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The Dolls of Militarism

The Dolls of Militarism

Danny Sjursen

Sometimes I get sick of saying it, but just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Donald Trump’s continual cabinet reshuffling -- otherwise the stuff of reality-TV drama -- has become genuinely frightening. Like so many Russian matryoshki or nesting dolls, the president has been removing one war hawk after another, only to reveal yet more extreme versions of the same creature. And rumor has it that such personnel moves have yet to reach their end point.

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By the end of the 20th century the military industrial complex (MIC) that Eisenhower warned us about in 1961 had morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that brainwashes children from the time they are born and intrudes in our lives 24/7.

The Trump regime has given MIMIC a great leap forward in both funding and power.


“Donald Trump’s continual cabinet reshuffling – otherwise the stuff of reality-TV drama – has become genuinely frightening.”

i live but a few miles from our border with mexico. when i moved here we and mexico shared a wonderful symbiotic economy. the donald now threatens to send in troops and create a permanent base. i find that disturbing, but as i told my son, "we can look forward to new businesses—like prostitution, rent by the hour motel rooms and raucous watering holes.

The president’s initial record of appointing not one but three of “his” generals to run the national security team and the White House was itself a threat to the republic and its time-honored tradition of civilian primacy over the military.”

not too long ago we were watching a rerun of the “rockford files” in which rockford met with a high-ranking military officer. they disagreed on some issue and jim reminded the officer, “of the two of us i, a civilian, have higher rank.” hah! i doubt that would set well in these days of military adulation. like if a policeman pulls your car over, i don’t recommend reminding her/him that you pay her/his salary.

Witness Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders taunting a reporter . . .”

sorry, i snipped only a part because that woman is such a fill in the blank

What President Trump seems to value most is sycophantic loyalty not to the nation but to himself, a quality that’s the most essential aspect of any cult of personality.”

i’ve heard more than one of #46’s staff members respond to a reporter asking if he agrees with some off the wall trumpism, “i serve at the pleasure of the president.” yikes! it’s like “game of thrones” in reality tv!

And while the public remains focused on the man’s outlandish shenanigans, his team will be cooking up something far worse: a new war to put all the others to shame.

major danny, i know you toy with the idea of reinstating the draft as a way to engage the public, but if we had a press, like during nam, that shows the suffering maybe we’d get notice. most of us are compassionate humans.

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The military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) will never allow “reinstating the draft”. During the past 40 years the “all volunteer military” has morphed from the military being comprised of a wide cross section of Americans into a very homogonous demographic…very right wing, extreme Christian, the epitome of Lord Tennyson’s “not to reason why, but to do and die” sentiments. A match made in heaven for war profiteers.

This military has enabled MIMIC’s revenue to increase each year since the dawn of the 21st century with no end in sight of that trend continuing as eternal occupations and wars has become the 21st century norm.


If you throw ISIS guerillas in Eastern Syria/western Iraq into the mix, when the Bolton/Trump/Pompeo war starts it’ll encompass a region stretching from Pakistan to Israel. All Russia has to do is supply weapons/logistics in the background and watch the American empire unravel.

I think that’s the Majors point. We don’t have an engaged press that lets us know what’s going on. If we had a draft the public would be more involved in all of these wars, because their sons, daughters, fathers, ect. would be at risk, like in Vietnam.

right, but consider the 'raydecamino’s point. the empire makes all policy decisions including controlling the media. if we could find a way to go around the propagated press we might get somewhere. at least we can try to wake our fellow citizens up. however, i definitely do not want to use 18 to 22 year olds as pawns to catch the public’s eye!

so much could go so very wrong.

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I really like that Danny is letting it all hang out more, using more humor. That’s great. That makes his stuff more readable, his beliefs more instantly recognizable than say the writings of Bacevich who, I don’t care if you get me wrong or not, despite the starch, also does get it right. But you’ve got to get some new material, man. This idea (there was a headline in the past few days on Consortium, or Counterpunch or here to the same effect) that these official creeps now running the show are somehow trying their ding-dang darndest to learn the lessons of Iraq but just keep failing at it is laughable, not in a good way, either. Increasingly, the antics among the newsmakers and newshapers seems like circus material, badly scripted, that people now instinctively believe, either because they too are batshit or else they bought the lies when they were dear (Bush-Cheney: you’re either with us or with the terrorists) and now won’t sell when they’re cheap. It’s beyond smoke & mirror time. What I see is a desperate universe trying to flag us down (humans) with signs & symbols. Names alone are screaming at us. Example: Pompeii [(pom-pay, pom-pay-ee)] A city of the Roman Empire, on the Italian seacoast, that was known for the luxury and dissipated ways of its citizens. It was destroyed in the first century by an eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius (by dictionary definition). So, when will your people do something, Danny, when smoke is streaming out the volcano? I mean if the “mission” now is to combat terror, bring humanitarian aid and democratic institutions to “troubled” regions around the globe, what’s wrong with starting here at home? What is the upshot of this piece if it isn’t that the more “sane” ones in the military don’t agree with their Commander-in-Chief? A coup? A stand-down? A mass walk-away? You don’t believe getting rid of T-rump will do it, do you? I don’t think so. And I get that you’re never going to diss the service itself but when you write something like this, “…Mike Pompeo was the class valedictorian at West Point…” can’t you see that you’re cutting your own arguments off at the knees? Really? This is the best your service can do? Behind the obvious political clown show, the Pentagon brass and SS services (SuckSureity) are clicking their heels and real gears into place for an ultimate showdown. They do teach about nuclear winter at the Point and the War College, don’t they? How the overwhelming numbers of deaths will come not from detonations but from mass starvation, right? Please read Jim Kavanaugh’s piece at Counterpunch earlier this week about how Russian people see nuclear threats vs. how motherwankers here on U.S. soil see them, for future ref.