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The Disturbing Dawn Of The Alt-Right


The Disturbing Dawn Of The Alt-Right


I wrote about the Alt-right for Salon today. It’s not exactly the same as European ethno-nationalism. It’s scarier:


“Trump’s nationalism is absolutely about ethno-purity and there’s an element of populism as well, although it’s clearly a misdirection. But it’s largely about wounded national pride which has been a potent motivating force on the American right for a very long time.”

It should be pointed out that after Germany’s humiliating defeat in W.W. I, Hitler capitalized on that same feeling of wounded pride to rally some of the white disgruntled masses to his various Killer Causes.

John Dean exposed this group in his book: “Conservatives without Conscience.”

Chris Hedges talked about this ilk in his book, “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.”

George Lakoff refines the subject matter by tying political conservatism in with worship of the strict father-centered (patriarchal) family.

And here it shows up yet again. What’s fascinating is how few who post in these threads reinforce the obvious or even DARE to discuss the matter. That’s another reason why I think the site’s regulars are natural-born authoritarian Christian Conservatives.

"One of the most important characteristics of this faction is a strong attraction to authoritarianism. This fascinating report at Vox by Amanda Taub tracked studies which show that “more than 65 percent of people who scored highest on the authoritarianism questions were GOP voters and more than 55 percent of surveyed Republicans scored as “high” or “very high” authoritarians.”

The poster that formerly posted as “Ezyflyer” used to post the 10 most strident characteristics of Conservatives and two that I recall are rigidity and preferring a world based on simplistic either-or (good or evil, in their narrow minds) frames.

It’s almost impossible to reason with these true believers. As a matter of fact, they discount logic, reason, and open discussions in lieu of “faith.”


The “alt-right” has a lot of crossover with the New Misogynists (Red Pill, PUA, MGTOW) that is documented, with a great deal of humor, at We Hunted The Mammoth:

We Hunted The Mammoth

The writer of this piece gets that, hence the term “cuckservative.”

Fair warning: if you visit the link, those are some vile waters you’ll be swimming in, but the comment section is generally pretty funny and sometimes insightful. The humor makes reading about these people much easier, because, between the rape apology and the blustering little boy bravado, they’re a pretty hard bunch to take.


Besides the “Alt-Right”, there is also the pro-Trump “Alt-left”. You know - people who claim that Trump is a man of the poeple and a champion of the down-trodden - just like the heroic Vladimir Putin is - and that contrary to this article, if Trump is elected he will form a great alliance with the heroic anti-imperialist Putin and that other great champion of the working class, Duterte of the Philippines too!

And of course, the great working class socialist Trump is certainly better than the capitalist witch-bitch Hillary!

The brilliance of Trump is that he is whatever one wants to believe he is…

But I’m still only seeing Trump signs in the yards of nice 3-4-car garage spreads out in the exurban and rural areas.


There’s no “Hillary’s better” message here. You are free to join me in voting for Jill Stein.


The elites must be really enjoying this election-dem and rep pit one group against another and who wins. Ever hear of the “southern strategy”-Nixon–never mind all the coded messages by Reagan?And democrats by pushing these trade deals have done a great job playing the base of the democratic party. Nixon at least had a policy on the inner cities. What has been Obama’s or Clinton’s???TPP???


Bombing Muslims and overthrowing their governments: Not worthy of comment
Banning Muslims: Horrific outcry

When did hatred and bigotry become worse than actually killing people?

Yes, Trump appeals to the bigots/white power nuts.

Clinton appeals to the neocons/1%.

Either of them would be a disaster.

Don’t pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 2016


I’m just a simple country rube, but I am always amazed at any American that truly believes America is weak, being pushed around, and is in jeopardy of collapse. Perhaps all those types should be forced to live in some of the former or future impact areas of our measly, weak, and floundering military.

What fucking planet do those people live on?


I would argue for this though. In the same sense of how previous empires like Rome fell into collapse. That it is because they are the bullies of the world who care not for others or their own people’s freedom.


Any author who also writes for Hillary-shilling “Salon” is to be avoided.


No, no, no, no, no, and again, NO.

“Alt-right” is a term THEY chose for themselves as a way to “re-brand” themselves and to give some vague sense of legitimacy to their “movement.” The apt term is that word that has been used from the beginning: Neo-Nazis. No one should ever refer to them by their own language of deliberate obfuscation and let’s just call a spade a spade: they are Neo-Nazis, plain and simple.


I checked out some of her articles at Salon. She does nothing but attack Trump and defend Hillary.

It would bother me that she gets to designate herself as a Progressive blogger, but then I recall that the New Democrats have been co-opting that term for decades.

As to the idea that Digby’s attack on Trump in this article isn’t meant to promote Clinton- in the context of Digby’s other articles it definitely is meant to do that.

I do not trust the Clintonista propaganda machine.


The southern part of The Old Confederacy, for the most part, has always been and continues to be Alt Right. Much of the Plain States and Inland Empire, controlled by Mormoms, is Allt Right. That’s old news, here. The problems of Facism and Racism can’t be separated from primitive subservience to " fire and brimstone" religious observance in the evangelical community. Women, blacks, Native Americans and others of a color are mere chattel to relgious extremist forces. America is full of these examples. The support for Clinton is just a kinder " missionary " position of this religious and economic master/slave relationship. Religions of the Right prop up and glue together the Alt Right. Which has traceable roots in the labor unions of the Clintonista Clan, as well. Digby, like all liberals, wants to ignore the historical fact that 80-85% of Liberals are not interested in doing anything about income or health inequality. Their silence on Single Payer and $15 Now says all we need to know about the Alt Center. They are not progressive or Progressives. The Progressive & Green Party coalition is the vehicle to use to end the disaster of Alt Right and Alt Center policies. Digby is just another stenographer, here, for a new version of the Liberal’s Circle Game. The " painted ponies " still only go up and down " on the carousel of time " for elites and their 1%er mentality. Hillary is still The Establishment and her gods are still money and privilege for the elites. Stay Clear, Stay Strong , Stay Clean, Vote Green.


Wow. Incredible.

Doesn’t matter what she says, she writes for Salon. A nice reminder that anti-intellectualism is just as healthy on the left as the right.