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The Dishonest Case Against the Iran Deal


The Dishonest Case Against the Iran Deal

Ryan Cooper

President Trump will announce today whether or not to he will recertify the Iran nuclear deal. He has been hinting that he will refuse to do so this time, throwing the whole carefully negotiated framework crafted by his predecessor into disarray.


Words seem to escape me this morning. It all just makes me feel a bit sick.


From the first linked piece re: netanyahu’s “documents” propaganda presentation attempt to manipulate trump & subvert US foreign policy!:

"The Bush administration account of how the documents on Iran got into the hands of the CIA is not true. We can prove that the actual documents originally came not from Iran but from Israel. And the documents were never authenticated by the CIA or the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Two former Directors-General of the IAEA, Hans Blix and Mohamed El Baradei, have publicly expressed suspicion that the documents were fabricated. And forensic examination of the documents yielded multiple signs that they are fraudulent.
We fear that upcoming decisions may be based, in part, on unreliable documents alleging secret nuclear weapons activity in Iran.

On April 30, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu displayed some of those documents in his slide show on what he called the Iranian “atomic archive.” But those are precisely the same fraudulent documents that were acquired by the CIA in 2004.

The official accounts offered by the senior officials of the CIA about the provenance of these documents turned out be complete fabrication."

Of course it’s no secret extremist nutter war criminal netanyahu will do anything to scuttle the P5+1 deal and foment war against Iran as he has done countless times before!
Manipulating US foreign policy is also his admitted MO! Trump is an easy and willing target for netanyahu’s extremist right-wing warmongering. The new trump team players Bolton and Pompeo aren’t a help either.

Israeli subversion of US electoral politics/elections, Congress-members and the WH should NOT be tolerated! We need an “Israel-gate special counsel” Neither should Americans holding first loyalty to that foreign power be tolerated - that is treasonous!


My last enlightenment was the phrase “they’re fn with us,” not just trump,
as well the well-to-do whose concern for the rest is in question. Oil revenues ahead,
big steel walls, pipelines, terminal tanks, battleships and JobsJobsJobs.
But who get the dirty work? Enlightenment: TheyRFingWithus…whisper…