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The DOJ Is Right to Ditch Private Prisons. But It Won't Do Much in Practice

The DOJ Is Right to Ditch Private Prisons. But It Won't Do Much in Practice

Jessica Pishko

Just a week after a scathing report decrying the condition of private prisons in the US, the Department of Justice announced Thursday that it would phase out their federal use by not renewing contracts for companies like GEO Group, Management of Training Corporation, and Correctional Corporations of America (CCA).

CD editors: Please correct the title:

It should read:

“The DOJ Is Right to Ditch Private Prisons.”

While the profit motive is ALWAYS cruel, what’s most inhumane is the way that recreational drug use–for a medicine like Marijuana–became intentionally criminalized to pave the way for the arrests and incarceration of millions of people.

This discussion should include the role played by lobbyists aiming to purchase government policy amenable with building and/or privatizing prisons.

The rush to persecute has led to an entire infrastructure of numbered inmates and a justice system that cannot handle the volume. That’s why the majority of cases end up pleaded out even when accused parties are totally innocent. Public defenders can’t handle the overload and community jobs are centered on prisons rather than the manufacture of sensible products.

Then, too, there’s the new Plantation System aspect that once again relies upon Black Labor paid pennies on the dollar for its cumulative efforts.

Travesty is the word for this corrupt system and its systemic racism. The state-sponsored violence against families leaves lasting scars.

Psychologists know that the absence of a mother or father can do irreparable harm to children. Many end up in the same system; and I believe it’s designed for that.

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