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The Divine in the Resistance


The Divine in the Resistance

Matthew Hoh

This past year, through my work with Veterans For Peace I was given the opportunity to stand in solidarity with resistance movements in Okinawa, at Standing Rock and in Palestine.


Mr. Hoh,
Well done, sir.


Indeed. Connection.

I’ve proclaimed for some time,

Relationship is what makes me human,
ignites my soul,
opens me to the divine.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Thank you, Mr. Hoh. It is my belief that a necessary step for progressives is to begin to open a space to talking about the divine and the role that it has as something underlying our desire for change. I understand that many on the left become nervous at this kind of discussion, because of the historical association between religious institutions and the justification of, or active participation in, the demonizing of other human beings. I hope that through the genuine sharing of experience, as you have done here, we can come to a point where we listen openly to the recognition of the divine, or spiritual, without fears of sectarianism.


Be assured, too, that Pope Francis is far from the only one still practicing in established religion who welcomes the fellowship of the hesitant Left. Indeed, there are many of us who have marched with one foot in each camp for some time.


Dear Mr. Hoh, Your expression here of your experiences and changes is heart-warming, inspiring and motivating to me, a mother AND grandmother of five, retired teacher and addictions counselor of 50 years, widow (42 years married) of a modest and great Presbyterian minister and human/civil rights advocate of over 50 years, and now a grateful senior of nearly 87 years. Thank you for taking the time and effort to tell us of your present work. Your very sensitive and profound insights shared here are meaningful on many levels to me, and others who happen to read this. I am very grateful - like my ‘brother’ - see:<www.gratefulness.org> when you have time. May your life and energy continue to be blessed and so inspiring! Love/Peace, Elizabeth Sarfaty, Malone, NY


Having never been in the military, I can’t speak for how anyone who has might feel. At 59 years old, I am acknowledged to be gravely disappointed in the direction the U.S. has taken after Vietnam. My father was in WWII, the last “necessary war.”
If you look at if from a sort of “spiritual pattern” and I do, things sort of fell into place in 1945. Young people now day seem to have no idea why we even have a UN. But growing up post WWII, with Vietnam raging, we were in a teachable moment daily for about ten years. The consensus, when it finally ended, was that was our “lesson” in the country. Our teachable moment. No more, not again.
When Reagan entered the GOP and the media complicit, cleaned the whiteboard and gave Gen X a big blank (on a lot of issues, including how wealth is built in a stable fashion). The 1980’s was just a re-release of American chaos under the stupidest president we had ever known up to that time.
Fast forward and again we are at war, endless war. We have been at war now 14 years. I was among those who continued to protest the 03 invasion of Iraq, we KNEW that that single act would enable this, the United States in perpetual war.
At some point, the question of spiritual evolution comes in and we look at where we are, at this point in human history, Social evolution of the species, as it were. In 1945 the United States had the rare chance to lead us up the next step, away from the direction we have taken. We ultimately have failed it on all counts Possibly the GOP has been the tipping force. They are now the war party. An when you get right down to it, their “success” revolves around keeping us in a war state. Eventually, that will play itself out. But when?