDreams account for the sole purpose of being able to “like” your post!


I would think that you have better things to do in life, but Thx :slight_smile:

(Of course I should have better things to do in life than screed on CD).