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The Doomsday Clock


The Doomsday Clock

Noam Chomsky

In January 2015, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced its famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight, a threat level that had not been reached for 30 years.


Thanks, Prof. Chomsky, for once more using your mind and voice to speak the unpleasant truths. I confess, having lived with the threat of nuclear weapons most of my life (and having ducked under grade-school desks during air-raid drills during the Cuban Missile Crisis of '62), I suppose I've become inured to that threat. But the effects of climate destabilization are at least as dangerous in terms of effect on civilization and that process is already well underway. With every passing day and month without course correction, our options and chances are lessened to prevent the most severe devastation.

And yes, the onus is on the people now. The two major political parties are both too captive of concentrated cash-bearers to take the needed steps. Those include such actions as immediately ending subsidies (direct, indirect and hidden) for fossil fuel extraction and consumption; taxing carbon & other greenhouse emissions; investing public funds in renewable energy sources, storage & infrastructure; massive investment in energy efficiency (in which this nation lags terribly behind other developed countries), just for a beginning.


I think the clock is seconds away from midnight not minutes. My bet is that we are not going to survive. I feel sorry for the children.


I feel fortunate that voices such as Prof. Chomsky's exist to so clearly state the facts. Thank you.
I fear we may not have enough time to respond to climate change. Nuclear weapons are machines. Machines, in time, malfunction and break down in unexpected ways. It was and is pure folly to entrust our "security" to such monstrous machines. Get rid of them all, now, before it's too late.


It is also utter folly to trust our world's survival to megalomaniac narcissistic politicians and their equally foul advisers.


Reset the Clock! Bernie Sanders 2016!


If Clinton gets elected, we can kiss our azzes goodbye. The crazy witch listens to Generals in the Pentagon who always advise to bomb the hell out of a number of countries with new weapons like the MOAB (rumored Uranium version) that have possibly, along with DU weapons, caused parts of Baghdad to read extremely high radiation.

Clinton's a Lawyer and knows nothing about radioisotopes. She's not qualified to do the most important job of a commander in chief: Decide what to do with the football. (the briefcase that send the launch codes.)


And do you remember in the late 1960's, within the Emergency Broadcast System, someone accidentally substituted the "This is an attack" announcement for the routine "This is a test" announcement.

Half of the radio stations dutifully went off the air but the other half ignored the message and merrily continued broadcasting their pop music.

So when the missiles do arrive, probably no one will pay any attention and half of those killed will deny that it ever happened.


Note to me: But maybe "we", as a species, are not mature enough to poly-laterally, (or even uni-laterally), lay down the means of our own destruction. Maybe Mr. Hawkings is right in postulating that we can detect no advanced civilizations because there are none because such invariably self-destruct once reaching nuclear capability while still too immature, as a species, to manage that capability. In the meantime, maybe it's only the threat of mass nuclear annihilation that contains our current wars, preventing them from spiraling into global conflicts such as our fathers and grandfathers knew.