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The Drop That Filled the Glass: Peru Beauty Queens Go Rogue

The Drop That Filled the Glass: Peru Beauty Queens Go Rogue

Facing horrific domestic violence - the week before, the hashtag #PeruPaisdeVioladores (Peru Country of Rapists) was trending - contestants for Miss Peru flipped the script in their pageant introductions. Each replaced the usual grotesque reciting of her measurements with grim statistics on violence against women. From the winner: "My measurements are 3,114 female victims of trafficking since 2014." Talk about resistance in unlikely places.


Smartly using their power of the viewing audience to amplify their message about the abuse of women. Reminds me of NFL players using the same power to get the message out there about police brutality against blacks. Brilliant and effective.


OK, when I first heard about this I thought that the women themselves has organized this in rogue defiance of the pageant organizers, but that stage drop behind them indicates that it was part of the pageant itself. I.e. exploitation of women’s bodies to attack exploitation of women’s bodies…

I don’t see it that way. The women were not merely attacking “exploitation” of women’s bodies… but the entire culture of putting women down as 2nd class citizens.


Way to go ladies.
Turn up the rebellion everywhere it is deserved.
Do not go quietly into the night.
Freedom comes with social responsibilities.
Challenge the lies or enable the lies.
Don’t pretend differently.

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Yes, but as that stage prop behind the women shows, it was all orchestrated by the pageant organizers - not independently by the women themselves. The women were told what to say. It was a “fake” protest to pre-empt and co-opt genuine protest. Kind of like that commercial pink-ribbon stuff.

This is not as easy juxtaposition in my view. Maybe intended to be that way as a question more than statement. Interesting though.

Does not compute. If they were to really protest, they would not don the laid-to-bare bikinis or wear full face makeup or wear evening gowns slit up to their hoo-hahs. They would wear that which reveals who they are in the real world while stating the statistics of violence against women in Peru. At least the message about the abuse and subjugation of women was televised.

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Its a test like running an idea up the flag pole to see who salutes. The media mirror world is like a pinball machine with bells and whistles that can go nowhere but clang against the preexisting walls. Its somewhat reminiscent of Plato’s cave. The shadows called misogyny -even when so blatantly displayed - downshift on the focus while keeping the clutch fully depressed. The engine screams but the question seems to be - what will either ease release or pop the clutch. Can the rubber hit the road or will TPTB attempt to orchestrate a spinout.