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The Destructive Power Trips of Amazon’s Boss


Amazon and other exploiting companies always find cover under the “new, sharing economy” mantra that masks what really is the next step in the path to neofeudalism where the 1% own everything, the 99% own nothing and are defacto slaves…much better for the 1% than actual slaves that need to be purchased, fed and housed. Defacto slaves are simply worked until they drop with a never ending line of defacto slave recruits ready to go to work.

I have met many techies who go to work for Amazon straight out of college and experience bad working conditions. Unlike the warehouse workers, the techies can 86 Amazon in a couple of years, and with Amazon on their CV can find better jobs elsewhere.


Not well known is that Amazon has discussion forums - and they’re run in an extremely customer-hostile fashion.

The rules are not at all clear. They have a feature where people can upvote and downvote, which is basically a group of right-wingers who downvote every progressive in the political forum, which may or many not have an effect on banning.

And banning is done en masse - with a form letter, to apparently hundreds of people telling them their posts were “spiteful”. All the people, same word. No specifics and no option to appeal.

This is a without warning permanent ban.

And on top of permanently banning you from ever posting another word in the forum, you are permanently banned from ever posting a word in product reviews, comments to other reviews, etc. Yes, the forum ban is global to Amazon.

And just to see if they can’t run it worse, they also then remove your PREVIOUS posts and reviews for months.

This isn’t for actually doing anything wrong - some who are banned did, others didn’t.

But they keep the policies secret. This alone is a good reason not to give them any money.


Not only is smile.amazon.com the better way to do it (0.5% to charity) but for years as I did shop on Amazon, I had common dreams set up as the charity to benefit.


There are online alternatives to Amazon for books:


Alibris is good for finding new and used books, DVD’s, and CD’s. It’s a network of independent sellers. They have a fairly deep library and I’ve found them to be reliable.


Is the book “World Without a Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech” being sold on the internet through the Amazon conveyance?

Just joking around with a bit of irony.


Ditto. First I find the precise description on Amazon, then I find another vendor.


Good one ray!


This character now owns (in addition to Amazon), the Washington Post and Whole Foods.
That’s ONE person.
Yet ANOTHER “too big to fail” (and if it comes to it, too big to jail) CEO.
We and/or our politicians allow this to take place, whether we like it or not.
We have no say; we just have to accept it.


Just about anything on Amazon is available on ebay. New and used. I don’t know how “good” ebay and PayPal are as corporations.


I’ve heard some mixed things about Paypal. Although one could argue if there is such a thing as a “good” corporation.


Alibris is great. So is AbeBooks. I’ve gotten lots of books from the UK from them, sometimes with very inexpensive shipping.