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'The DNC Is on the Wrong Side of History': Challenged by Activists, Tom Perez Says Hosting 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis 'Not Practical'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/dnc-wrong-side-history-challenged-activists-tom-perez-says-hosting-2020-debate


And the beat goes on and nothing changes.

The only people that can break the duopoly is us. And too many of us are showing no interest in doing so.


The Sunrise Movements Garrett Blad said: " Perez’s comments were “pathetic” and "disastrous for my generation and millions everywhere."

“Not even our so-called ‘leaders’ are courageous enough to tell the truth about the emergency we are in,” Blad added. “Climate isn’t one issue, it’s every issue.” ““is not an ‘issue’—it’s the backdrop for all other issues.”” as Naomi Klein put it. The political sellouts who installed Perez also sold the left out to maintain influence.

The entire DINO mechanism and players are pathetic and disastrous for real climate change action, now, and many other issues of critical import they screw us on. They will not respond to them with integrity or shift from the Clinton - Obama DLC model of contemptible politics serving wealth and power rather than the people and planet.

We are left with the likes of “Uncle-Tom” Perez and the people that betrayed progressives to install him as DNC Chair rather than Keith Ellison, namely Obama and the Clinton’s who even behind the scenes retain power to screw the 99% to serve their clients!


The Democratic Party is not very democratic. House Speaker Pelosi dictates what Dems do in Congress. Now we see DNC Chair Perez single-handedly deciding debate topics.


Nobody said it would be easy to lose to Trump and his rabid minority. It’s gonna take a huge effort by the DNC to keep progressive voters alienated and disgusted. Great work there, Tom.


Exposing the planet ending apocalypse on prime time MSM is not practical. The carbon extractors will see it and cutoff our campaign loot.


Your assertions are correct. If anyone wants Perez to change his mind they will first have to get the Clintons to change their minds, as they are the puppet masters whose hands are up Tom Perez’s ass.
And we’ll all sooner get jobs as product testers in a pie factory, than we will to see the Clintons change their minds.


Why hold any debates when the DNC will gladly appoint a candidate for the Party and save the People the trouble of participating?


The DNC is a private 501c 3 organization that decides it own rules, independent of ‘democrat’ voters. They decide the (un)issues that bring in the most campaign loot.
Then they decide the candidate you will vote for if you vote democrat … period.


I saw a recent poll where 96% of all likely Democratic voters rated climate change as very important or important. That particular poll was probably biased toward older Democrats and away from younger Democrats, so 97% might be realistic. You can’t sneak any closer to 100% than this, not with the poll’s margin of error.


Wow, it’s 1968 all over again. For those who don’t remember, the 1968 campaign saw a sitting president all but forced to step aside as his pro war policy had divided the nation and his own party. The Democratic party responded immediately by attempting to push the “moderate” corporate cronies of the day, Humphrey and Muskie, on a party whose youth movement was calling for an end to Vietnam. In response to the tone deafness of the 1968 DNC, the kids pushed for and got Bobby Kennedy to run as their anti war, pro change candidate (although Eugene Mccarthy was every bit as liberal, he was an aging middle aged man with silver hair). Kennedy rallied the kids, and was leading the delegate count after the California primary. Then, as a bullet entered Bobby’s head, the Democratic Party changed forever. Instead of listening to the future democratic voters and cultivating the largest generation in American history, they closed ranks, and forced the hapless helpless Hubert Humphrey down the throats of a tired and weary electorate. They then went to Chicago and closed the doors of the convention hall to the kids, and allowed in only big Labor and big money corporate donors. The kids were beaten in the streets by Mayor Daley’s thugs, and they lost a squeaker of an election to the worst candidate of his generation, Richard Milhous Nixon.
Is this year starting to look familiar? What was old, is new again. The Democratic Party has yet another chance to cultivate the largest generation of voters in American history. And all they have to do is begin to reflect the progressive views of the current democratic (and American) electorate. Yet, the big money donors have already spoken. They want today’s corporate toady, Joe Biden as the party candidate. Progressive candidates (or what passes for one these days) are being marginalized by a concerted campaign led by Perez’s DNC. All we need to complete this revival of 1968 is the kids climate movement being beaten in streets outside next summers Democratic convention.


