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The DeVos and the Defrauded


The DeVos and the Defrauded

Christopher Brauchli

"D’ye think th’ colledges has much to do with th’ progress iv th’ wurruld?" asked Mr. Hennessey. "D’ye think,” said Mr. Dooley, “tis the mill that makes th’ wather run?"

Finley Peter Dunne _Colleges and Degrees_


First Corinthians* 4:10 discusses being a “fool for Christ”, which I guess is relevant to borrowing money from a DeVos-approved “university”. Bitchy Betsy is one of the many I hope get swept away when Trump (and hopefully Pence) are ingloriously removed from office.

*Known by Trump as One Corinthians as in “One Corinthians went into a bar…”


Total Abuse of Power, with No Regard For The People of America.


Wall Street, so far, hasn’t been able to privatize the handling of that enormous pot of gold called SSI. So they set their sights on the next biggest prize of tax dollars - education. The tactics are clear: Undermine public schools by focusing on the failure of inner city schools (notice how they never mention how well PUBLIC schools perform in upscale neighborhoods). “We need to give those poor kids the same opportunities as their suburban counterparts.” So ‘rich’ to see republicans and libertarians suddenly become bleeding hearts for black and brown people. It’s a win win win for them. Break teacher unions, make a profit and control the curriculum. No free thinking for you!


Brauchli sez:
“Betsy appointed Carlos to serve as the General Counsel for the Department of Education. Before Betsy appointed him, he had provided consulting services to Career Education Corporation.

Diane was hired as a senior adviser to the Department of Education on post-secondary education. Before that, she spent five years as a senior vice-president at Career Education.”

I find myself growing concerned with the carrying capacity of the D.C. Swamp. The rate at which the swamp creatures have multiplied seems unsustainable.


I saw the military version of the ploy in 1971 while stationed at Ft.Lewis Wa.
Toward the end of that year it was bantered about that the regular soldiers might get civilians to do the KP.
Kitchen Police. Washing that many greasy pots and pans can ruin your day.
I started seeing civilians easing into one position after another. By the time of my ETS, the conversion was almost complete.
It wasn’t long after that, that the talk of a volunteer army was spreading around.
Well, here we are, soon you won’t be able to fart without a charge being levied on you.


Again, thank you for your service.


You are welcome, but I didn’t necessarily go willingly. Most of us wouldn’t.