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The Donald’s ‘Inclusive’ Racism


The Donald’s ‘Inclusive’ Racism

Robert C. Koehler

The central assumption of democracy — beyond the assumption of fair elections, which is disturbingly questionable — is that voters are the possessors of their own “interests,” and vote for the candidate most sympathetic to them.

But of course those interests are fair game for advertising, bombast and propaganda — and the psychology of fear.

"Donald Trump, with the help of his money and his ego, is exposing the absurdity of American politics like no one else I can remember."


It all reminds me of the Chinese curse:

“May you live in interesting times.”


Trump’s hat should read; lets make white America great again!


An incisive article by Robert Koehler. His main argument is sound: that Donald Trump represents the absurdity of American politics. Political scientists like to trot out the old Jeffersonian myth that republicanism depends on the intelligence and acumen of virtuous legislators. This wasn’t true in the time of the Founding Fathers and it’s not true now. The Founders were a typical ruling class: they formulated a brand of Republicanism which took over some aspects of monarchy, with a clear view to preventing democracy, the direct rule of the people. Today, in our postmodern madhouse, republicanism is less about learned, humane representatives of the people, than about cynical manipulation of the public mind by propagandists and advertisers. Donald Trump is the logical consequence of this despicable system. Trump hardly fits the profile of a Platonic/Jeffersonian legislator, a philosopher-king worthy of respect and emulation. Trump is a bombastic buffoon; a ridiculous racist regressive; a noxious know-nothing, with more money than sense. Koehler is right that Trump is at his best in appealing to the reptile brain. Trump thinks that his loud-mouthed mean-spiritedness is a mark of his courage. He’s clearly someone with limited self-understanding and no humility. In short, he’s the kind of person that most people would call an asshole. And he is leading the Republican race for the Presidential candidacy! What does this say about the psychological health and moral character of many GOP supporters?

Trump is a tired old record, droning on about “restoring America to greatness.” Reagan used to say something similar, and then, over two presidencies, he proceeded to wreak havoc throughout the land with disastrous and vicious policies. If Trump ever made it to the Presidency, we could expect similar results. It’s a complete myth that being a businessman fits one for governance. To rephrase Reagan, the all-American businessman is part of the problem not the solution.

Trump wants to send “the Mexicans” back to Mexico. He is crude and openly racist on illegal immigration, as I have not heard him make mention of illegal immigrants from Ireland, Russia or from anywhere else. An “illegal alien” for Trump is a criminal Mexican, just as a drug dealer is always black for a white racist. Trump does no thinking on immigration; he just comes from his gut like a monitor lizard fastening on a carcass.

Trump ought to ask himself what are the “push” factors that drive immigrants from Central America and Mexico to the United States. Could it be the negative effects of NAFTA or blowback from Washington’s “counter insurgency” wars in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are in virtual ruin. All these countries had the great misfortune to be of interest to the lunatics who run the American Empire. Mexico, a key US possession, seems permanently mired in homicidal/suicidal struggles between criminal gangs, the military, and various political factions. It does not occur to the doltish Donald Trump that US policy towards Mexico might in part be responsible for the collapse of that country’s economy and its political system, leading to the human crisis of mass migration to the United States. Obviously, there are certain “pull” factors in immigration, but Trump’s failure to acknowledge the “push” factors shows what a simple-minded bigot he is.

American politics is absurd because the empire is absurd and because capitalism is absurd. Donald Trump is no aberration. He is the true expression of where we are–caught up in an abyss of mendacity, rapacity and brutality…

The establishment will not allow Trump to become the Republican nominee, because even they see that he is too extreme for their purposes. But does anyone have any ideas about how they intend to block him?


Where Mr. Feffer makes plain WHO resonates with Donald Trump, Mr. Koehler falls back on generalities that speak to Americans as one uniform brand. This is part of Mr. Koehler’s apparent blindness towards sexism and the misogynistic fabric of the Rape Culture. In order to make the distinctions tied to machismo merged with militarism–that are what fosters a particular breed of male identity, a breed that has its resonance with the Republican party–Mr. Koehler instead turns the problem into something generic that is suffered by all Americans.

“But political incorrectness can work for a guy like Trump because white men are the core constituency of the Republican Party.” (From Feffer’s piece)

There is a huge–and WISE–distinction between making glaring generalizations that supposedly characterize all U.S. citizens, and panning in on the specific demographic that particular frames, sensibilities, and policies pertain to and are served up for.


Card-carrying example of WHO Mr. Trump is speaking to. Andrew of Boston…


Guess you missed Trump’s sexism. White Male America would be FAR more accurate.


Your characterization of Trump is well-done, but you make the same One Size Fits All argument that Koehler does. IF your version of “American politics” were true, why would Mr. Sanders who DOES speak in the Populist Idiom fill stadiums in every city that he’s visited?

The Republican white boy stable is hardly something that speaks to a majority of Americans. Richard Eskow published poll numbers earlier this week that once again PROVED that Americans poll Progressive on lots of key if not critical issues.

So why take the angry white guy crowd that digs Trump and pass THAT off as a true portrait of this nation?

