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The Donald Trump Impeachment Clock Is Ticking


The Donald Trump Impeachment Clock Is Ticking

John Nichols

The “Doomsday Clock,” which members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board have maintained since 1947 as a measure of “how close we are to destroying our civilization with dangerous technologies of our own making,” moved 30 seconds closer to midnight in the week after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president.


It is so very strange that the Trump administration and very many of his Band of Billionaires advisors and appointed department heads (even the Attorney General) have had such intimate connections to the Russian Oligarchy and Putin.

Is it just me or does it seem like we all woke up one morning in a Twilight Zone alternate universe where the WH and the administration are colluding with the Russians like it was no big deal. Yet only a short time ago, people worried over possible nuclear conflict with Russia over Crimea and the build up of forces on the borders of the Ukraine?

Why is it okay for Republicans to reveal classified intel to the Russians? Why is it okay for Republicans holding public offices to meet with Russian officials sometimes in secret?

If Democrats had tried to do any of this the Repubs would be all over them taking no prisioners. Is there really a Democratic Party that actually opposes the Republicans or is it truly the sham party that it appears to be? (Rhetorical question people)!


4,000 experts providing a million valid reasons to impeach Trump are of no value as long as only Congress and the AG have the power to make it happen.

Despite theatrics the GOP loves Trump more than any GOP operative since Saint Ron. Trump’s 2016 election coat tails solidified GOP control of both houses of Congress and his 24/7 theatrics continue to provide the best smokescreen the GOP has ever had to give them cover to enact their sinister agenda, including solidifying control of SCOTUS by installing Gosuck in Garland’s seat within the first hundred days.

Hell and Phoenix will freeze over long before the GOP makes any effort to impeach Trump.

Speaking of Phoenix…any reader who believes Trump will be impeached qualifies for my special ocean front real estate deal in Phoenix.


Even worse: Caught up in the delusion of impeachment fever, Leftists who should know better have taken their eyes off the prizes–Single Payer, a living wage, an end to perpetual war on everything.

Shiny objects like Trump give both parties cover.


Leftists have also taken their eyes off the GOP’s current momentum on tax “reform”, destroying Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and whatever New Deal programs and regulations have not yet been destroyed. Paul Ryan is poised to sink more of the 99%'s ships in one year than he has sunk in his previous 18 years in DC COMBINED. With Trump and Conway providing cover, there is nothing slowing Ryan down.

California is the only state that currently has the ability to start a single payer program…pushing it in DC is indeed a non starter. I hope California is successful since they only way other states will get single payer will be after a successfull startup in one state.


It’s hard to see how Trump can survive his Presidency without being impeached. I can’t think of a single part of the power structure that doesn’t want him impeached. The media, most of the government, the deep state… they all want him out of there, mostly for nefarious reasons.
But the left, if there is any REAL left remaining, should consider what we’ll get in replacement if Trump is removed from office. Let’s think ahead, and not just act out of the desire for the temporary emotional satisfaction of seeing Trump “fired”.


The coup continues. I’m waiting for a Peter Finch in Network moment from Trump.


Why don’t we just start a hot war with Russia and get it over with?

I’m inferring that would make you totally happy.


The Democrats are the little ‘drummer boys’ banging their drums for Impeachment.

We are all watching the Duopolys ‘Battle of the Bands.’

At the end of this Nightmare on Elm Street, I mean Pennsylvania Avenue, when all of the ‘Evidence’ is revealed, the party (band) with the most supporters, will enjoy the spoils.

Yes, the Republicans are shameful, and the Democrats are a sham.


Impeachment is the wrong way to go----many people will be pissed off that the guy they voted for is being pursued just after taking office. Trump is the result of a broken political system-and he is a reflection of the current state of this country—ignorant and full of it self. I think its important that this play out-----and if democrats want to win in 18 they need to be for something.


Pence is even WORSE than Trump!