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The Destruction Left By Hurricane Trump


The Destruction Left By Hurricane Trump

Isaiah Poole

President Trump has planned a visit to the Texas Gulf Coast on Tuesday to survey some of the devastation done by Hurricane Harvey since it hit landfall on Friday.

As he is doing that, let’s survey the devastation left behind by Hurricane Trump since Friday to our basic human values.


and the destruction to our environment and planet earth will be taking effect down the road and Harvey devastation will be replicated across the world. Of course, corporate media does not tell us what is going on in the rest of the world as it relates to weather so parts of the rest of the world probably have first hand knowledge of the devastation.

So many problems and our country is being lead by to the dark ages.


From the article: “The president’s power to pardon is considered absolute when it is used to end the sentence of someone already serving time for a crime. It has never been used to pardon someone who has been convicted of a crime – as Arpaio was for criminal contempt of court – but has yet to serve time.”

When Ford pardoned Nixon, it had never before been used to pardon someone who wasn’t even accused of a crime…yet he did it. Obviously a DANGEROUS precedent, one that will continuously come back to haunt us!


The rest of the world knows a lot more about us than we know about them. It sure would help if our mainstream media did a better job of informing/educating the American public about the rest of the the world. We are, after all citizens of the World. Americans need to understand that, and accept it.

Our “Educational” system has largely failed at this, as well, by the way.


Just a minor quibble with Poole’s excellent analysis: I’d certainly like to see progress toward equity and fairness in this country, but I have doubts about the progress narrative. In no previous decade has America given rise to such extreme wealth inequality, mass incarceration, or destruction of the global ecosystem - where is this putative progress?

Contrary to the progress narrative, I’m impressed with Imbram X. Kendi’s analysis in Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America, where he shows that antiracist progress has always been accompanied or immediately followed by racist progress.


The image accompanying the article is spot on. It would be hilarious, if it were not so serious.
Sorry couldn’t help myself!:wink:


Mainstream media is what I call “corporate media” and now we have corporate hedge fund investors runnning our education and economy and wars and et al


And you can bet many hedge fund managers are making, or planning to make loads of money off of the catastrophe in Texas. Financial speculation is the darkest side of Capitalism.


Where are you when it comes to supporting our teachers? Big Talk, No Help, is what I see.

When Abu Garaib happened, and I mentioned to my 5th grade class, one right-wing parent was quick to complain. My principal told me that I had to apologize… which I did, since I wanted to keep my job for the 6 years left until retirement. Then the principal said In didn’t apologize sincerely enough , so I did again. Then a third apology was demanded. I complied. Then there was a fourth required. I said “NO!” and it all faded away. IDK if my principal was trolling me or what, but there were other issues later. I’m guessing she was just a right-wing bitch, but at that time, she owned me.

So complain about our schools as much as you wish, but please get involved so you can support those who desperately need it!


Dude, I wasn’t talking about our Public Schools per se, and certainly not our teachers therein. What I was referring too was the fact that, largely because of interference from state legislators, mainly Republicans, the teachers have to teach to the standardized test du jour. Too much emphasis on STEM. Not enough on Humanities, Real History, the Arts and the Social Sciences.

I have the utmost respect for most teachers. For the administrators, school boards, and politicians,
not so much. My late Mother was a teacher. What grade(s) do you teach? She taught 4th and 5th.


Fourth and fifth here too. Sorry if I over-reacted, lots of painful memories of poor administration binding our hands and simply obstructing the real work we did.


I understand, skeezyks. All the dedicated teachers I’ve known are passionate about their profession,
and that’s a good thing. I hate the spectacle of recent years where teachers seem to be one of the favorite punching bags for our “conservative” politicians.


yeap, don’t waste an disaster. Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism


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