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The Earth Just Experienced the Hottest Month on the Books. Period


The Earth Just Experienced the Hottest Month on the Books. Period.

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

On Monday it was confirmed that the Earth has broken an ominous climate milestone amid a wave of troubling records: July 2016 was the hottest recorded month, ever.

According to new NASA data, the global mean surface temperatures last month were 0.84° Celsius (1.51° Fahrenheit) above average and was the warmest July in their data set, which dates back to 1880.


I hear Sarah Palin shouting “Burn, Baby, Burn!”


As you said, the Earth has experienced more extreme weather before. But, I get it. It’s only important, if it happens during the Internet.

Are our scientists just completely bought? Shouldn’t they be leading the charge to helping us get through this? Real science acknowledges the past while pointing us to the future, so making claims about “the Earth just experienced the hottest months” is deceitful.

We can get through this, but not if the very people we need to help us do it, are spouting BS.

Edit: to acknowledge the previous poster’s comments.


Once the arctic is ice-free during some part of the summer months, this situation will worsen.

It takes a tremendous amount of heat energy to complete a phase change in solid water: 80 Calories of heat energy is necessary to melt 1-gram of ice at 0C into 1-gram of water at 0C. If you apply that same 80 Calories of heat energy to 1-gram of water at 0C, you will heat that 1-gram of water to 80C.

When the ice is gone, when the phase change is complete, all that heat will go into the oceans, warming the waters rapidly. This is the scenario that is unfolding.


OK, I’m going to single you, Lauren McCauley, out for specific ridicule.

The Earth is billions of years old. Even so, there are modern records that show that we’ve gone through other cycles of temperature swings.

Maybe, you have career pressures that force you to make silly statements like “The Earth Just Experienced the Hottest Month on the Books. Period.”, but please resist them.

If you want lasting credibility, just say that we are in an evolving crisis, and we need to deal with it, and explain how we do it. Because, just like your statement about “the Hottest Month”, the Internet is going to preserve you BS for all to see. Forever.


No number of record-setting months for high average global temperature can seem to awaken Republicans to the threat from climate change that we are facing. You may as well go into your living room and tell your pet cat or dog the news. The result will be the same. Since the 1970s every decade has been warmer than the past decade. If greenhouse gases continue to accumulate to ever higher levels in the atmosphere trapping ever more energy in the form of heat this trend is very likely to continue for the rest of this century and then into the next century. If we are able to stabilize the increase in temperature to 2C, an increasingly unlikely possibility, sea level will still continue to rise for hundreds of years. If the temperature increase reaches 4C the continuation of modern civilization may be threatened. If the temperature increase reaches 8C there will be few places on earth where humans will be able to survive. The danger should be evident but somehow it seems to difficult to grasp for most Republican members of Congress.


Bill McKibben’s article in the current edition of the New Republic explains “how we do it”. Read it and be enlightened.


Ice cores are nature’s ‘on the books’. Diatoms skeletons and other fossil record books are also available. Nevertheless what is your complaint. According to our records going back to the 1880’s last month was the hottest month ever. That seems pretty straight forward and not open to refutation.


On the other hand , she wrote according to our records dating back to the 1880’s when weather records were first being kept.


Such vainglorious drama! According to weather record books dating back to the 1880’s, it was the hottest month ever. Where does stating ‘according to the record books’ become confusing for you anyway? The ridicule is yours alone to enjoy.


No it doesn’t. You are arguing “on the books”. I agree that we are in a new era. But for scientists to deny our known past, is intellectionally dishonest. We need these people to step up, not be a tool of the media.

I perceive that we are on the same side of these issues. I’m distressed that our “scientists” are allowing themselves to be hijacked by our media. No?


I am not sure what exactly is your objection here. She said according to the record books (weather) which go back to 1880. What are you objecting to when a fact is stated as a fact like this?

What scientists are denying our known past? What do you mean? Please explain that comment.

Hijacked in what way? You need to state what you mean rather than merely editorialize with hyperbole.


Hey Wereflea,

I like your posts, but “such vainglorious drama!”? Really?

I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page on the climate thing. My beef is that our “scientists” are pushing the “never has this ever happended before” meme, which they know is totally false.

I want our scientific community to make concrete proposals about how we fix this. Isn’t that something that we can all get behind?


Can you link it for me?

And thanks for this. So many posters just post without the effort.


Hey, just step back, OK?

As a scientist, I’m concerned that our media is allowing people in the “scientific community” to hijack the narrative.

We are in an environmental crisis. This is indisputable. However, we need to acknowledge our past crises, so that we can move forward. This is the scientific method.


Okay scientist, I have asked you to reword your comment not reiterate it. That is a game - a word game - played thusly>> I ask you to explain what you mean by the word hijack and you make a minor pass at innuendo and repeat that the media is allowing the scientific community to hijack the narrative yet again and again without having justified your usage of the word hijack nor its context.

Care to have another go at this dorm room drama game? I am embarrassed to find myself engaged in such a vainglorious ploy which apparently feeds your ego (unjustifiably though).

Such drama …lol. Get a life! Um? Scientist! Lol.


That dumb bitch is still denying Global Warming exists-even as the permafrost all around her melts!!


Nah, you have made my point. Ptolemy and Galileo thank you.


Ever wonder why you don’t see blue skies any more? Geoengineering uses aerosol spraying with nano particles of aluminum and other particles. It creates a blanket that is ostensibly there to reflect the sun’s rays. In reality, it creates a blanket that seals in heat. In winter, it reflects sun rays and makes the climate cooler. We may be in climate crisis, but we don’t know. Geoengineering is connected to the weaponization of weather. Written by the Air Force and published in 1997, Weather As A Force Magnifier: Owning the weather by 2025 is a military paper which proposer using weather control. This is news that does not make it to the mass media. See Geoengineering Watch.org


Thank you for that… and people need to know exactly, what the consequences of that will be.