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‘The Drone Papers’ Offer Even More Reasons to End Remote-Controlled Wars


‘The Drone Papers’ Offer Even More Reasons to End Remote-Controlled Wars

Sonali Kolhatkar

The recent publication by The Intercept of the “The Drone Papers” should have made an explosive splash both in the media and Washington, D.C. But the leak of classified documents has so far generated only modest media coverage (as of this writing, The New York Times has yet to cover it), and there has been no acknowledgment of it by elected officials.


Its probably too late to end remote-controlled wars. For damage control, anti-drone weapons, drones that hijack other drones and such are developing. Next, a cellphone app that takes control of a drone?


Thank you for this, Sonali Kolhatkar.

I was also disturbed by the language allowing a person to be put on the kill list if:

"The person presents a threat to US interest or personnel"


This language is vague enough to permit the US government to kill people engaged in peaceful opposition to US government policy/practice.

I doubt that any Republican candidate for President will call the drone killing practice into question. There does not seem to be much chance that Hillary Clinton will either, given her participation in the Kill Team's "Principals Committee" and her apparent go ahead for crowd killings / signature strikes based on military algorithms.

Sonali Kolhatkar notes: "In fact, in a court of law, Obama would be tried for masterminding countless murders across international borders."

I'd like to know how those of us opposed to the US drone killing program, can help to bring about such a trial.


The behavior of this country with its constant killing disgusts me.


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The DRONE PAPERS. "The most important national security story of the year."

True, but unless you get your news from the net, you would never know it! Because the Fourth Estate is, with very few exceptions, nothing but a fascist media for the war mongering, Fourth Reich. Amerika is a military dictatorship backed by their fawning parasites, called the MSM.

Before the shocking and awful invasion of Iraq, Donohoe had a T.V. show that was anti-war before he was taken off the air, even though highly rated. And what he was told before they axed his show, was his superiors told him they wanted him to interview two pro-war guests for every anti-war guest but alas, even that was too much for the cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq!