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The Doomsday Clock Is the Call to Action We Need Right Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/11/doomsday-clock-call-action-we-need-right-now

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“All we are saying, is Give Peace A Chance.

Throughout its existence, the Doomsday Clock has been within minutes – or even seconds – of hitting Midnight. The problem is: it fails as an image - even though it is the perfect one in many ways.

The oldest among us have lived in the ongoing Apocalypse of Nuclear Terror, Global Imperialism, Domestic Austerity and Climate Catastrophe. The four horsemen are our daily companions.

The hoofbeats of their horses have become background White Noise for a reality too large for the human imagination to fully engage.

So we must go at it in other ways because that’s all there is to do. But we must go at it.



The reason we can’t let go, imo, is because we have people in the positions of power that identify with the nut jobs we see in the movies. The one or two that feel it’s best to use pre-emptive nuke strikes to save us.
But the U.S. is double crazy because we have to have nukes, AND the largest, most expensive military force as well.

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Thanks G, for being a Veteran with the ability to see more than one way forward.

Yesterday, they clocked record 209 mph (that’s Cat 5 hurricane strength) wind gusts near Lake Tahoe. No rain in January or February. With Australia not even in the rear-view mirror yet, these awesome all-day windstorms really get the attention of astute Californians. Pestilence in Africa. Plague in Asia. Handy dandy usable nukes loaded onto USA subs, on their way to Iran. Weird teflon chemicals in everybody’s bloodstream. Last gasp for marine life, except for jellyfish and slime. Freaking Angular Atmospheric Momentum getting balky like a stubborn mule. Maybe I try harder, but I’m quite exhausted from trying to keep up, frankly. What was this clock thing supposed to be about? Oh yeah: doomsday.

The call to action we need, indeed. My own idea is to constantly act in a manner appropriate to my moment – to the degree I’m able to understand the moment and my place in it – every single day. I’m not trying to sound self-righteous, I’m just at a loss as to what further action might humanly be expected of me, after I’ve dedicated the remainder of my days on Earth, to the remainder of Life on Earth.

Fergedaboudit. This silly clock has been warning us about our coming doom through nuclear calamity for my entire life and we have avoided this particular end so far. What is getting so little play is the thing that will be our end, Climate Change. Our political climate on the right has no interest in doing a damned thing to attempt any mitigating effort. We will not survive should this absolute ignorance continue.