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The Destruction of Afghan Lives, Captured in US Dollars


The Destruction of Afghan Lives, Captured in US Dollars

Jon Queally, staff writer

New reporting by The Intercept published Friday offers a rare window into the death and destruction caused by the U.S. military in Afghanistan since 2001 by reviewing the records of so-called "condolence payments" disbursed to Afghan victims and family members killed or harmed by the ongoing war and military occupation.

As journalist Cora Currier reports:


The term is Wergild, and it goes back a long way. It was the price paid for an injury to a person, or to his family if he was killed. This was to avoid a blood feud with the family.

  • Everything had a price tag, from crops and trees to broken carts and damaged homes.
  • People had a sliding scale depending on their rank and importance, or if they had a rare skill, such as a blacksmith.
  • It appears this ancient practice still exists, as my impression of the article is that there is a sliding scale in use here as to worth and payment (wergild). I’m sure that shepherds are “worth” less than shopkeepers, who are worth less than sheiks or cabinet ministers.
  • Property also has a sliding scale.
  • Nobody seems to see that, if we stop killing people and destroying their homes, farms and businesses, there would be no need for wergild. Another benefit would be that people living in peace would not be trying to defend themselves, or killing the invaders.
  • As long as war remains the most profitable business on the planet, we will see no end to it, and the werguild paid isn’t even chicken feed to the billionaires.
  • I think it is up to us, We the People of the World, to bring this to an end. Peacefully, if possible, through boycotts, through removing war criminals and profiteers from office and electing people for whom “humanitarian” is not a four letter word.
  • The alternative is a descent into poverty and hunger and a holocaust that you cannot imagine. I’m a nuclear veteran and have seen it. The only answer that will allow survival is Peace! With fairness, compromises, worked out around a table, not death by drone and missile.


I can only assume that those who are profiteering off of these wars see the wergild as a cost of doing business, and have factored it into their calculations. Meanwhile, your average American has bought into the whole “war on terror” fiction, and believes that the military is just protecting our freedoms.


Cut rate costs for “collateral damage”


Broken Mirrors in a wheelbarrow. 4057$$
A destroyed truck 15000$$

A boy killed in a combat operation 2400$$.

Apparently a truck and a wheelbarrow of mirrors have more value then a life.


Unfortunately…too true!


It is sad that Afghan lives have no value. White supremacy lingers everywhere still now which is sad and unfortunate but very true.