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The Disruption of White Supremacy

The Disruption of White Supremacy

Mark Trahant

Imagine the end of the United States.

"Disruption" is an important word to add to a discussion of ending colonialism.


Sorry, you lost me at “California secedes.” I want to disrupt White supremacy without destroying the nation. I want more connections, not fewer. Let’s work on that.

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Thanks for this article, i like his thinking. Surprised to see such a piece from Trahant, who has been with the conventional media Seattle Times.

For those who want to hold the USA together, or think such major changes are delusional, all i can say is, watch. Big changes are coming fast, and Trahant’s thinking is far more realistic than any conventional or mainstream thinking.

We definitely need to address all the legacies of colonialism and white supremacy - one way, or another.


I don’t think there is much chance of states seceding because the divisions in this country are more between urban and rural and states. Upstate New York probably has more in common with rural Georgia then NYC whereas Atlanta has a lot more in common with NYC than the rural parts of Georgia. South Florida also has a lot in common with NYC whereas north Florida is more like the Old South. The US has about 100 million people who are members of minorities and millions of people who have religions other than Christianity. It seems like the only solution is to learn to live together and have tolerance for people who are different. More than half of school children are non-white. The only way the country can continue is be a nation based on common beliefs rather than a nation based on race, religion, and language.


Exactly. The difference in viewpoints on politics and society changed starkly as one goes from the Pittsburgh city limits to the outer suburbs - a distance of only 10 miles.

One of the only changes that I see is absolutely necessary and a real possibility with the way the level of lies has escalated to a crescendo pitch in our disfunction driven Two-party Duopoly, is for it to totally meltdown and every single politician’s head explodes.

Anything short of this will never get the attention of the average Zombie waiting for the 2018 midterms.

Trahant writes: “Clearly the colonial system, which is white-male-centric, is incapable of the leadership we need for our species to confront climate change.”

Urban vs rural economic structure/culture defines the political divide. Urban vs suburban culture likewise defines the political divide though there are few differences between urban and suburban economics. Urbanites more liberal. Rural and suburban areas more republican. White flight certainly defined suburban development that began after WWII. Because the issue of global warming is largely based on wasteful transport and luxury travel, the various cultures of these community living arrangements share responsibility. Suburbanites are more car-dependent. Urban liberals may walk, bike and use transit more, but still not enough to fully address the impacts of climate change nor ameliorate the culture of car-dependency that feeds political divisiveness.

I have always enjoyed the writings of Mr. Trahant, he also publishes on Indian Country Today. He thinks, he writes, he processes things from a different place. One we need to hear more from, the Native’s. His is, in my opinion, correct. We need inclusion. We need to here those histories of people who have survived change under extreme conditions and situations. As he states, they are still here :slight_smile:

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Disruption and Innovation! What a timely, exciting article! I agree. We are in the last stages of a colonial hegemony that has wreaked havoc on the world! Time for a paradigm shift.

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What happened to your brain?

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It works, unlike the authors.

Aah, are you afraid that your white papa might tumble from power and deal with it by belittling the author? Deal with it! Your white papa sucked ass. The author made some acute observations and asked some very good questions. Your white papa created a very shitty reality that history shows us won’t last.

No, I simply call BS on the underlying assumptions of the author. And your racism.

I couldn’t find the part that contains the evidence that “White Supremacy” is somehow an important factor in the American political landscape.

I agree.
Unfortunately we have so called progressive leaders like Thom Hartman, who has many good insights and ideas but is absolutely married to the Democratic party. Call in about a 3rd party and he will ridicule and hang up.

Can’t handle backlash can you? Then don’t you dish it out in the first place.

How is it racism to point out that america was formed by and for white men to the exclusion of people of color up until the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and to point out that those white men have done a terrible job at it? Criticizing the overt racism of those white men is racism you say? Then your criticism of me is racism. Eat it, you racist.


Enjoy your ranting