Yes, but this is still another nothing-burger controversy spoon fed to us so we can do another round of baseless DNC raging.

I don’t think you understand the meaning of “baseless”. YOU seem a perfect DNC member for Hillary and her partner, tRump.


Hey Tom, why not move to the Moon, which is a part of Mars? Seems your brain is already there. It beat ya to it.

It truly hurts to see bought and sold souls standing at podiums with their mouths open.


We would need a Revolution to do anything meaningful, but Who really wants to do that?


Take a good look at that photo of tommy one more time…his eye’s are looking one direction and his mouth is speaking in another…O-my.

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What I see is a low-profile candidate seeking to raise his profile by making a fake oppositional stance against an organization by pushing his preferred issue. Now we are all triggered about what none of us would have been triggered about if not for this obviously cheap, political, stunt.

For the record, I have no problem with topic debates, including a debate on global warming. We should have one on financial malfeasance where Warren would likely shine, one on immigration and housing where Castro would likely do very well, and one on prosecutorial discretion and other policing related topics where Harris would be strong. Seems like all the campaigns should get together and push a proposal to the DNC.

The Sunrise Movement and other self described climate change movements and leaders are not including two of the large driving forces: militarism and over population.
Half of each American’s carbon footprint is the military. Why are there no blockades outside the arms factories?
Earth has a non-fossil fuel carrying capacity. It is about 4 billion. The U.S. has a non-fossil fuel human carrying capacity. It is about 200 million. Let’s see those items added to a climate change debate.


I basically agree with your comments but I would add one detail that should also be noted. In 1972, Democrats did nominate a progressive voice in George McGovern. “The worst candidate in his generation” Tricky Dick won reelection with 49 states and the highest (I’m pretty sure) popular vote percentage in American Presidential history.

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"Confronted by activists during a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party over the weekend, DNC chairman Tom Perez insisted it would be impractical to make one of the dozen scheduled 2020 presidential primary debates solely about the global climate crisis and candidates’ proposed solutions.

“Not even our so-called ‘leaders’ are courageous enough to tell the truth about the emergency we are in. Climate isn’t one issue, it’s every issue.”
—Garrett Blad, Sunrise Movement

“A lot of young people say we should have a single debate focused on climate change,” Perez told activists after delivering a speech at the gala. But, the DNC chairman added, “once you have one single issue debate, then every debate leads to become a single issue debate in order to address the concerns.”

“So these debates, and we will have issue areas in debates, including but not limited to climate,” Perez said, “but it’s just not practical for us to have one debate on democracy reform, one debate on voting.”

Perez’s remarks provoked further outrage from grassroots groups that have been demanding a climate-specific debate, particularly given that past presidential debates have largely ignored the crisis—even in the face of scientific evidence showing that immediate and drastic action must be taken to avert catastrophic warming.

“What’s actually unrealistic: the Democratic establishment saying we’ll stop climate change when they aren’t even willing to have a debate on it,” the youth-led Sunrise Movement tweeted in response to Perez’s comments, which came just days after he [announced](https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/emergency-we-need-democrats-act-it-outrage-dnc-announces-it-will-not-host-2020) that the DNC would not host a climate-specific debate and would punish candidates who attend a debate hosted by a different organization."
*Wake up, people! “D” & “R” are just sock puppets to ensure that the Oligarchy, which owns and controls them, maintains its power and control over profit and policy despite the wishes of We the People. Progressives will be punished and banned for being concerned enough to not drink Oligarchy Kool-Aid and want to try to save our planet, even if it will cost the Oligarchy some or even most of their profits.
*Toss the “D” & “R” into the dust bin of history and look for and support those who would try to save us and the world. As we have seen, there are a lot of frustrated people trying to serve We the People and the world whose main problem is a bunch of billionaires who don’t give a damn about what will happen and is happening to us for the sole reason that it will cut into the Oligarchy’s profits and recognize that We the People do have a voice and will be heard.
*As long as we listen to their propaganda and lies and do what we are told, drink the Kool-Aid and vote for the sock puppets, we will be but slaves, doing the masters will and following them to our doom.
Wake up and Act! Wake up and Act! Wake up and Act!
Time is growing short!