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The Dullest—and Most Shocking—Moment in Trump’s Press Conference

The Dullest—and Most Shocking—Moment in Trump’s Press Conference

Richard Eskow

“I’m also very much of a germaphobe, by the way, believe me.” —President-elect Donald J. Trump

Try not to think too much about the story that led to this comment from the President-Elect of the United States. It’s not easy, I know. We’re only human, after all, and that story is so … so out there. It’s hard to turn away.

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The financial corruption is a given, but what this author does not explore is the fact that the international properties bearing the Trump name will inevitably be a prime target for attacks of one kind or another. Let’s Imagine for example, that one of his hotels in the Gulf states is hit by a terrorist attack killing some Americans. Bookish at this hotel drop to zero and worse, Trump hotels throughout the world show a startling drop in profits. Does Trump respond with air strikes and/or special forces to defend his property? Suppose his favorite crackpots Alex Jones claims that Iran is behind the attack. Does Trump order a massive air and sea assault on Iran? How about a command to go nuclear based on Jones’ fantasies? Will his millions of followers be okay with their sons and daughters giving their lives on behalf of the Trump brand? How about if they and their entire families are wiped out in a nuclear war?

The most important question to ask General Mattis this morning is how he will set up a mechanism to prevent Trump from issuing any orders whatsoever to the military. In particular, Mattis ahould be asked how he will provide Trump with dummy nuclear codes so that he does not destroy the earth one sleepless night.


Democrats who refused to impeach George W. Bush as a war criminal, and who STILL refer to Obama as “cool” in spite of his complete whitewashing and normalization of the crimes of the Bush Administration, NOW talk about impeaching Trump over “ties to Russia” or over the same kind of Clinton-type sex scandal? And they expect to be taken seriously?


It seems that Trump, as do most pathological narcissists, believes that he can create his own rules. Okay, so that’s a given. What will be interesting is to watch his zombie-sycophants (and here I am not simply referring to his cluster of clones, but the GOP leadership) contort into convoluted knots to rationalize the criminality and Constitutional violations. Or, they’ll just blow off those who question, walk away, pretend they can’t hear, or give them the finger.




Yes, but it’s not just the R Party zombie-sycophants who for a moment realized Trump would rape their wives and daughters just as readily as any handy 13-year-old girl–but then chose to suffocate the thought. Much of the captured media is bowing to the new normal… yet Merryl Streep demonstrates how to start cultivating spine. The way our 1% media predominantly promotes the conflicts between ruling class elements rather than cures to militarism, materialism, racism, sexism, and carnism–cures that would benefit everyone–shows how important it is to speak truthfully and compassionately through this period, for perhaps truth and compassion now can resound even more when fear and confusion are on so many’s minds. Maybe if we can see this particularly fierce-acting emperor has no clothes, we may see that empire itself has no clothes.


" His favorite crackpot Alex Jones."

Is that really true? Link please, because if this nut case that rants with diatribes about conspiracy theories with absolutely no documentation or evidence is Trumps favorite…we are in even more trouble than we thought!

Trump should be able to get away with this since the Republicans who control Congress will not impeach him. And these Republicans were largely elected by the same people who elected Trump with the help of some very creative gerrymandering. I think what is going on is we have a combination of a backlash against the 60’s (civil rights, counterculture) combined with a backlash against globalization which has fueled ultranatiionalism. The US has become more urban and more secular but rural American hasn’t changed that much over the decades, it is still almost all white and belief in religion is still very strong. The Republicans have taken advantage of this to form a party to oppose the Democratic Party which now largely has a base of minorities and white professionals who live in metropolitan areas. The working class is now Republican while the relatively affluent professionals are now Democrats which is kind of ironic. As much as Trump will be opposed in the metropolitan areas he should continue to have support in rural America. It is hard to imagine what it would take for him to lose that support. He has pretty much done everything imaginable that it would take to lose the election and he still won.

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It seems to me that in the areas if the country where Trump gets most of his support people are very proud to serve in the military and some families serve generation after generation. Serving in the military is seen as a very patriotic act and as something very honorable. I don’t think there will much opposition in those areas to any use of the military.


So who would control the “nuclear football” if the POTUS didn’t? And I don’t believe he ever has total control anyway.

Trump does not like the idea of a blind trust, so he wants to convince us that his sons will run a deaf and dumb trust. Whatever. We have no trust in any case.

Which Democrats are you referring to that refused to impeach GW? The phonies in Congress or citizens who are Democrats? I don’t know very many average Dem. citizens that did not want GW and his gang impeached and tried for war crimes.

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Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think if the fact that Donald Trump has properties or business interests in every country in the world, and because of that he doesn’t want to go to war in any of these countries, I think that is a good thing! I mean, sure, it would be better if the world could achieve mutual peace by agreement rather than business reasons, but maybe this is the best we can do. Before we had MAD, now we have MADT.


Walter Schaub Jr. sez: ©alls for Trump to divest have been bipartisan, coming from “President Bush’s ethics counsel …"

Anyone else do a spit-take right there?

Where was this mythical figure discovered? On an archeological dig under the White House basement?


… or a dumb and dumber trust.

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These seem like very likely possibilities which could cause catastrophic damage.Does anyone seem able to overcome this in the next week?