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'The Difference Is Thousands of Lives': Sanders Releases Chart Contrasting Biden's Incremental Healthcare Plan With Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/difference-thousands-lives-sanders-releases-chart-contrasting-bidens-incremental


Why pull punches? Biden is lying, and he takes campaign money from the “health” insurance industry. Say it, Bernie. Corruption needs to be called out for what it is.


“Preserve a broken system.” I think we just found the DLC’s campaign slogan for 2020!


Let’s sweep the Establishment’s creep (Joe Biden) and then reap true Progress!


Biden’s descent into “also ran” status is as sure to arrive as tomorrow’s sunrise.

It’s refreshing to see Bernie pushing back with more energy than in 2016.


Biden is a Phony and has Always sided with allowing Corporations to overcharge the American Consumer.

The fact that Biden met with Donors from Blue Cross on the first day he announced his candidacy is evidence that he is more concerned about satisfying his large donors than satisfying WE THE PEOPLE.

Paying Millions of Dollar$ in administrative fees to CEO’s of Private Insurance Companies who increase their salaries by denying necessary Health Care Treatments is not my idea of preferable Coverage.

Bernie has it exactly right:

“At the end of the day, you’ve either got to be on the side of the people or the side of the health insurance companies. I know which side I’m on.”


One reason Canada has things like mandatory vacation days, sick leave with pay , maternity and paternity leave and the like is that Unions could focus on these issues rather than what they have in the US where Unions fight just to preserve what little their health care plans provide. In the US Corporations see Health Care as part of ones salary which means if they have a 3 percent hike in costs as far as they are concerned the employee just got a 3 percent increase in pay.


The choice of Biden by the Koch wing of the Dem Party makes clear
they are willing to lose the election rather than nominate Bernie Sanders.

Not seeing as much of Bernie Sanders as I’d like – the rallies in 2016 were
fantastic. And brought in the $$$.


I am sick to death of half measures. Studies show that 35,000 to 45,000 will die in the next year because they lack care. Why should we celebrate or fight for something that will lower that to 10,000 or 15,000? It is still morally unacceptable. If you keep in place the multi-payer nature of the system, providers will still have to set aside money to manage the complexity. That means more waste in regards to administrative, legal and accounting overhead. There will still be waste at the institutional level in regards to profits, high executive pay, marketing and lobbying costs, etc. The result is that we would spend trillions more over the long term because of the waste, and we would all spend more individually. Biden’s half measure is, again, something that simply makes a bad, unacceptable situation less bad. And even if you are willing to accept stuff like this in the short term, what logical sense does it make to begin negotiations from a compromised position? Again, even if you were to accept what he is offering, why shoot down the thing you could at least begin negotiations with? Biden’s candidacy is infuriating, about the only thing worse is the people that cling to him for no other reason than Obama picked him as his VP to appeal to white people he might have had issues with. A good portion of those clinging to him have been massively harmed by the horrible policies he supported throughout his career. Wake up!


Biden is a corporation impersonating a human being.


Speaking of incremental, I’ve been urging for years that, as a necessary first step, the federal government mandate the use of a single universal claim form. The current iterations of M4A will accomplish that on steroids.

Half measures at this point will result in lots of unnecessarily—but entirely—dead “insureds.”


The company I work for dropped health insurance, until the fines became higher than the cost a plans. They routinely pick the best deals for THEM, not US. Although we have UHC, which carries a $6000.00 deductible and various “network” restrictions, the prescription prices are pretty good. Still, I am just an ATM for the insurance company.


Just a reminder. When the ACA was passed it was by one vote, and the dems had both houses. We shouldn’t count any chickens unless we have all branches. I guess that means we need to start working on getting dems seated in the senate.

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Biden’s “plan” didn’t even address the issue of 30+ states that don’t acknowledge the ACA, and the millions of poor in these states who can’t afford to buy insurance. Oh, he offers to let them buy into existing Medicare, but if they can’t afford insurance now, they can’t afford to “buy into” Medicare either, so don’t expect the uninsured #'s to drop much. The 125,000 deaths predicted under Biden’s do nothing plan for 10 years, is much too low IMO.


When “we” had all three branches, the best “we” could get was Heritage/Romney/Obamacare. I hope you’ll pardon my being underwhelmed.


A public option would have the Insurance companies using their great skill in finding ways to getting off their books (being nasty/difficult) those expensive to insure while retaining the profitable (healthy-low risk) insured. This could be a disaster for Medicare (tending up with all or disproportionate share of expensive to insure), within a public option system gratuitously causing higher premiums for the mass of people.


He has had 30+ rallies and even more Town Halls and public discussion sessions all around the nation (mostly in smaller towns and regional events) since Feb., you need to be asking why you haven’t seen them and been able to participate in them!
On average he has had 1-2 Rallies and 2-3 Town Hall/Public Discussion sessions each and every week since he announced his campaign for 2020. Many of these are available on You Tube, or through his campaign websites, but you wouldn’t know about them listening to broadcast or Cable news outlets.


Most of Us have been doing that for the last 6 years or so, but by all means feel free to join the rest of Us, many hands make for lighter loads for all!
(PS there are extensive ongoing efforts in red states as well as blue and purple states, that is why a lot of red states are looking more purple over the last few years - it helps to turn down the noise there is a lot of false information occupying the airwaves).

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When exactly did we have control of the Judiciary branch of Government?

Who is we? I am not in the same class of those running your party. I am not in the same economic class as the people on TV, the interests that own the media, the interests that pay for most of ad revenue, the Democratic consultant class, the big name reporters at the NYT or the Washington Post. My class is not represented when deals like NAFTA are being negotiated, and neither are consumer advocates, and environmentalists. People like me don’t run the Fed, the Treasury, the IMF, the World Bank, the BIS. Biden doesn’t give speeches to people like me to assure us that the system will not radically change, Pelosi doesn’t send her healthcare adviser out to speak to a room full of people like me to assure us that she will not push for single payer, although she does use the DCCC to beat back candidates that would put in place policies that benefit working people. I see little tangible benefits from the so called blue wave, and I still see no policy or ideological coherence in your party, no vision, no alternatives. Most of the voters in the Democratic Party seem to like either Biden, Harris or racist police lapdog Pete, corrupt to a person and corrupted by interests that pay them to change as little as possible. I see a party that pretends to support progressive policies and pretends to oppose corruption, but the voters in your party almost always support corrupt politicians that won’t change much of anything. I don’t mean to pile on, but I don’t know who constitutes we. I don’t see much in the system that I think benefits me, and I see little hope in your party. There are a small handful of people that are fighting for those things and look how your party treats them. Look at Biden’s far right wing record and his clear corruption. Many in your party look at that and support him. To hell with either party. I will use it when I have to, but that is now rare.