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The DuPont and Dow Chemical Merger: Bad Deal for People and the Planet



I think they should call it DuDow...


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A further incentive to get Big Money and revolving doors out of politics.


These are both incredibly evil companies (the Indian Bhopal Disaster comes to mind). They will become a virtual syndicate like MonSatan if allowed to merge.

My personal experiences with Dupunt are very bad. I once flew with a Captain who was married to one of the Dupunt sisters. He was a licensed international arms dealer and rumored to be gun-running all over the world, fomenting conflict and war everywhere he dabbled. This is one of the dynasty families who really run our government.

I won't even go into the nerve damage that pesticides produce. Dupunt produced Non-Stick Cookware which is incredibly dangerous to your health if it gets overheated or scraped, and I recently was sickened when a non-stick rice cooker overheated and the non-stick plastic made from oil, melted into the rice. With worthless kangaroo Corporate Courts preventing any meaningful damages to victims, China firms continue to peddle sub-standard imitations of these incredibly dangerous products, and sell them all over the world.

The above are all just my opinions only.



More malignant growth from the cancer of capitalismo


Anti-trust management completely gone, and our corrupted Federal Mafia still claim we have a democracy as we are entering the Corporate elites global dictatorship under the guise of 'free trade'


Call me paranoid. This deal stinks of collusion and monopoly. There are all kinds of rumors floating around about chemical cold fusion and energy from chemical manipulation of sand. The U.S has been the fossil fuel energy banking hegemon since WWII. TPP and TTIP have hegemonic patent controls. Is this the precursor and vehicle to a new worldwide energy banking hegemon?


Everything that farmers grow produces its own seeds. Why do they think they are forced to by poison GMO seed from unscrupulous chemical companies. Since the begging of civilization farmers have harvested their own seeds.It has only been in recent years that farmers started buying their seeds from someone else. I guess this practice started because it was conveniet. It is a convenience that we can no longer afford. The seed providers are selling bad seeds that are designed pacifically to sell their chemical fertilizers, and cancer causing insecticides. That is the only reason that these chemical companies went into the seed business.


Deeper Than You Know:
1.) Life Science=Biotechnology=Molecular Biology=Genetic Engineering. All Universities that teach Biology include emphasis on Genetic Engineering. If your children are attending college & university they are learning these technologies. Your tax dollars that fund universities, fund this research.
2.) Cancer Research: All medical research that is focused on cancer is not about finding cures for cancer, but for studying the mechanisms of cancer. Cancer is not a disease that can be cured. Cancer is about destruction of genes and genetic pathways that cause disease that may be called a specific cancer (i.e breast cancer or prostate cancer). If you want to cure "cancer", then you are better off resolving known things that cause damage such as Radiation from Nuclear Power plants, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (& other-cides), chemicals from plastics,etc.
3.) NIH Research funding: Your tax dollars that go to medical research, NIH Funding, are dollars funding Genetic Research.
Once again this research is not aimed at "Curing" cancer, but to continue this research...
4. Cancer Charities: If you donate money to charities funding cancer research, your dollars are either going to Administrative costs of these charities, or going to fund research, which will not lead to cures, but to further research.
5. Further- The Big pharma companies are tapping this research based upon your tax-funded research to spend billions of dollars on further research and activities to bring these drugs to market. These billions of dollars are then passed on to the American consumer to be covered by our "insurance" health (care) system which are then passed to you... So much for our right to negotiating drug prices...So much for Single payer health system.....


Murderers for decades; and yet, nothing has been done to bring these evil corps to justice!


dewolfson sez: "I think they should call it DuDow..."

Ayuh. I was actually thinking Dowdy DuDee. Buffalo Bob for CEO.




Perhaps. There's no doubt in my mind that TTP, TTIP, etc. constitutes a huge corporate coup as it is.