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'The Difference Is Thousands of Lives': Sanders Releases Chart Contrasting Biden's Incremental Healthcare Plan With Medicare for All

Chickens don’t usually stand on branches :wink:

That one was my mistake. Obviously I was speaking of the two branches of congress, and the White House. Thanks for the clarity.

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Biden keeps pretending that employer provided medical insurance is some sort of munificent deal for the workers. If he were cognizant of reality, he would know that the biggest argument that unions have with employers is their threat to reduce medical insurance for their employees. In addition, when a company goes bankrupt, the first thing they do in bankruptcy court is try to get the judge to give top executives massive golden umbrellas while wiping out the employees’ medical care to pay for them.

Neither of these problems affects Medicare for All, but Biden’s plan doesn’t do a thing for those people.

  1. Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  2. Healthcare Insurance companies do not provide healthcare, they only pay the bills and dictate what care is available to you .

  3. A Corporations #1 motive is profit and THAT motivation sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you. For that ‘service’ they take a profit off the top (up to 18%) meaning, less of your money is going to your care.

It’s an insane system. You are paying lots of money to hand over control of YOUR healthcare decisions to a Corporation whose #1 REQUIREMENT is to make a PROFIT.

Less care = More Profit

Gee Uncle Joe, what’er they gonna do?


Thank you!

Presume the fault is mine and will try to get caught up.

We used to love to tune in and think that in 2016 both CNN and C-span were
covering the rallies.

Will make a point of finding out what’s on YouTube from the campaign, etc., etc., etc.

Also, I get regular emails from the Sanders campaign.

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I must agree.

Frankly, it’s a half way measure to try to protect corporate interests in
health care – over the interests of American citizens – right?

“my party”?
I may typically side more often with Democratic legislation and philosophy than with Republican legislation and philosophy, but that’s mainly due to the changes in the Republican party over the last century. Unfortunately the Dems have been chasing the Republicans to the right since Reagan. and both are moving further to the right of Progressives. My family became Progressives nearly a century and a half ago (around the end of the civil war) late-1870s/mid-1880s. I’m Progressive not just out of tradition, but because I have a deep passion for science and scientific principles.

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Nice chart but there is one huge oversight. How is it possible that Sander’s chart left off the Improved Medicare for All cost savings to the tax payer? Isn’t that the one thing that Biden falsely claims is the advantage to his plan?

The Biden plan is not only costly to our health, it is costly to the national treasury. The plan will be supplementing public option premiums. Those supplemented premiums will be going directly to private heath insurance cartels.

With those supplemented premium payments the cartels’ CEOs will be purchasing 4 or 5 mansions while they deny coverage to those who had to have health care while out of network and for many other nefarious reasons covered in the policies fine print.


Just like in the 2016 primary, the MSM is doing all they can to ignore Bernie and his people. It was not until his rallies began filling huge stadiums that they got more than a passing mention. Now what we see the most of is the talking heads crowing that Bernie is slipping in the polls, or Elizabeth is surging, or that America doesn’t want socialism, as if Bernie is proposing a change in our form of government. That makes them so happy since Elizabeth has made sure to ingratiate herself with the crooked system that Bernie is fighting against. But…the good news is that this kind of news is cherrypicked and Bernie is still in good shape and fewer people than I thought have fallen for the DNC and MSM narrative. Let’s hope that the young people for Bernie have sustained their interest and will turn out to vote. So many older people seem to favor Biden or someone like him, along with, unaccountably, older black people. Younger people seem to put policy first, a winner for Bernie.

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