What you and 90% of people who post in these threads can’t see beyond is the all-male framing of so many issues; or that by discounting the voices of women and perspectives of those OUTSIDE the dominant paradigm, you are granting to the existing paradigm the false right to speak for all and hold all alternatives to itself hostage.

This is very much like the distinction between those who are part of the machine-driven clone-like Matrix and those who see IT for what it is.

If you didn’t catch this, it’s from the Robert Borosage article and very, very apt:

“Trump is painted as the right’s equivalent of Bernie Sanders, each leading an insurgent movement against party establishments. Forget their glaring contrasts: Sanders calls for a political revolution against the “billionaire class;” Trump is one. Sanders is an internationalist; Trump a nationalist. Sanders is most comfortable delivering a professorial lecture; Trump with a one line counter-punch. Sanders is a livelong champion of civil rights; Trump is a racist, misogynist divider. Sanders opposes America’s bellicose interventionism; Trump brags “I am the most militaristic person ever.” Sanders shows how big money and corporate interests have rigged the rules; Trump blames “stupid” and “incompetent” leaders. Despite this, they are lumped together as populist challengers to a besieged center.”


Another poster pushing a FALSE UNIFORM fabric for America… which is a very effective way of making very real differences based on race, gender, class, and even ethnicity (and education level) magically disappear!

This is a bogus inversion (used for political purposes) of the “We’re all One” spiritual axiom. It takes what is true of and preferred by the dominant group and enforces it upon all others and THEN has the audacity to insist, “That is what you want, isn’t it?”


I’m not sure what you mean by a “One Size Fits All argument.” Nowhere do I say that Donald Trump represents the totality of the American populace. In agreement with Koehler, I said he represents the “absurdity of American politics.” Do you disagree with this?

I did not take “the angry white guy crowd that digs Trump” as a “true portrait of this nation.” You are reading implications into my post that are just not there. I was trying to say (perhaps clumsily) that Trump was NOT representative of the American people, largely because representation itself has no meaning in a political culture dominated by Big Money. Trump has bought his way into relevance. You can hear his kind mouthing off in a thousand bars all across the United States. But the typical barroom yahoo has no chance of being President, without a billion dollars to his name. Trump is a billionaire and a bigot, but it’s the billion dollars that really count in his ascendency.

I never said that Trump supporters are the truth of the Nation, for the simple reason that I don’t believe that. And I don’t believe in Trump’s general representativeness because there is zero evidence for this contention. It seems that Trump’s support mostly originates from the Tea Party right, “the angry white guy crowd,” as you call them. For me, the Tea Party is an absurd political phenomenon: the party calls for “smaller government,” except for the military and the police. And in their benighted world view, they think this is a defense of “liberty” and “freedom.” What nonsense!!

Trump speaks nonsense, and because the political culture is partly insane, to not a few people, his gibberish comes across as insight and brave wisdom.

I obviously don’t think that Bernie Sanders is the left equivalent of Trump. And, yes, I agree Sanders’ standing speaks to positive forces in the US polity, regardless of what one thinks of Sanders himself. Sanders would be considered a progressive liberal in many other countries. He calls himself a “Democratic Socialist.” It’s hugely significant, in the brainwashed USA, where anti communism is state religion, that a well-known politician can call himself a “socialist” and still fare well in the polls. Again, it does not matter what you think of the man, his run is of historic significance, in opening up Left possibilities. The Left needs to move away from the Democratic Party if we are ever going to see a progress for Labor in the ongoing class war. Sanders’s run might just be the beginning notes in that movement, as his supporters are bound to experience frustration when they see their candidate denied by the lords and barons of the DLC.

As regards the charge of “all-male framing” I confess bemusement. Where did I leave aside “the voices of women and perspectives of those OUTSIDE the dominant paradigm”? I’m sure you understand that one cannot say everything in a little post, and the fact that one neglects to say this or that cannot be taken of evidence of nefarious intent. I think it ungenerous to read posts in this way, especially in a forum where one is supposed to be among comrades and “friends.” Anyhow, let me make plain what you think I deliberately omitted: among other sins, Donald Trump is an unmitigated sexist. His views on women alone should unfit him for public appearance, let alone higher office. BTW an “all-female framing” can lead you into trouble. When it comes to “the voices of women,” as you put it, I don’t particularly care for the views of Carly Fiorino (Spelling?) or Hilary Clinton. In my view, they both hold positions that are harmful to men and women, especially those mired in the lower classes.


Or, “Make America White Again.”


Thanks. Yes far more accurate.


Send the Mexicans back to Mexico? How about giving them back that part from Texas to California? No, don’t take back California. I’m kind of keen on Cally. But Texas? Yeah. Give 'em Texas.


People finally seem to be realizing that being a conservative is not a good thing. When Jeb accuses Trump of not being conservative enough, he could be cutting his own throat.

The oligarchy’s long demonization campaign against liberals and its glorification of conservatives seems to be backfiring. How long did conservatives think they could keep, raping, pillaging, plundering, murdering and blaming liberals for it until people would catch on?

Like Dubya said, “fool me once… you won’t get fooled again”.


I think one difference between Trump and Bernie is that Trump could get his agenda through the Republican Congress and SCOTUS, with personal bribes if need be. Sanders will be hard pressed to do that unless voter turnout rises astronomically, a doubtful happenstance.