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'The DNC Is on the Wrong Side of History': Challenged by Activists, Tom Perez Says Hosting 2020 Debate on Climate Crisis 'Not Practical'

How was it false equivalency? Those are all important topical issues too.

As for a climate change debate, I have no problems with it. I support topical debates. But I’m not going to pretend this latest intrigue wasn’t the Inslee campaign doing what it’s doing, campaigning. He wrote a letter last week which I suspect he knew would be rejected, then made a big press-splash announcement after he was rejected Wednesday. Perez didn’t immediately accede to his campaign debate request—he’s selling us all out and doesn’t care about climate change.

Now, if you want to say it’s wrong for the DNC to limit debate forums, that I can understand, though I strongly suspect the schedule had buy-in from the major campaigns. But candidates can and do participate in non-sanctioned town halls etc. Perhaps Inslee could work with the other campaigns to do a CNN town hall on climate change? Maybe he’ll work with the other campaigns to get Perez to change his mind?

[Perez] announced the DNC would not host a climate-specific debate and would punish candidates who attend a debate hosted by a different organization.


This party has some telling roots: formed in the 19th C when Jackson was president it was an attempt for white males to have real democratic rights rather than just the elites and the first concession was all white males regardless of property held got the vote. These folks, for the most part, heralded from European white trash, wanted --as did all the major European capitals and the US Northeast–to make as much money on enslaving black folks and in addition reap the further “benefit” of wanton rape of black women.

Fast forward to today and we see the same class war within this party.

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There are only a couple of other issues that have any meaning whatsoever in the face of climate crisis resulting from AGW–which virtually all of the people in the world with the qualifications to speak on that issue still agree on.

If I had to pick two they would be nuclear everything and reclaiming the commonwealth. Chomsky says nuclear weapons, but nothing we have done with nuclear energy in more than 75 years is sustainable even on the span of a single human lifetime (at current official projections).

The commonwealth, because every person who is excluded from the mobilization that is growing less likely by the day is not only a wasted resource but a likely opponent and obstacle.


The candidates participate in town halls and do so often, both televised by major news organizations and non-televised at the local level. Candidates seeking attention are a fact of life—wanting to debate “x” topic is what they do.

Do you really want to put the extinction of a million species and making the land that a billion people live on uninhabitable on the same level as financial malfeasance?

No pretending needed since that just isn’t true. The “intrigue” is not about the Inslee request - the “intrigue” is about not having a climate debate despite the overarching importance of the issue; despite twelve of the campaigns wanting one; over 50 DNC members asking for one (concurrent with Inslee’s request - even Nancy Pelosi’s daughter for goodness sakes): several U.S. Senators not running for President writing both the DNC and the NBC hosts asking for one (well before Inslee asked), and the major climate change organizations all asking for one (again well before Inslee asked). The fact that Perez did not ask for input from the DNC members and state chairs despite the broad support does indicate a problem. It’s the kind of thing that makes progressives shrug and think it is quite Democratic to be undemocratic.


I said outright I’m all for topical debates, including one on climate change. However, Inslee’s “core issue” may not be quite as core for other candidates, who may see issues that play to their strengths as very important. Housing is a huge issue in California, it’d be pretty interesting to hear what Castro has to say about it, as it would what Harris has to say about criminal justice reform in a topical debate setting. I bet every other candidate has a “core issue” they’d like to specifically debate. It’s a very fair comparison from that perspective.

From what I’ve read, Perez rejected Inslee’s debate proposal before receiving a petition from 50 DNC members. Other campaigns came out for Inslee’s proposal afterwards. His campaign circulated a petition in April, and some Senators lobbied NBC to make climate change a central debate topic. If Inslee’s gambit works, that’s fine. Picking fights and finding ways to look like righteous victims is what campaigns sometimes do. I’m going to be honest about why this latest DNC “outrage” occurred though—a campaign wanting attention.

Now that most progressives are not donating much to the Democrats via the DNC/DCCC, where are they getting their money from? I guess progressives are not a majority faction. Or Wall Street Democrats are raking it in.

There is no money in the middle of the road.

This is a pretense that we can ignore Nature –
that the planet and all nature can be threatened and we can go on as usual –
We can’t – that’s impossible.


Clintons were recruited by Koch Bros for the DLC … along with numerous
other Southerners to sell the Dem Party off - in toto to corporations.


It’s very clear that the DNC doesn’t care what 96% of democrats think.

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But, the DNC chairman added, “once you have one single issue debate, then every debate leads to become a single issue debate in order to address the concerns.”

What he meant to say, “Once you have a single issue debate on climate, all the centrist candidates will be exposed for the frauds they truly are. And, it wouldn’t stop there. We’d have to have a single issue debate on health care, another on income inequality, and foreign affairs (empire building). By the time we finished these single issue debates, all the corporate and MIC favorites would be out of the race and we’d likely end up with a left leaning progressive candidate that could easily defeat Trump in the general. That would not set well with the donor class.”


Bwahhh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Yep, all the clamor from all the quarters that DPearl cites are just orchestrated Inslee campaign tactics! And you’re “going to be honest!”

The DNC is not seriously addressing climate and ecological catastrophe. Oh please, do pitch us another mis-direction!


DNC chairman Tom Perez - hand-picked by Barack Obama. Never forget that.

So, once again, gee, thanks Barack! /s


before “receiving” it officially but after knowing it was organized and he knew it was coming.

Also 350.org had this petition on the web since early April before Islee. An of course Sunrise has led the charge on this for much longer than that. The 350.org petition is at around 200K signatures and I recommend that you sign it since you indicate your support of the idea even if you don’t agree that the DNC rejection of it is important.



Per reports I’ve read, the petition by DNC members was in response to Inslee’s debate rejection request, and the effort was specifically lead by Washington state’s Democratic Party Chairwoman. Make of it what you will, as I said, I have nothing against topic-specific debates.

Which leads me to my larger point, if Warren wanted a Wall Street-focused financial and anti-trust specific debate, we would see the same claims by her as we do Inslee when Perez declined it. We’d also see the same DNC-sells-us-out articles in the progressive press. Demanding debates is what campaigns that want more attention do.

Please cite a credible reference for that claim. I have no love or respect for Clinton, Inc., and I know they are pals with billionaires, and also with T-Rump, who may or may not be a billionaire. But recruited by the Koch Bros.? Stranger things have happened in the beds of politicians, but that one smells funny.

With the DNC on one side, and the Republicans on the other, I am very fearful indeed.

No - she has no interest in calling for such a debate. She IS supportive of having a climate debate as are a majority of the major Presidential candidates.

The bottom line is that the idea to hold a debate on the climate crisis did not originate with Inslee - his campaign’s petition came after the youth based climate organization started theirs. Further the response from Perez referenced the youth based movement’s petition and not Inslee’s request.

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