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The Design Flaw at the Core of Humanity's Malaise


The Design Flaw at the Core of Humanity's Malaise

Judith Schwartz

Recognizing the design flaws in our default programming is the first step to envisioning the world we know is possible.


Culture is not your friend; the profile is shaped and changed by a tightly controlled machine that has a vast ever-shifting array of interchangeable parts, transforming of a society happens readily when its members acknowledge the illusions and how they are shaped and rewarded to enforce juvenile characteristics throughout adulthood.


If humans actually cared about a sustainable, livable society capitalism would be viewed as the cancer that it is. Almost all factors in the current model are the direct result of murdering Earth and her children. The capitalists are vampires feasting on the lifeblood of Earth. Drilling vast numbers of wells, leveling mountaintops, dredging vast landscapes of pristine Canadian forests, leaving woulds that will take millennia to heal, coral reefs that will be dead in 20-30 years at best, plastic spread throughout the entire oceans and islands bigger than Africa floating, releasing toxins and micro beads that pollute every living thing therein; I could go on forever. Endless consumerism, and yes I’ve fallen prey to some of the sneakier aspects, has fueled a big part of this problem. Does one need a new smartphone every year? Apple needs to sell them for profits. Cars? A car should last 15 years minimum more if trips are planned in advance and left in the garage one or two days a week. Flying to the EU for a vacation? Stay here and go to a museum or if one must Vegas or a theme park. Turn off all unneeded appliances, etc. We can all do more but it’s really up to governments to transition to sustainability and that just hasn’t happened or will happen in the near term future, human nature and all being as it is.


Does nature care?


The problem isn’t that the software is buggy, it’s that it’s obsolete. The problem we face in the US is no longer scrarcity, and so the solution isn’t growth. The problems are a serious maldistribution of our plentiful resources and the necessity to produce those resources sustainably.

But the problem with these problems is that the wealthy who own and operate our society are totally invested in this obsolete system. They’re making money hand over fist and the majority appear happy to continue to do so until our whole f***ing society and environment are destroyed.


Actually I think visiting another country would be an educational experience - imagine combining that with volunteering instead of staying at a hotel.


There are many who do not stand on the sidelines. The truth is that the wealthy might have money but we have to realize that money is not power.


Sharp thinking. But why stop at the idea of infinite-growth-on-a-finite-planet economics.

Representative democracy is as broken and old fashioned a political model as pirate capitalism is primitive in the economic realm.


The name of new o/s is World 5.0. We just need as peaceful and agile a transition as possible.


There is a small amount of society in the “Developed Nations” living a sustainable life. Witness the backyard chicken and garden movement. I just returned from three months in Denmark communing with Ol’ hippies of the age of 60s and 70s who limit their consumerism to repurposing. Of course at the same time most are susceptible to the propaganda of ubiquitous advertising. It was very difficult to see the overpriced boutiques in the major tourist cities. I doubt “the public” is influenced by markets need to consume as much as the lack of ability to question whether each and everyone of us can live without the newest and greatest. Maybe many just have more credit and cash than is necessary.


Not just economics, but the root cause of nearly ALL of Mother Earth’s problems — GROSS OVERPOPU­LATION.   The damage caused by the industrial age coincided with the damage caused by decreasing the
per-capita death rate of humans without a corresponding decrease in the per-capita birth rate.   Period.

If there were only one Billion of us on this planet, instead of the seven-plus Billion today and ten-plus Billion projected by 2100, our situation wouldn’t be nearly so dire.


The problem is not ideas and solutions. The problem is the inability to implement them in the face of corporate, oligarchical and political opposition. We need to get the corporations, oligarchs and politicians out of the way of progressive change.


Ten thousand likes to you! Too F#*&!G many human beings on the planet.